How To Check Your MTN Number in Ghana

How To Check Your MTN Number in Ghana

Ever since it was established in 1994, MTN has been a reliable communications provider to close to 22 countries in Asia, Middle East, and Africa. MTN that is known globally as MTN Group is the major mobile communication service provider in Ghana, offering a wide pool of mobile communication services such as, texting, calling, internet connection etc. This post offers a clear answer for those who need to know how to check my MTN number Ghana.

How To Check Your MTN Number in Ghana – Check your number hassle free

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The MTN number check is one of the most used services that MTN subscribers often use. Most people never really worry about forgetting their phone numbers, since they believe the easiest way to know your phone number is to simply call another person or send a text to another person. But then what if you don’t have airtime or there is no one close by whom you can call? How to know your MTN number will turn out to be a very stressful ordeal.

Whenever one buys a new mobile phone line, you are provided with a new number. It will take a few months if not years for one to master the number. The same applies to all the new MTN mobile subscribers. But then how do you escape from this mental torture or the stress of always having your number written down on a piece of paper?

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To help their subscribers deal with this problem MTN Group has come up with a consumer-friendly service to help customers know their MTN mobile phone number. So how do you go about the MTN check own number or the MTN SIM number check? The process of how to know your MTN number is facilitated by the use of short USSD codes. This service is available to all MTN subscribers across all the 22 countries where MTN operates.

The Code used in MTN Ghana check phone number

What about in Ghana? What is the procedure of how to check my MTN number Ghana? To fully benefit from this service from the MTN group you need to make use of the USSD code that is available to all the subscribers depending on one’s country. Looking for how to check MTN number with code? The MTN USSD code that is available for Ghanaian subscribers to use in checking their MTN phone numbers is *156#.

If you want to check your MTN number just dial *156#, then follow the instructions. While it's very important to remember and know your mobile phone number, it's also important that you remember the MTN USSD codes. For instance, when using the MTN SIM number check in Ghana it's important that you don’t confuse the MTN USSD code with the other USSD codes that are provided by the other mobile communication service providers in Ghana.

The above tutorial is very straightforward and will prove to be very helpful, especially when you have no other option of finding your MTN mobile phone number. That is why it is always good to save the USSD codes that you will use when you want to carry out an MTN SIM number check.

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