Skin bleaching and lightening. What do the doctors say?

Skin bleaching and lightening. What do the doctors say?

There have been many disputes and arguments about skin bleaching products that are used nowadays by many different people around the globe. Such products are, of course, different from one to another according to their main ingredients and effect on human skin. For example, some people like to use bleaching creams in Ghana so that they can have a brighter skin color and feel more confident in themselves, as they think they look prettier with a lighter skin, while other people may use a bleaching cream to cover the effects of scars, burns, or injuries. Although there are many natural and harmless bleaching skin products, many people prefer to use regular ones that may have harmful chemicals due to their faster effect and cheaper price. Here is what scientists say about bleaching skin products!

Skin bleaching and lightening

Girls, by nature, always do their best to look prettier, and that is why the cosmetics industry is one of the most successful ones in the globe. Many girls feel they are prettier and more attractive after having a brighter skin color, which makes them feel more confident in themselves and in their looks. This has been a reason for body bleaching creams to spread around the globe and especially in African countries, as people there tend to have a darker skin color than in other countries. Unfortunately, some people decide to use such products excessively and without the consultation of a doctor first, which may result in many diseases and side effects that cannot be cured later on. That is the main reason why it is very important to consult a doctor first before the consumption of any bleaching cream for skin or bleaching cream for the body in general. Many of such creams are used only for a sole purpose, which is to remove the effects of injuries on the skin. Only in this case, special bleaching creams for the body are prescribed by doctors to patients who have suffered from burns or accidents. It is very important not to use any bleaching creams that work fast, as they may have a large dose of Hydroquinone in their ingredients, which is the main component in skin bleaching products, and unfortunately, it is a highly toxic and carcinogen compound that can cause blood cancer and other kinds of cancer that take place in the liver and kidneys.

What scientists say about skin bleaching products

For you to understand what scientists say about skin bleaching products, you have to know first what they do exactly to make your skin look brighter. Skin lightening products mainly work by reducing the melanin compound in your skin, which is a dark pigment and biological compound that is disrupted after using a bleaching cream on a certain spot of the body, which makes the skin brighter and more uniform. Hydroquinone is the main ingredient in skin bleaching products, as it is one of the main compounds that is known for decreasing the melanin pigment in the skin, and because of its harmful side effects, it has already been banned in many countries in Arica, including Ghana and South Africa. Which is a good thing, as people who do not know about its side effects may not have any chance to abuse its consumption and harm themselves. It is also very important not to buy cheap illegal street products due to their possible harm to the human skin. According to the law in many countries, only products containing a 2% of Hydroquinone or less are allowed to be sold in the market so that it can be safer for people to use such products without having to worry about their dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, many people do not know that the melanin is very important for our bodies because of its ability to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and transform it into harmless heat that is not dangerous to the skin, which prevents the formation of skin cancer. That is one of the main reasons why many doctors and dermatologists prefer to prescribe skin-bleaching products to people who have suffered from injuries, as they will only use it on a certain spot on their bodies and not everywhere just to get a brighter skin color. In general, scientists and dermatologists recommend people not to use skin-bleaching products for more than a period of three months.

Side effects of skin bleaching products for skin

Most of the skin-bleaching products have a percentage of Hydroquinone, which is, in general, a toxic compound that is dangerous to use. In addition, some people who use skin lightening products suffer from severe allergic reactions that can be very harmful, as users may experience itching, a red rash, or dryness of the affected area of their skin. The overuse of such products also increases the risk of blood cancer, and the disruption of the amount of melanin in the skin can cause skin cancer because the skin cannot handle the extra amount of ultraviolet radiations from the sun anymore. As the dose of Hydroquinone in any skin-bleaching product gets higher, the risk of using it gets higher as well. A higher dose can even cause permanent skin damage that cannot be treated by any further medical means, as the skin can be even darker than before the cream was used. Of course, the news of many celebrities who have suffered from skin damage are everywhere on the internet. Some people do the best they can to get white without thinking of the consequences, and the results of what they do can be very devastating. Another side effect of the overuse of Hydroquinone is the darkening of other parts of the body including ears, fingers, and toes, but unfortunately, people regret using it only after suffering from its side effects. It could be more expensive to use natural harmless skin lightening bleaching creams to remove tan, but it is definitely worth it because the overuse of Hydroquinone can definitely cause skin damage that nothing else will every fix. Among the other side effects of Hydroquinone are skin dryness, bleeding, or cracking, and it is very dangerous to use during pregnancy.

Natural skin bleaching products in Ghana

There are many natural skin bleaching products that can be used everywhere as their main ingredients are available in natural products that we use in our everyday lives. One of the most natural ingredients that are used to have a brighter skin color is vitamin C, which exists in lemons, oranges, and in many other fruits. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies and other corporations that manufacture and sell cosmetics care mostly about profit, and that is why they tend to promote products that have a faster and stronger effect so people may prefer them to other natural products that they can buy from any local market or even make them themselves at home. It is a good thing though that people are starting to know about the dangers of manufactured chemical products for the skin and prefer natural ones to them. In addition, the use of natural products may also have many other health benefits that do not only include the lightening of the skin color, and when used, they will not reduce the amount of melanin significantly so that it can still protect people from getting cancer after the exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Other natural products like honey and the extract of the licorice root have proved to be very reliable when it comes to natural skin bleaching. The extract of the licorice root is also perfect for people who have a sensitive skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin redness and irritation. It simply disrupts melanin synthesis to lighten the skin with almost no irritation at all. Rose water and milk are also known to have skin lightening properties, and many natural facemasks are prepared using them, as milk helps bring out the radiance in the skin, while rose water ensures tan removal and protects the skin from sun exposure.

bleaching cream to remove tan

How to make your own skin lightening paste at home? DIY Skin bleaching cream for black skin

There are many DIY ways and life hacks on the internet that can show you how to prepare a skin-lightening paste at home for you to use instead of skin-bleaching chemical products. This would be the best way if you do not trust manufacturers who pretend to use natural products and use chemical ones instead because you will be basically preparing everything yourself at home according to your own preferences. The process may be time-consuming, but it is totally harmless and guaranteed, and it is not going to cost you a lot as well. For example, you can easily prepare a mix of honey, lemon juice, and milk to remove the tan of your skin and to have an even skin tone. The lactic acid in milk has a super bleaching property, while honey will help moisturize your skin. This mix is also perfect for the elimination of dark spots. Lemon is rich with citric acid, which is one of the main natural ingredients that helps with the control of the melanin production in the skin, and it also cleans the skin from the dead skin cells. Take one tablespoon of honey, milk, and lemon juice, mix them well and apply the mixture to your face for about 15 minutes every day. You can also easily prepare another mix at home that is consisted of turmeric, milk, and besan. Turmeric prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms, and it also helps with releasing the skin from rashes and unwanted pigments. Besan, which is basically a flour made of chickpea, is also another skin-whitening natural agent that helps with the removal of dead skin cells. The use of such natural products is not only healthy for your skin, but it protects it against harmful bacteria, sun-rays, and dry weather.


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