Poverty chases people after payday in Ghana- Otabil

Poverty chases people after payday in Ghana- Otabil

- Pastor Mensah Otabil says poverty now chases Ghanaians right after payday

- He said people should not listen to prophets of doom with all the hardships they have

- He urged people not to listen to prophets of doom

Pastor Mensa Otabil, Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), has said that these days poverty tends to chase Ghanaians as soon as they have been paid.

Speaking to his congregation on Sunday, March 4, as the Church celebrated its 34th anniversary service, Pastor Mensah Otabil expressed that these days poverty seems to run on a shorter leash.

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You know some years ago, poverty waits till the middle of the month to chase you, now it’ll start chasing you right after payday...You just got paid and the poverty is chasing you.

The popular pastor said that with poverty constantly snapping at the heels of Ghanaians, people should not pay attention doomsayers who will only make their already frustrated situation even more frustrating.

Pastor Mensah Otabil wondered why people who are already in a difficult situation would listen to things "designed" to make them afraid.

You have hardship, why do you complicate your problem and listen to things that are designed to put fear in you.

"You already have problems, you’re running from behind, why do you want to put cement blocks around your feet? But that’s what we do. And people say: ‘where is the man of God?’ Yeah he can be a man of God but not for you,” he stated.

Pastor Mensah Otabil went on to say that doomsayer pastors - and therefore Christianity - are one reason why Africans are yet to free themselves from their age old inferiority complex.

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