How to make a man love you

How to make a man love you

Love is the most beautiful thing and every woman wants to feel loved. But before you learn how to make a man love you, you first must work on yourself. Love begins from within. Most ‘formulas’ don’t work for everybody; therefore, you must know what makes men notice you. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone and try out new things.

How to make a man love you

How to make a man love you, it’s more of how you package yourself. It is not about having the perfect body; a man will like it but at the end its your personality that he will fall in love with. Remember confidence is vital, you can never go wrong when you are yourself.

How to get a man to love you more

Show that you are in charge of your appearance and health. Put in the effort to look dazzling but not too much. A little make up won’t do no harm. Keep it simple, men are total suckers for simplicity, and it’s a technique of how to make your man love you more each day. Engage in simple exercises regularly to keep in shape. Tend to do your hair to make it look neat and stylish.

Once you have worked on your appearance, its high time you get into the dating scene. Putting yourself out there gives you experience on how to handle different people. Always keep your smile an it’s a weapon in your arsenal. When chatting with your crush show interest in what he does. Laugh honestly when he cracks a joke.

1. Be independent

Show that you are also capable of taking care of yourself. Independent women are a catch for many men. Take initiative and buy your drinks, pay for your bills. Don’t be like other women who wait to get paid for. There is something attractive about an independent woman.

woman paying for drink

2. Be strong and confident

Eye contact is an important factor during flirtation and can earn you points.Act confident, don't shy away, lock your eyes together if you have to. Be strong and don't act weak. Establish your similarities in things in life. This can be in terms of hobbies. Remember the secret to make a man love you is how well the both of you can get along during the first encounter.

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How to get a man to make love to you - top 5 tips!

Consummation is an important factor on how to make a man crazy in love with you. It is also shows that the relationship has matured and gone strong. Follow the 10th date rule, sex after 10 successful dates. This sector requires you to adopt an active sex life. Learn how to make your man love you more in bed by being proactive. Be an active participant in the act.

The first time always determines the length of the relationship. When you executed it perfectly, it will make a man think twice of having you in their lives. Many marriages began with the first sexual encounter. Don’t be afraid to show off your moves. Remember men are freaks in nature and are mesmerized when they meet their match.

How to make a man love you

1. Be hygienic

Your personal hygiene should be high before and after the sexual encounter. Having a clean and shaven body shows your man that you are for keeps. Take a warm bath after sex . that will keep you away from bad oduor. Watching Kamasutra will help learn how to pleasure your man to climax and will surely make a man miss you.

Remember how to make him miss you depends on the quality of time you have when you are together. How to make a man love you lies within the first 10 seconds of meeting a potential suitor. Make the first encounter ultimate and memorable. Go out of your way but be careful not to lose yourself.

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How to make a man love you

2. Act coy

Most men do not like a woman who is too forward. Whenever you are with a man you like, you must act very coy. Do not bring up topics about love making. Instead, let him take the lead. Do not respond to his requests immediately. Make him understand that you will only give him "the goods" after he has waited for a while!

3. Wear some nice perfume

They say men are visual creatures - well they are attracted to how you smell too! Floral and fruity fragrances are the best. From that first hug, your man should go crazy because of your scent. Perfume experts say that you should always dab a little on areas where you have a pulse to make sure the scent lasts all day. This means that you will dab a little perfume on your neck, the back of your knees, the belly button and your wrists too!

How to make a man love you

4. Dress sexy, not trashy

Reveal just a little, not too much. Needless to say, deep cleavage and mini skirts are not always a good idea! Choose a top with cleavage, pair it with a long skirt or trouser. You can also choose a short skirt and pair it with a top that is not too revealing. The point is to tempt your man, not to give him a full show!

5. Drop subtle hints

Some men just need a little push. If your man is one of those who can benefit from a little motivation, you will have to learn how to seduce him without being too obvious. Direct eye contact once in a while is bound to drive the message home. A hand placed gently on his thigh while he drives you home will also give him a few ideas without being too obvious. If all else fails, you might have to go in full force - a goodbye peck on the cheeks won't hurt!

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