Types of marriages in Ghana

Types of marriages in Ghana

Marriage is a union between two beloved of the opposite sex for companionship, procreation among other reasons. This is marked as the third rite of passage after birth and circumcision and it is taken by the society with a lot of significance. There are various types of marriages in Ghana recognized by the marriage laws in Ghana. They are either based on religion, traditions and legality. Here are the types of marriages along with their demands and legality:

Types of Marriages in Ghana: Find Out If Your Marriage Recognized By The State

1. Customary marriage

Customary marriage in Ghana refers to traditional marriage, common in practice involving performance of societal tradition and customs before a man and woman is united and blessed to live together. Worthwhile, the practices vary from one ethnic group to the next but there are common things that in any case were done. This kind of a traditional marriage in Ghana demanded the following:

  • Consent from the couple to be
  • Consent from the two families
  • A celebration to mark this covenant
  • Payment of bride price

Customary marriages are polygamous in nature implying no limit to the number of life partners a man may have. However, these marriages can be registered under the PNDCL112 – customary marriage and divorce registration laws. If a customary marriage is not registered then it does not have the legality and therefore not recognized.

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2. Islamic marriage

This a legally recognized forms of marriage for the Islam believers and followers. A man is united to a woman according to the Islamic marriage procedures. There are various notable elements in Islam marriages:

  • Marriages are polygamous in nature
  • Marriage notifications are done to the Mohammedan marriages registrar for marriage registration in Ghana.
  • Marriage should be done within a week lest if get nullifies
  • There are different types of marriages in Islam subject to beliefs, practices and so on

These marriages are legally recognized under the Marriage Act which has the Islamic rules provisions. After all these are performed a marriage certificate Ghana may be issued.

3. Ordinance marriage

Types of Marriages in Ghana: Find Out If Your Marriage Recognized By The State

Ordinance marriage is administered by a marriage officer or through special license. A marriage officer is a religious leader licensed to perform marriages by the government. Here are the conditions and the procedure that should be followed before an ordinance marriage is performed:

  • A written notice to the Registrar of Marriages explaining the intention of marriage. Details regarding the parties involved should be clearly penned down; names, marital status, age, place of residence and venue of marriage celebrations.
  • Consent from family is required of there is a party below the age of twenty one.
  • The registrar then published a notice of intended marriage for 21 days at a small fee.
  • If there are no objections in regards to the intended marriage the marriage ceremony may then proceed on. This should be within 3 months from the time the notice is receipted or made public.
  • The Ghana marriage certificate may then be issued to cement the relationship.

Marriage under the Ordinance has a benefit. It’s monogamous and this mean a man for one wife. If one desires to be with another, then legally dissolution may first take place. Following this, the party may marry and then pursue a court marriage certificate.

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