Richard Akoto: Story of a successful Ghana teacher

Richard Akoto: Story of a successful Ghana teacher

The Ghanaian teacher Richard Appiah Akoto, an ICT pupil teacher at Betenase M/A Junior High School at Sekyedomase in the Ashanti Region, went viral across social media channels. Richard Akoto set a high mark in the "world of software application”. His digital skills have received an immense acknowledgement from Microsoft Corporation.

Richard Akoto

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Role of Richard Akoto, the Ghana educator in teaching computers

Richard Akoto or better known as Richard Appiah Akoto is a reputed ICT or Information and Communication Technology teacher who teaches digital skills in a mediocre institution. He teaches the Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High School students computer by drawing on the blackboard. The school is situated at Sekyedomase in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He posted the pictures of his exclusive teaching style on Facebook. The posted pictures that generated a lot traffic in a very short time due to the unique drawing skills he had used to teach his students about application software. The tutor draws a picture of Microsoft word on the blackboard by using different colourful chalks as this makes it easier for the students to understand it appropriately.

Richard Akoto’s dedication and innovation

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Richard Akoto’s dedication and innovation

Teaching kids how to use a computer is hard enough already since they’re kids, but just try doing it without the help of any computer. Yes, this exact task was undertaken by Richard Akoto in Ghana and his innovation (and labour-intensive) solution was to draw the computer or application on the blackboard in detail. His hard work went viral and now Microsoft has stepped in to help out.

Microsoft was so impressed by Richard Akoto’s dedication and innovation that it unfolded an opportunity for him to travel halfway around the world to Singapore. It was the first time Richard Akoto had ever left Ghana. Anthony the Vice President of Microsoft Worldwide Education said that by coming all the way to participate in E2, Richard was now part of a community of educators who share experiences and learn from one another on how to teach and engage with students.

This teacher’s dedication to sharing knowledge about ICT is the news trending on the internet now. “Teaching of ICT in Ghana’s school is very funny,” Richard Akoto said in a Facebook post while disclosing some of his classroom photos. After the images were shared thousands of times online, Microsoft promised to send him new computer equipment.

Richard Akoto’s computer teaching on blackboard

A lot has changed in the life of Richard Akoto over a fortnight, since he posted photos of himself on Facebook where he was drawing Microsoft Word processing window on a blackboard with some multi-coloured chalks, to teach his students about computers or to simplify, gadgets which the school authority could not afford.

How Microsoft educator certification program benefits the teachers and the students?

Microsoft educator certified program also known as the Microsoft Certified Educator course has placed emphasis on learning through modern technology, required for enhancing the knowledge base of educators and teachers. The course also helps to increase both the knowledge and upgrade experience of students across different fields. Richard Akoto, the successful Ghana teacher has been felicitated by Microsoft for explaining the functionalities of Microsoft Word by drawing it on the blackboard.

The program is used to increase knowledge by learning different kinds of skills and training. In the program, different innovative, communication as well as information skills and tools are used to help the teacher so that one can teach the students more effectively. Richard Akoto used the program to train himself by using the e-learning processes and train the students so that they can learn and prepare themselves for any future exam. He also learnt to use the different technologies by integrating the MCE certificate which helped Richard Akoto to focus on his overall professional development.

How Richard Akoto teaches Microsoft Word

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How Richard Akoto teaches Microsoft Word:

Richard Akoto the successful Ghana teacher

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Richard Akoto is Ghanaian teacher who faces a pretty discouraging dilemma. His students need to pass a national exam that includes questions on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), but the school could not afford a computer since 2011.

So, Akoto had an ingeniously simple idea: he drew computer features and software on his blackboard, using multicoloured chalk.

“I wanted them to know or see how the window will appear if they were to be behind a computer,” Richard Akoto said to CNN.

ICT teaching of Richard Akoto has been a real inspiration for the world. It really shows the amazing innovation, commitment and passion that teachers have for helping their students become ready for the future. Richard Akoto, a Ghana educator said he was happy since Microsoft was supporting him and his school. He was excited that he would now teach ICT practically.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now a major part of the curriculum. However, the lack of equipment in teaching ICT has persuaded many teachers to determine other innovative measures to help students understand the subject well. It is a common aspect in Ghana to find ‘blackboard’ ICT lessons.

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Richard Akoto teaches at Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High in the small town of Sekyedomase. “I love my students so have to do what will make them understand what I am teaching,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

Richard Akoto professional development

Richard Akoto

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He will gain access to the Microsoft Certified Educator Program (MCE) for professional development, so he can nurture his passion for teaching and build rich, custom learning experiences for his students. Meanwhile, Richard Akoto’s viral story has secured desirable benefits from UK’s University of Leeds to donate a brand new laptop to this school. NIIT Ghana, the IT training school, has also donated five desktop computers to the school and one laptop to Richard Akoto for his personal use.

Many have stated that Akoto should be given Ghana’s ‘Best National Teacher’ award, an annual award for teachers which is accompanied by a prize of the three-bedroom house at a location of preferred choice.

Richard Akoto digital skills

Richard Akkoto, the dedicated and innovative teacher of Ghana also knows how to use the social media for spreading good messages to the people across the world. Akoto used to teach his students about the software and its parts by using the blackboard differently. He used different colours of chalks to make his students understand Microsoft word and the other functionalities of a computer. He then clicks pictures of his teachings and posts them on Facebook with the message of difficulties faced by students belonging to developing world or backward society.

Another reason for posting these pictures on Facebook is that Richard Akoto wanted his students to get similar ICT education provided by other schools. His hard work flourished as some other local companies started to provide them with desktops as well as laptops. Microsoft also promised to equip them with some required technology-based devices. The school has already got five desktops, some computer books as well as a laptop for the teacher himself.

Richard Akoto the successful Ghana teacher

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Ghanaian teacher at Singapore Education Exchange

The Vice President Anthony Salcito of Microsoft not only appreciated the hard work of Richard Akoto but also congratulated him because despite facing many hurdles and obstacles he worked hard to meet his students’ demands and needs for the future years. The Microsoft Global education exchange is held in Singapore.

Richard Akoto was also invited to attend the Education Exchange Program, also famous as E2 at Singapore. It is the place where approximately 400 teachers and educators from all over the world participated to understand and discover new technologies related to teaching styles. It helps the students to become successful in the modern changing world. He got a standing ovation in the meeting organised.

Richard Akoto at international educators’ conference

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Richard Akoto at international educators’ conference

The international educator’s conference is organised in Singapore where different educators visit to exchange their knowledge and skills along with learning some new technologies which shall help in the development of students’ growth. The Vice President Anthony Salcito of Microsoft Worldwide Education said that Richard Akoto is successful in inspiring the world by using an innovative style of teaching techniques. Richard Akoto also portrays his high level of commitment and passion towards teaching students which he believes would drive his professional and personal life.

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Richard Akoto

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