DV lottery 2018 results status check

DV lottery 2018 results status check

Have you applied for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery (DV Lottery) and you are waiting for confirmation on whether you were among the 50,000 people from different countries chosen for U.S. permanent residence? Immigrants from eligible countries can now apply and wait for notifications online because the DV lottery is now fully automated. In case you have won, you will be emailed or you will receive a notice that your application was accepted. This article will help you understand how winners are chosen and how they will receive the notification.

DV lottery 2018 results

United States of America to many is a land of vast opportunities. Thanks to DV lottery tapping into these opportunities has been made easy. Once you have applied for your DV lottery then next step is to wait for your selection. Below is a guide on how to go about viewing your results online.

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How you can check dv lottery 2018 results status

DV lottery 2018 results- How you can check dv lottery 2018 results status

DV lottery 2018 results status check will begin in May of the year after you apply. DV lottery 2018 results by country can be achieved through the electronic Entrant Status Check. The DV lottery is usually accepted from October to November every year but eligible applicants are advised to check it every month.The importance of checking your status every month is that if you are a winner you will be expected to act very fast in order to gather the necessary information required for submitting the green card application.

Required information when checking your status

When you visit the Entrant Status Check (ESC) Web site the first page will be the confirmation page and it will display the Entrant Name,Year of Birth, Confirmation Number, and a Digital Signature.You should therefore enter all the information in order to check your dv lottery 2018 results status. Usually the confirmation number is 16 characters long (for example 20181O0DZWY3DOV9). The smaller appearance of the confirmation number may be confusing and you may receive an error message telling you that the information entered is invalid.

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Why name list of the lottery winners will not be public

In the past, the results were sent through postal mail and some counties such as Nepal and Albania published the name of the winners by intercepting postal mails of the winners. Currently the notification system is automated and therefore winners can check their status online. DV lottery 2018 results name list will not be available in all countries to avoid the applicants from calling the embassy to know if they have qualified. The only thing that the applicants should have to now their status is the confirmation number they received during the application.

How to avoid scams

DV lottery 2018 results- How to avoid scams

Sometimes you can receive an information from the government of U.S that you have won the lottery and there is a fee you need to pay for an immigrant visa. In other occasions, the applicants are promised to be moved to the frontline or get more entries if they pay a certain fee. These are all scams for obtaining your personal information. The government of U.S will never send you an email and therefore the only safest way to find out whether you won or nor is by visiting the Entrant Status Check.

DV lottery 2018 results check is available from May and so it is important for you to know how you can check your status online and avoid scams that may profit off your hopes for a chance of living and working in U.S. However according to the DV website currently all submission processing at this web site has finished and therefore one should be patient until the process resumes again.

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