How Ghana passport ranks among the most powerful passports in Africa

How Ghana passport ranks among the most powerful passports in Africa

Are you planning to travel out of Ghana soon? If so then you need to have your passport ready. Recently the Ghanaian passport has been ranked one of the most powerful passports in the world. According to statistics that seek to establish how many countries a passport can give you free access without a Visa, the Ghana passport comes at number 71. The Ghana passport visa free countries you can tour is 60. If you are looking for more information on the Ghana passport including how to apply for one and the renewal process, the following article piece will be quite insightful.

How Ghana passport ranks among the most powerful passports in Africa

If you have travelled to any destination outside Ghana, then by now you know how important having a passport is. A Ghana passport is an official document issued by the Ghanaian government confirming the identity of the citizen and authorizing them to travel in and out of foreign countries under its protection. To establish how the Ghanaian passport ranks among the most powerful passport in Africa, read on below.

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How strong is the Ghanaian passport?

How strong is the Ghanaian passport?

Globally, a passport is one of the most vital documents one can have. Not only does this document give you access to other countries, but it identifies you as a citizen of a certain country. Most people in Ghana have been wondering how strong their passport is? The Ghanaian passport is among the ten best passports in Africa. In addition to the ECOWAS passport Ghana, this document gives you free access to 60 countries all over the world. Other than this the Ghana passport application process is the other factor that gives this document the strength and power in the industry. Spearheaded by the ministry of foreign affairs you are guaranteed about the credibility of this document.

Ghana passport - How do you apply for one?

Ghana passport- How do you apply for one?

Applying for a Ghanaian passport has been made easy thanks to the easy and simple online process. Yes, forget the old days when applying for a Ghanaian passport would mean endless trip and long waiting duration at the passport offices, with the online process things, couldn’t be any easier. So how do you go applying for a Ghana passport online?

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First and foremost you need to ensure that you are eligible for a passport as outlined in the Ghanaian constitution chapter 3 section 6. This article requires you to be a citizen by birth, naturalization or marriage. Supporting documents for the above requirements need to be provided to confirm the validity of the applicant.

Once the above requirements have been met, you are free to fill the Ghana passport forms depending on your need. For renewal of Ghana passport, the process is a little easier and faster compared to first time applicants who need to ensure that every detailed is filled to satisfaction. In both cases, the Ghana biometric passport application form comes in handy since it reduces all your activity to the portal including applauding your photos and taking the biometric scans.

How much is a Ghana passport?

If you have been thinking that a Ghanaian passport is free, the sad reality of the matter is that it is not. For first time applicants, a processing fee of ¢100,000.00 or GH¢10.00 is required to complete the process, whereas a fee of ¢500,000 or GH¢50 .00 is charged on Ghana passport renewal and also for lost cases.

How long does it take?

How Ghana passport ranks among the most powerful passports in Africa

Waiting has always been an issue, luckily for Ghanaians. The Ghana passport service takes up to thirty days of which your passport is ready for collection. Unlike in the application process, all passport are collected at respective District or Regional Immigration Offices and not the passport offices. Before collecting your passport, you need to ensure that you have signed all the necessary documents with the immigration officer before leaving the offices.

Ghanaians are a lucky lot, thanks to the enormous powers found in their passport. With the above information, there is virtually no reason why you do not have a valid passport. Head over to the passport offices today and apply for it today!

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