5 excuses most Ghanaian lovers give for not using a condom

5 excuses most Ghanaian lovers give for not using a condom

Each and every year, the Ghana AIDS Commission imports about 31 million condoms.These condoms are absolutely free at sexual health centers in the country although paid for at pharmacies.

The coming on board of these condoms are aimed to prevent cases of unwanted pregnancies and also cancel out the transmission of infections as HIV, Gonorrhea among others.

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But despite all these interventions by government, the population is still lagging in the active use of condoms.

Checks by the Ghana Health Service show that 5 in every 7 Ghanaian couple prefer not to use a condom.

In fact, recent concerns by the Ghana AIDS Commission show that the rising cases of HIV infections in the country are large as a result of the poor condom-use across the country. But what could be the exact reasons why this is happening? YEN.com.gh presents some points.

1. Pleasure

Interviews granted so many Ghanaians with active sexual ages show that they prefer going without a condom than doing so. Most Ghanaian men and women say using a condom reduces the pleasure of lovemaking. Although these myths have been debunked by the Ghana Health Service, most Ghanaians still stick to not using them.

2. Using a condom means there's no trust

Many Ghanaian partners often trade their safety and health for intimacy and trust. This is one of the gravest mistakes anyone can make especially when your health is on the line. But condom use should be the norm and should not represent a lack of trust or commitment in a relationship.

3. The heat of the moment

When making love to a partner, the heat of the moment often prevents both partners to pause for some seconds and put on their condoms. It is often after the encounter that both partners now begin to worry about not using a condom. This can be fixed when both partners have it as a priority to always have a condom on.

4. Sickness not written on faces

Unfortunately, most Ghanaian partners are moved by the eyes instead of facts. The HIV pandemic in Africa never seems to scare partners as most people would want to see an emaciated person suffering from AIDS before going ahead to use the condom. What we need to know is that these diseases are unseen and their symptoms are very minimal.

5. Meeting the man or woman at the counter when buying a condom

Most partners feel shy to visit a pharmacy for condoms mainly because of the reception they are met with by pharmacy attendants. There are claims that most of these attendants even ask patrons of these condoms what they are using them for. But if you really care about your health, you will place more priority on your self than how a pharmacy attendant looks or says.

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