How to write a CV that will land you a job

How to write a CV that will land you a job

A CV is a concise document which is required when you are going to apply for a job. The main purpose of this document is to summarize that you have the necessary skills and experience. Learn how to write a CV that can fetch you a job.

How to write a CV that will land you a job!

How to write a CV for job application?

When you will go to apply for a job, the employer requires checking your curriculum vitae (CV). How will you write a unique CV that can fetch you a job in a reputed company? Remember! There is no specific format for preparing a CV. However you write and whatever format you select, keep in mind that it looks and feels professional. A CV is a document that demonstrates your past and existing skills, knowledge and educational qualification. The purpose of this document is to find you your dream job. Literally, you are selling your skills, talents and proficiency. Following are the various steps to write a great CV and hopefully achieve the goal.

  1. Understand the basic information that a CV normally contains and keep it real: Most of the CV contains personal and professional information, educational qualification, skills, your interest and achievements etc.
  2. Contemplate the job you are applying for: Keep in mind the basic skills required for the specific job you are applying.
  3. Make a list of your relevant skills.
  4. Clearly mention your hobbies and interests.

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How to write a CV example will help you

There is no specific format for a CV you can prepare it in a modern style but as it has already been mentioned, it should be professional. Following are the standard CV writing format you need to follow when you are going to write CV.

  • List your name, email ID, contact details, address at the top of the page: It is important for your reviewer to know about you; and if you have another address, put it on the right side.
  • Write a personal profile and career objective: It is a good part of your CV which gives the reviewer an in-depth look at you and the work you are looking for.
  • Create a heading for your education and qualification: List your education details in chronological order with your schools and university and percentages of marks that you have secured. This will give the reviewer an idea of your quality.
  • Create a section of your skills and achievements: Example of skills such as communication skill, interpersonal skill; and achievements such as first prize received in college presentation, winner of debate competition etc.
  • List your hobbies and strength. Remember, it is not good to mention your weaknesses (in case you have one).
  • Other details about skills used in extracurricular activities and the like.

How to write a CV for internship?

How to write a CV that will land you a job!

CV is the first thing that employers look at from your application and it reflects student education history, hobbies, skills, personal details and interests. Don’t know how to write a CV for students? If you are a student searching for an internship, make sure you follow the instructions properly and mention why you want the internship program. Companies who hire students for internship programs follow strong protocols with beginners. If you have had some experience, you need to mention that in details.

  • Name, contact details, email ID at the top of the paper
  • Personal profile
  • Education qualification chronologically
  • Skills and achievements
  • Hobbies, Strength, Weakness
  • Other details.

If you are still not sure about How to write a CV professionally, Check out the CV templates below. These will give you a clear idea of how to write a good CV

When you are writing a CV professionally, you need to add your professional qualification and work experience from your previous companies.

How to write a CV in Ghana?

CV building is a major part of getting a job in Ghana. A solid and well-written CV can make or break your future! These are the following guidelines to prepare the right CV to land perfect job in Ghana.

  • Appropriate resume content: it includes relevant contact number, email details and your personal details.
  • The Importance of formatting and grammar: Candidate needs to prepare modern and professional CV which contains paragraph and few bullet points. You need to avoid grammatical error and spelling mistakes at the time of writing CV.
  • Keep the CV clean and avoid errors at any cost.

Curriculum Vitae is something which will either help you get what you are looking for, or push you far away from where you wanted to go. Always take the necessary precautions so that you do not end up making even the slightest of mistakes.

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