How to know she loves you secretly

How to know she loves you secretly

Are you ready to make the first move but unsure whether the feeling is mutual? Are you scared that she isn’t into you? Don’t take chances and end up in the dreaded friend-zone. Don’t worry, we have you covered. You don’t need to go through the phase of imminent denial or rejection. We have tips on how to know she loves you.

How to know she loves you secretly

Rejection stings but it can be seen coming from miles away. You must establish how to know that she loves you. Then you must muster up courage and approach her. It is not that hard to know the signs she loves you without saying since interest is a major sign that she is into you. How to know she loves you secretly depends on the quality of time you spend together.

Many men make the biggest mistake by assuming that since she doesn’t want to spend the day with you it means she isn’t interested.

Signs that she is into you but afraid to admit

Signs she is falling in love with you

A man’s brain is not wired to receive the subtlest signals from women. If you lack the antenna to pick up these signs, here is what you should watch out for

1. Long unexpected stares

Eye contact is the biggest sign that she is in love with you. The long stares and unexpected glances are signs of flirtations for you to at least say hallo. The biggest mistake you can make as a man is assume that it’s just a glance and let the opportunity pass you. When in a conversation with her, if she maintains eye contact it means she is interested.

2. She enjoys talking to you

After the courtship stages, another sign that she loves you deeply is when she is still talking to you. Responding to your texts is also a sign that she is interested. It is a good rule of thumb to make effort to keep the conversations more active and engaging. Her response is a way of how to know she loves you without asking her.

Exciting funny text messages to make her laugh
How to know she loves you secretly

3. Enjoys getting physically close to you

Once you have gotten the ball rolling, there are instances where she starts giving you touches on your shoulder, hand or chest. This is can be when you have cracked a joke. Or when you are sited and both your legs get entangled but you don’t let go. It shows that she isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with you.

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How to tell if she loves you quiz

After the chemistry has set in and you can see there are chances for the both of you in a relationship, it’s time to ask her about what she feels about both of you. Ask her if there is a possibility for both of you to grow into a relationship.

It is good to be straightforward. It is the best way on how to know if she loves you. A heart to heart conversation will open up her desires about your courtship. If the feeling is mutual then you can progress to the next level. If there are doubts you can detach yourself first before it grows into a heartbreak.

Ways of letting a girl know you love her
How to know she loves you secretly

Inquire about her version of relationship goals. These are steps to help you achieve them together, you can compromise in case you feel it won’t work. If she agrees even with some of your suggestions, this is a good sign on how to know if she loves you back.

These questions cement the foundation of the relationship and guarantees a long-lasting shelf life. You can then both work things out together in order to fulfill the relationship goals. The best way of how to know she loves you is her commitment and willingness to make the relationship work.

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