10 questions to ask your partner to test how well she knows you

10 questions to ask your partner to test how well she knows you

Research carried out by couple’s therapists around the world shows that the best and long-term relationships stem from knowledge about your partner. It further states that having a common understanding of each other can help solve some of the problems experienced by couples. The questions to ask your partner depend on the length of your relationship.

10 Questions to ask your partner to test how well she knows you

Knowing your partner helps predict their behavior when faced with different situations. As partners, you can take it up as a game for yourselves. The chance will broaden your understanding of each other.

Questions to ask your girlfriend

In case your partner fails this test, you can use it as a chance to form conversations in order to deepen your relationship.

1. What is your favorite definition of a romantic evening?

In most couples, the guy is the one who sets up for date, this way you can test how well she knows you. She can give you details using past examples of dates you have been together. She can also hint on some minor details or behaviors you do that she doesn’t like.

2. Apart from your career, what else do you hope to accomplish?

Part on any relationship goals is to know the dreams of the other partner. It sets the pace of the relationship. It also guides the other partner to motivate in order in case they hit a snub on their way to accomplish their dreams. Knowing each other’s dreams and ambitions can determine the shelf life of your relationship.

3. What personality traits do your dislike about yourself?

You should by now know some of the traits you possess that would like to get rid of eventually. Your partner must have also hinted you on several occasions about them. She mustn’t always get it right, but she can hint on some traits that she doesn’t like about you. From there you can go ahead and find an amicable solution to the problem.

4. What other fields apart from their careers are you talented in?

This s a good question to ask your lover in order to test their knowledge on your interests. It also can be helpful next time you are planning for an outdoor day, you can do some of your partners interests. This will strengthen your relationship slowly while each gaining a better understanding of each other.

5. Who is the closest family member or friend?

This is a good question to ask a girl since it gets you closer to the family or friends of your partner. Knowing your partners friends and family is a solid move to make in your relationship. It is where you can get advice on the behavior, likes and dislikes. You can also learn their past through their friends and families.

Questions to ask your wife

The questions you ask your wife is different from the questions to ask your girl. They are more deeper and pay attention to the minor details since they make a huge difference. Here are some examples:

1. What’s the best memory of your dating years?

This goes without saying that its meant to spark and rekindle old flames. You can do some of the things you used to do before you lost track of time. It has rekindled the relationships of many couples who were at the brink of divorce.

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2. How do you act when you’re angry?

It is good to know the limits when it comes to one’s anger. This helps a lot especially with the rising cases of domestic violence. It is good to know when you are pushing too hard and when to let it go.

3. What is your favorite sports?

It is healthy to show interest in the activities of your partner. Many spouses have been blamed of not being concerned with the lives of their spouses. Show interest since it is a motivator for your partner. It goes a long way in cementing your relationship.

4. What is your biggest fear in life?

As a man, you are capable of experiencing certain fears either imagined or life threatening. Knowing this will help you in comforting your partner in times of your need. It is important to step up for your man when they can’t. Helping your man overcome their fears will go a long way in making a complete man.

5. What investment decision have you engaged that you don't think it was wise?

Money plays a huge role in the success of a relationship. Many marriages have ended due to bad financial decisions. It is important to involve both parties when making important decisions. You can argue out both your fears in order to make a good final decision. Once you have overcome the money barrier, your marriage will be solid.

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10 Questions to ask your partner to test how well she knows you

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