Gogpayslip: e-Payslip registration Ghana

Gogpayslip: e-Payslip registration Ghana

Are you a Ghanaian employed by the Government? Well, you need to do Gogpayslip registration. You can now check and keep track of your payslip online, regardless of where you are, isn’t it amazing?

Epayslip Ghana

Thanks to the (CAGD) Controller and Accountant General’s Department that is under the Government of Ghana, it has become very easy to register for epayslips in Ghana.

Steps of Gogpayslip registration in Ghana

Here are 7 steps for simple and easy epayslip registration.

  • You need Internet connection

In order for you to do the registration, you need to be connected to a working internet.

  • You need to obtain your pin

Go to the management unit and get your secret pin or code for your epayslip activation.

  • Log on to their Webpage

Open any browser and visit www.gogpayslip.com, understand the webpage.

  • Fill the Payslip form

Find ‘register for epayslip’ and click. You need to fill the online payslip form accurately in accordance to the instructions given.

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  • Log out and sign in again

Once you have had your successful effortless registration, log out, and sign in again. The registration was successful and therefore it means you will not be going through the long processes when signing in. You need your employee accurate secret number, password, and the pin code shown. Click sign in and access your epayslip Ghana.

You can check payslip easily at your own comfort. This is because epayslip mobile and PC is available.

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Gogpayslip Epayslip Caution

Whenever you finish accessing your gogpayslip your epayslip, making sure you sign out/log out. This is because it has your confidential and private information. Most Government offices access the same computers and there be keen.

Keep in mind that your epayslip password is a secret and therefore do not share it. Changing your password is possible and therefore you should not risk if you have feeling that you can be breached.

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Gogpayslip Efficiency

The Gogpayslip is designed to offer security for you since it automatically logs out if it is left idle for about 6 minutes. Epayslip reactivation is important to prove that you are a public worker and the information contained in the office is very delicate.

7 tips for effortless epayslip registration

How a government employee in Ghana benefits from Epayslip online

Epayslip in Ghana was introduced early October in 2013 by CAGD. The Government of Ghana's main goal was to improve payrolls for service delivery. As a government employee, you have advantages when you use the Epayslip. Here are a few of the many advantages your epayslip offers.

  • The Epayslip offers security

The epayslips offer security because you have a secret epayslip password and ID. This means nobody can operate you epayslip, unless the approved individuals or staffs.

  • You are capable of viewing your previous payslips

If the CAGD office are done with loading of the employees payslips, you have the ability to do the viewing of your epayslip from the previous up to date. The online access will also give you accurate net payments, the deductions, and the gross.

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  • Improved payment history

Gogpayslip are fast, improved, and easy to access any information on your pay. Most public workers prefer to use their mobile, MAC, and PC to access their information at the comfort of their home.

  • Gogpayslips offer services efficiently to the public workers

The G&AGD can now offer efficient and improved services to the public workers. This is by easy correction of any challenge that are logistic, brought by the delivery of the old payslips that used to be printed. They are also able to ensure that the epayslips are available to the public workers. The G&AGD is now efficiently serving the GOG staff.

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