How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

When it comes to how to create Hotmail account, the simple process improves user experience. Although this is not the most common emailing service, it still reliable considering that it has been around longer than most. If you are looking for a change from Gmail or Yahoo or you simply want to have two email accounts then Hotmail is the next viable option. Learning how to open an account with them is a plus.

How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

Hotmail served its customers effectively even before the entrance of Gmail as an emailing giant. Hotmail took care of the needs of the common man as far as data storage and free email accounts is concerned. It was taken up by Microsoft and re-branded to MSN Hotmail where it continued to thrive at least for a decade before Gmail came into the market.

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With a good number of loyalist backing it up, Microsoft finally re-branded its free email services to Outlook. The changed name and look was geared towards improving user experience and working on an inclusive approach through the one drive cloud service, Skype and office online.

How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

Even with these additions, it is still possible to create a Hotmail email account since the domain name was retained. The services on the Hotmail and Outlook domains remain identical. If you are interested in setting up your Hotmail account then follow the following simple steps.

How to create account in Hotmail

To create Hotmail email account the following steps should be followed.

  1. Vist the Hotmail website.
  2. You need to Signup for a Microsoft account. Click on the signup button on the bottom right of the screen to open a form that lets you create an account
  3. Enter your first and last names in the boxes provided.
  4. Create a user name bearing in mind that it will be part of your email address. Make it unique for it to be accepted. Be keen to choose a user name that can work for official purposes as well
  5. Select the domain name from the drop box. You can choose to go with or It is the same experience just different names.
  6. Come up with a unique password. The requirement here is that it should be at least 8 characters long and must have 2 of the following. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols. You will have to type in the password and wait for it to be accepted first.
  7. Select the country region that you live in. In this case Ghana will be your choice. Be careful not to skip this since USA is set as default region.
  8. Enter your birthdate and gender as part of the personal details completion.
  9. Enter your contact information for security purposes. Give a phone number which is mandatory and an alternate email address if you have one. You can skip the alternate email if you want.
  10. Enter the case sensitive Captcha code that comes up to prove that you are not a malware or virus but are actually human.
  11. Create the click account button. If outlook gives you a prompt for security check click send code. You will receive a verification code on the number that you sent. Enter this code in the box that appears when you request for the code and then click on the create account button.
  12. Your account is now created. Read the welcome message and click on continue to inbox to continue using Hotmail.

The above procedure shows how to set up Hotmail account on PC. Follow it strictly.

How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

Customize your account

You can make your Hotmail account unique by customizing it after you create one. Here is how to.

  • Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen next to your name
  • Customize theme color to your preferred one
  • Click option for more customizing options. The drop down menu will guide you.
  • Customize your profile by clicking on edit profile on the top right corner
  • Follow the prompt and add Skype number if you want to talk to people via Skype. If not click no thanks
  • Once the edit profile window opens you can click change picture and upload your own picture following the prompts given.
  • You can also import contacts from your other email and social media services. Always click the applicable button to add Google or any other social site.

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Signing out

Once done with the customization you need to sign out especially if you are using a device that is being accessed by others. To do this follow the following procedure:

  • Click on the profile picture on the top right corner of the profile menu
  • Click sign out at the bottom of the drop down menu

How to set up Hotmail account on Android

Ensure your outlook app is updated.

  • Go to the mail up, select setting and add a new email account
  • Select i-map
  • Enter your full Hotmail address and password. Select manual setup
  • Enter your details in the screen setting that comes up. Put your user email, password, incoming server-, incoming port 993 and security type- SSl.
  • Click next and on the outgoing setting screen key-in the following details: Outgoing port-587, Security type –ssl, Authorization required-yes, username- email, password- email password.
  • Click next. On the screen that follows enter your personal name. With this your account is set.

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How to set up Hotmail account on iPhone

  • Go to settings , accounts and passwords and choose add account
  • Choose The process for setting this up is similar for Hotmail, live and MSN as well.
  • A login page appears on your screen. You will need to first enter your email address and tap next
  • Enter your Hotmail password and sign in
  • Click yes to confirm and allows iOS to access your data
  • Select the Hotmail data you want to access on phone. You can sync your email, calendars, contacts as well as reminders. Everything is on by default. When you select what you want click save.
  • Go to the mail application on the phone. This newly created Hotmail should be available.

The most important thing to note with the iPhone setup is that while outlook and Hotmail are the same, choose outlook for this setup to work. There is no difference between the two as far as user experience is concerned.

How to create Hotmail account without phone number

You do not need to provide your phone number to verify or even open a Hotmail account. However, if you do not supply the phone number you must give an alternate email address. This is for the purposes of sending recovery details just in case you forget your password.

When opening the account scroll down to the fields where you are required to provide a mobile number or alternate email address. It is mandatory that you provide one of the two. If you provide the email then the phone is optional and when it’s the phone number the email address is also optional. This works for most people.

How to create Hotmail account from Ghana

How to set up Hotmail account in outlook

  • Choose tools or account settings from the outlook menu
  • Go to the email tab
  • Click new
  • Ensure you select POP3, Microsoft Exchange or HTTP
  • Click next
  • Type your name as it should appear on outgoing email under your name
  • Enters the Hotmail email address
  • Check the manually configured settings and additional server types
  • Click next
  • Select internet email
  • Click on nex
  • Select POP3 under account type
  • Enter under the incoming mail server
  • For the outgoing server type
  • Enter the complete Hotmail email address as you user name
  • Type in your password
  • Click on more settings
  • Go to the outgoing server tab
  • Check the authentication of my outgoing server
  • Go to advanced tab
  • Check the sever requiring encrypted connection under the incoming POP3 server
  • Select SSL under outgoing server
  • Confirm that 995 appears under incoming server and 25 under outgoing
  • Click OK, then Next then Close.
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