How to use kickass free download

How to use kickass free download

Loyal fans of the kickass free download site all over the world are now celebrating the comeback of their most favorite file sharing site. Most people like watching movies and playing video games as a hobby, and it gets even better when you can download them for free in the comfort of your home. That is what Kickass torrent is all about; free, convenient entertainment. It doesn’t stop at that; it has almost every file on the face of earth. You only need to know what you are seeking and confirm it is not copyrighted.

How to use kickass free download

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After the arrest of its founder Artem Vaulin in 2016, the kickass free download site closed down but it’s back now and is not going anywhere. That is how serious downloading copyrighted files can get. It’s totally illegal. With its comeback, Kickass torrent is offering all its previous services, only that this time it’s very strict on the clean user database. Well, once bitten twice shy.

Here is how you can continue downloading from the revamped Kickass torrent, popularly known as KAT from your android, windows or MAC device.

Kickass free qownload games – On Android devices

Most lovers of games want to play them anywhere and anytime they want. Nothing would be more convenient than having your favorite games in your android device. Here is how to get kickass utorrent free download games.

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Confirm what files you can download

Android devices are limited to opening certain files, unless one installs a file manager app. You can’t have all applications so choose games that are compatible with your app of choice. Hint: VLC media player for android plays most media files.

It’s advisable to use a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi cuts down on data costs as torrents can use up quite some amount of data. It is also faster in downloading speed.

From Google play store, select a torrent app and download

KAT is a torrent site that has to work with torrent apps to enable file sharing. Select a torrent client, download and install. BitTorrent and UTorrent are examples of free apps you can sample.

Change to appropriate settings

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Depending on the app you chose, open the settings menu and specify where the download shall be stored. In case you need to regulate the data usage, look for the ‘’bandwidth’’ tab and set as desired.

Search the game you want

You can do this by typing its name and adding ‘’torrent’’ to it. Once it appears, tap on it and confirm to start downloading.

The progress of your download shows on the torrent app screen.

Kickass free download series –Getting the most popular download

TV series are the most popular downloads on the KAT website, followed closely by movies. After you have downloaded and installed, the torrent client will enable you to download and share files from KAT. Here is how you go about using kickass free download series.

  • Navigate to the KAT website

You shouldn’t be asked to log in or register as you don’t need an account to get free downloads from Kickass

  • Search the name of the series/movie you want in the ‘’search query’’ section.
  • Start downloading: Once you find the torrent you want, double-click on it to open in the client torrent to begin the download.

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The downloaded file is saved in your selected storage.

To get kickass free download Bollywood movies, use the same procedure.

How to use kickass free download

Important points to note while using Kickass free download

Kickass emphasizes on a clean user database and the download of copyrighted materials is illegal; it attracts severe punishments such as a closure of the torrent site. You wouldn’t want to be the one closing down your favorite KAT. Would you?

It’s advisable to go through the comments and ratings of previous users before downloading a torrent. This helps to know if it’s worth it and risks involved (like viruses) if any.

Select torrents with the largest number of seeders. Seeders refer to the number of people downloading and sharing the file at that given time. The higher it is, the quicker your download.

Torrents take a while before the download begins. If your download doesn’t start immediately, give it some time. Also, if it doesn’t open automatically after the download, you have to do it manually.

To make sure you have the best quality for video files, download torrents with a minimum of 720pixels.

How to sse Kickass free download gets better with practice and is the best experience is you master how to identify healthy torrents and follow the important aspects pointed out.

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