MTN mobile money registration Ghana

MTN mobile money registration Ghana

Mobile money transaction have become the order of the day in Africa especially with regard to making transactions easy, fast and convenient. It is possible to access certain services over the phone such as buying airtime and sending money at the convenience of your phone. However, for this to work you need to complete the MTN mobile money registration process. Here is how to go about it.

MTN Mobile Money Registration Requirements & Application Process

MTN mobile money register - the process of registering

Registering for MTN mobile money is easy especially if you follow the right process. In fact, it is becoming rather crucial and mandatory to have access to mobile money transfer access seeing that Ghana’s economy is largely dominated by it. Getting your MTN registration right is therefore crucial. Follow the following simple steps to get it done but ensure you have a valid ID, Passport, Driver’s license or voter’s ID.

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How to register for mobile money

  1. Visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent with your identification documents. Make sure the agent is an authorized dealer with MTN
  2. The merchant will record your details and hand you a sim card
  3. You will then insert the sim card in your phone and get a request to register via SMS
  4. Go to my MTN and select mobile money on your phone
  5. Select register. Enter your photo ID type and number
  6. Select mobile money pin which should be 4 digits. Repeat it.
  7. A welcome message will show on your phone via SMS indicating that you are now registered for the services.

Once you are registered make sure that your guard your PIN details lest someone gets access to your money.

MTN mobile money registration online

MTN Mobile Money Registration Requirements & Application Process- MTN mobile money mobile registration online

It is possible to manage your MTN account online. For you to access MTN mobile money services you need to have a phone with you at all times. It is also important to note that every transaction you make online must be followed by a receipt. Consider the following MTN mobile money registration process:

  1. Visit the MTN mobile money website
  2. To register online, for first timers, click register
  3. Enter your user name which is your phone number and PIN
  4. Enter captcha displayed below your user name
  5. Enter the one time password sent to your phone
  6. Create a password that you can remember or keep the one generated for you as long as you can remember it
  7. Repeat the password in third space and click continue
  8. Authorize web access from your phone by dialing *126*1#

Alternatively you can use the MTN mobile money registration app to access money services. The MTN mobile app is a one stop shop for all MTN services. It manages and monitors all services at your convenience. MTN Ghana mobile money online registration has been simplified for any interested person. The aim is to ensure that the process is as easy as possible for anyone desiring to use mobile money services. You can choose to visit an agent who fills out your details on the MTN mobile money registration form or conveniently complete the registration by yourself online. Whichever method you choose ensure that you do it right. Mobile money transactions are very important.

MTN Mobile Money Registration Requirements & Application Process

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Requirements for registration

All you have to do is to verify that you are Ghanaian by nationality. This will require that you give details on your IDs before any registration is completed.

Advantages of MTN mobile services

There are many gains that come with registering for MTN mobile services. Some of these include

  • Hassle free access of cash anywhere you are. Seamless sending and receiving of cash wherever you are
  • Safety guaranteed. All you need to do is set your pin and keep it confidential. No one can access your cash without your authorization.
  • Easy to link with your bank for easier transactions. You do not have to visit the bank every time you want to withdraw cash especially when you are registered.
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