How to make pancakes at home

How to make pancakes at home

Desserts and savories are loved by almost everyone. Waking up on a weekend to a delicious plate of pancakes with tea or a glass of juice should probably be the dream of most people but it usually doesn't happen.

So, today, brings you a simple way you can make homemade pancakes and treat yourself to that special imagination you have.

Enjoy this weekend to the max with this Ghanaian pancake recipe.

How to make pancakes at home


1 cup of flour

2 fresh eggs



Half cup of sugar

A pinch of salt



2 teaspoonful of Vanilla flavor

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1. Sieve flour into a clean mixing bowl.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients and make a well in the middle of the flour

3. Whisk the egg and milk together and add bit by bit into the well. Stir with the whisk while you pour.

4. Add water to make it a little light so that it can pour

5. Melt two tablespoonfuls of margarine in a frying pan until it becomes oil and pour in it.

6. Add the flavor n stir well to remove any lumps

TIP- Make sure it is not too watery so that frying doesn't become a problem.

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7. Place your clean dry frying pan on your cooker,.

8. Put a teaspoon of oil into it.

9. Scoop a ladle and pour into pan when the oil is hot. Make sure the oil is hot.

10. Turn it over when you see all the surface getting dry.

11. When fried, fold it with the turner in the frying pan and take out on a clean plate.

12. Serve. (

If desired, you can cut the edges with the turning fork or knife to make it very attractive.

It is not bad when served with a chilled milk shake.

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