4 things to remind ourselves of on Ghana’s independence struggle

4 things to remind ourselves of on Ghana’s independence struggle

Today is 6th March and as have been celebrated for the past half a century, Ghana will be marking its Independence Day.

Some years ago, the then Gold Coast finally became free from oppression and from the shackles of British rule thanks to the efforts of many people.

Today, Ghana turns 61 years since gaining independence and there are a lot of things; events, moments and experiences that mark this day as special.

4 things to remind ourselves of on Ghana’s independence struggle

The eve of March 6 when Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana independent

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Whether you were born pre or post-independence, everybody has something to say about the country’s journey so far.

Below are four things that we readily remember about Ghana’s independence struggle:

1. Freedom

Ghana’s independence struggle brought absolute freedom to all citizens and till date that sort of freedom is still being enjoyed in the country.

Before independence, almost everything in the country was being handled by the white man, with the black man being forced into labour and being cheated on his own land.

However, the attainment of independence has made sure that is a thing of the past, with the wind of freedom blowing past every corner of Ghana.

2. Kwame Nkrumah

The history of Ghana tells us that many people toiled to get the country to the boarders of independence. However, if there is one name that can never be separated from Ghana, then it’s Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The former Head of State is regarded by many as the founder of Ghana, having led the fight for “self-governance now!”

Most often when we talk about the independence of Ghana, Dr. Nkrumah is the name to follow due to his influence.

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3. Colonialism

The fight for independence brought so many memories, but not all of them can be categories under good memories.

Colonialism is one of the bad memories that many Ghanaians have about the independence struggle. Before independence, the Gold Coast virtually did what the British wanted,

There were times when the black man was seen as useless, with the British dictating and controlling our resources on our behalf. As a result, it is normal that the thought of colonialism comes to mind anytime we are celebrating independence.

4. Slavery

Colonialism led to slavery in the then Gold Coast and it has since become like a symbol of Ghana’s freedom from British rule.

These were moments where young boys and girls were being traded outside the country to work as labour.

In exchange, our forefathers were give meagre products in return, but all that was halted once Ghana gained independence.

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