How to turn a man on - 3 tips to boost your relationship

How to turn a man on - 3 tips to boost your relationship

Turning a man can be simple at the same time it may also cost some effort. If you are in this article then you are probably looking for ideas on how to turn a man on. By the time you are done with this article, you will be a pro.

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Here are a few tips that you can follow to turn your man on.

  1. Hug him from behind. Hugging a man from behind really turns him on. All you need to do is just wrap your hands around his belly and do not forget to bring your bodies closer. Depending on your height you should try to press your forehead or rest your chin on his shoulder as well. You should slowly let him enjoy the feeling of your breath around his neck. This is definitely going to make him turn around and start kissing you everywhere.
  2. Kiss behind his neck. Now does not worry about how to turn a man on by kissing. Surprisingly this is yet another way to turn a guy on. If you want to try this out just go behind him and keep moving up, now try to wrap your arms around his body or just gently squeeze the shoulder. Since you are already halfway there you should start kissing the back of his neck very gently, work your way below his ears through the sides of his neck.
  3. Place your hand on his back. Still wondering how to turn a man on sexually. If you place your hand on the small of his back; remember it is just above the waistline. This will make him understand that you are in the need for some naughty things. As you keep moving towards your man gently place your hand on his back and gently bring him closer to you. He is definitely turned on.
  4. Touch the back of the head. This is another very good spot to turn him on. Whenever you are kissing him or having a very intimate discussion, just touch the back of his head and start massaging his scalp. You can also run your fingers all through his hair at the back of his head.
  5. Make gentle touch behind his ear. The area that lies behind the ear of a guy is one of the most erogenous zones. If you touch him with the tips of your finger or your lips, this will definitely send have a tingling sensation down and up the spine of his. You can gently move on by touching his earlobes or just the ear.
  6. Kiss him inside his ear. This move is famous to turn any guy wild. Use the tip of your tongue to touch the inside of your guy’s ear. Once you have started to do that just gently blow his ear to drive him crazy towards intimacy. Just in case if you do not feel comfortable in licking his earlobes, you can just blow the air inside and it will do perfectly fine.
  7. Touch his feet. This is another very effective way of turning a guy on. Strike his toes very gently; tickle him just slightly by running your fingers all along his toes but in a circular fashion. This is guaranteed to make him go really wild. Remember one thing, if you find him wearing socks and sneakers it will not be a very good idea to use this trick on him then. Do not forget that he might have sweaty or dirty feet and if both of you are in the bed barefoot, just go for it.
  8. Touch the skin. Always remember that a direct skin-to-skin contact is proven to turn any guy on. You can touch his forearms, cheeks, forehead, and the back of the wrist or just graze his lips with your bare hands.

How to turn a man on without touching him?

If you have ever wondered how to turn a man on without touching him, this method sounds very silly but is also very much effective in turning a man on. For this remember to choose a time when you both are free from any sort of work for the time ahead because it might just boost his hormones and burst his intimacy out suddenly.

Dim all the lights, bring your man to the bed, and walk around the room just like a true bold lady. Remember to wear some high heels and lingerie. This is definitely an answer to how to turn a man on in bed. The point is to wear a sexy dress that can be easily removed. Now slowly remove your clothes one by one and throw them at him. Let your man see and admire your body. Remember to have a sexy smile and avoid making a serious face.

How to turn a man on with a massage?

Give your man an intimate massage. This is one of the best ways to turn him on. It will also light him up on fire. No planning is required for this, just let him sit somewhere and you start doing your thing. Remember to turn the lights, TVs and other appliances off before you begin. Now, you don’t have to worry about how to turn a man on without being obvious.


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