Ghanaian media full of “mediocrity” – Pastor Otabil

Ghanaian media full of “mediocrity” – Pastor Otabil

- Pastor Otabil has given his candid opinion about the media in Ghana, describing it as mediocre and depressing

- He opined the media does not focus on useful discussions to find solutions to the problems in the country, but rather indulge in pointless discussions about politics

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil, has criticized the poor journalistic standards in Ghana, insisting the media is “mediocre.”

The Pastor believes most radio and TV stations in the country have been so out of touch that he would prefer to watch foreign channels.

Ghanaian media full of “mediocrity” – Pastor Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil

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He pointed to the kind of content that is put out by most media houses, saying most radio and TV stations are only focused on politics and nothing more.

The preacher, therefore, lashed out at the local media for relegating more pressing national matters and rather channeling a chunk of their daily times discussing only the NPP and NDC.

This, he said, amounts to “mediocrity” while also tagging the content of the Ghanaian media as “depressing” and “contaminating” to the soul of listeners and viewers.

“Turn on radio; here [Ghana], there is no political vacation. From the time the vote is cast to the time the next vote is cast, we argue politics morning, afternoon, evening.

Check all your top radio talk shows, take politics out and they have nothing to talk about again. I won’t even say take politics out, take NPP and NDC out – just say this morning, no NPP, no NDC, there’ll be no conversation because we can’t even think beyond two parties, we can’t think any ideas, we can’t think solutions and we are driving ourselves into this abyss of hopelessness,” Pastor Otabil said during a sermon on Sunday, 4 March, 2018.

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He added that, for this reason, he no longer pays attention to local radio and TV stations, saying he would rather prefer to watch documentaries on animals which are more educative.

I don’t listen to Ghanaian radio much, I will listen maybe for 15 minutes and shut off because it’s very depressing. It will contaminate your soul.

“I don’t watch Ghanaian TV much. I watch a little – one, two, three – and I say: ‘Oh, nothing has changed, go back’.

I will watch animals, I’ll watch cheetah, I’ll watch lion, I’ll watch antelope anytime, I’ll watch cheetahs anytime, I’ll watch giraffes anytime because, at least, they’ll tell me how to hunt, how to get your goal, how to avoid being eaten. I’ll learn that from the antelope. At least, I’d come back and say: ‘Nobody will eat me’. But you [listen to] Ghanaian radio, watch Ghanaian TV and you wonder: ‘are we still here; the mediocrity?''

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According to Pastor Otabil, “the excellence that we used to have is all gone down,” as a result of the poor journalistic standards in the media.

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