How to write a memo effectively

How to write a memo effectively

Knowing how to write a memo is such valuable knowledge in every institution. A formal short form of the word memorandum, a memo can communicate any message that is so urgent that a meeting can’t be convened or that which doesn’t necessitate a meeting but people have to be updated.

How to write a memo effectively

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A memo is always short and goes straight to the point, even ignoring the need of salutation. It can either call people to action or update them of policy changes within the organization. It is recommended to print memos using official letterheads. Although it is at times classified as an unofficial communication document, everything about a memo is formal. From a standard bold font of times new roman or Arial to the block paragraphs and the subject therein. Read on to find out how to write a memo.

How to write a memorandum – The standard format of memos

A memo should be short and precise, as it’s meant to pass the message clearly to the intended audience in the shortest time possible. Here is an easy guideline on how to write a memo from scratch.

  1. Type the word MEMO in a large, bold font.
  2. Write the address to your target audience.
  3. In case there is someone else who should receive a courtesy copy, their address should be written in the (CC) area.
  4. Indicate the date of writing the memo.
  5. In the subject line, make sure you use a specific phrase to indicate the purpose of your memo.
  6. After the subject you move to the body. This is divided into 3 parts;-
  • Part one – discusses the issue at hand briefly.
  • Part two – You give background information; the issue at hand in depth.
  • Part three – outline the intended course of action to solve the raised issue.

7. The writer concludes by expressing positivism towards achieving the intended goal.

Never sign on a memo; if you were typing it on a computer, print it and hand sign your initials.

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How to write a directive memo

How to write a memo effectively

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A directive memo is different from all other types of memos. It is about outlining a particular way of doing things that everyone is required to adhere to. It uses the same format for other memos with a slight difference as explained below;

Start by explaining the situation. You are giving directives to change existent ways, so you need to point out the weaknesses of the first method.

Give the directives of how things should be done henceforth. The instructions should be clearly emphasized. Avoid big words, unless they are professional terms in relation to your kind of organization.

Justify these directions by pointing out to the immediate positive effects they shall bring to the company. It makes the intended audience see the sense in it and implement it soonest possible.

How to write a memo to employees

How to write a memo effectively

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This is the most common memo. The boss often wants to make a follow up on agendas previously discussed and to update staff of new set policies effective immediately. It uses the format of the standard memo, unless its directive. How to write a staff memo is necessary information even to the ordinary employees as they might be directed by their seniors to write memos to their fellow staff concerning a specific subject.

Do you know how to write a memo to your boss in case you are ever expected to? You could be updating them on a project your team was working for instance. Don’t panic, it’s done the same way. Just that this time you are required to use respectful language that shows you respect your senior.

How to write a memo is made even easier by memo templates which only require customization, in case one is too much in a rush.

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