7 firm warnings, orders, Nana Addo voiced out in crucial 6th March speech

7 firm warnings, orders, Nana Addo voiced out in crucial 6th March speech

President of the republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, ended the 61st Independence Day Celebration parade with a fierce message on how best Ghana can remain an independent economy.

The 61st Independence parade, which saw the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, reiterate his commitment to ensuring the economic partnership between Ghana and Nigeria.

7 firm warnings, orders, Nana Addo voiced out in crucial 6th March speech

YEN.com.gh has the main and strong parts of Nana Addo's speech that you may want to know especially as the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda still remains on the minds of government.

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1. Ghanaians are a unified force.

"We might be Dagartes, Sissalas, Dagombas, Mamprusis, Gonjas, Konkombas, Frafras, Grusis, Kusasis, Gas, Krobos, Ewes, Fantes, Denkyiras, Gomoas, Guans, Nzemas, Ahantas, Sefwis, Akyems, Akwamus, Akuapems, Kwahus, Brongs or Ashantis; we might sometimes even lapse into ancient rivalry modes; but, as Ghanaians, we are comfortable in our skin."

2. let us not live in the past

"On a day such as today, our thoughts invariably stray to the past, but we do not intend to live on past memories. To paraphrase Ephraim Amu in Yen araasaaseni, it is now our turn to build upon those past glories. (Adu me one won so-so, seyebeye bi to so). The litmus test is simple: every day must bring some improvement in our lives, today must be an improvement on yesterday and our tomorrow must certainly be better than our yesterday."

3. Ghana can never grow if we continue to beg

"Nobody needs to spell it out to us that the economic transformation we aspire to will not come through Aid. We have been on this trajectory for sixty years and it has not happened. Aid was never meant to be what would bring us to a developed nation status."

4. Corruption is still killing Ghana

"Fellow Ghanaians, corruption, or, more specifically, the stealing of public funds, continues to hold back the development of our nation. Corruption is not a partisan matter and we must all act to protect the public purse. With the office of the Special Prosecutor now in place we can expect more prosecutions for corruption in the coming months and public officials, present, and past, should be on notice that they would be held accountable for their actions."

5. We now have to embrace technology

"Fellow Ghanaians, we now live in a digital world and to be competitive, we have to be a part of and take advantage of digitization."

6. Armed robbery and insecurity will end

"The recent spate of armed robbery incidents is totally unacceptable. I will work to ensure that citizens are able to go about their daily duties in the confidence that they are safe. I want to make this clear: no miscreant will have the space to terrorize citizens and generate a sense of insecurity in our country. The police have the primary responsibility for maintaining peace and keeping law and order in our society, and, in exceptional cases, with the backing of the armed forces."

7. Nana Addo is ready to sacrifice for Ghana

"I urge you all to join in making sure there is no hiding place in our midst for those who would disturb our peace. For my part, I will do whatever is necessary, within the confines of the Constitution and the laws of the land, to ensure the peace of our country."

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