Don't blame robberies on unemployed - Deputy Minister

Don't blame robberies on unemployed - Deputy Minister

- The Deputy Information Minister says unemployment is not a cause for the surge in armed robberies

- She says one's morals and upbringing have a bigger influence on their chances of committing hard crime

- She says there are people who are employed and yet still participate in criminal ventures

Ghana's Deputy Minister of Information, Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah Adjei, his dismissed claims from parliament's Minority stating that government's inability to provide jobs is also responsible for the recent spike in armed robberies.

According to the Deputy Information Minister, a person's propensity to commit armed robbery is influenced more by moral upbringing, as opposed to their need for proper work.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mrs. Asiamah wondered what kind of joblessness would possibly push one into committing hard crime, adding that there are many government policies that one could take advantage of.

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How jobless could you be that it would push you to get into armed robbery? Day after day, there are new policies and directives which give different opportunities to other people but if you are not born a thief, I don’t know what kind of hunger that will push you to get into armed robbery.

"If you do not desire to get into anything like that, what kind of hardship would push you into this? So this is neither here nor there.”Said the Deputy Minister.

Mrs. Asiamah went on to say that there are some who are gainfully employed and yet still participate in criminal affairs, and argued that a good moral upbringing influences people more than unemployment when comes to people committing armed robberies.

"We have lots of people with good morals. The fact that people may not have and the opportunity to be employed yet does not mean we should push all these negative issues that are happening on them.

It is neither here nor there... There are others who may be gainfully employed working all these institutions, for instance, the banks. What about those who work in these institutions who are the ones who give tip-offs? Aren’t they employed?

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