How to use uTorrent to download movies, games, or software

How to use uTorrent to download movies, games, or software

The benefits of using uTorrent to access movies, software and games cannot be underestimated. Even so, this should not be done out of ignorance lest you attract penalties that may not be worth the risk. In order to gain therefore, learning how to use uTorrent to download any desired file from the internet is crucial. Here is how to go about it without getting into trouble for piracy.

How to Use uTorrent to Download Movies, Games, or Software

You may want to note that before downloading any file you need to ensure that your computer is protected. Set up a protocol encryption that will ensure any uTorrent program connection to a torrent server is secure.

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How to use uTorrent to download movies

If you are among the people that ask 'how can I use uTorrent to download movies?', then this article is for you. Many people enjoy watching movies especially if they do not have to pay anything for them. Unfortunately, downloading copyrighted movies is illegal and could attract heavy federal fines when a company decides to use. However, this does not mean that you should not download your favorite movies. The secret is to ensure that you are doing it right. Here is how to use uTorrent app to download movies seamlessly

UTorrent is a bit torrent client available in Linux, max and windows most people use it to download free media file including music and movies. Before you begin downloading the movies you first have to learn about downloading and installing uTorrent in your PC.

How to Use uTorrent to Download Movies, Games, or Software

  1. Download uTorrent version that is compatible to your PC. You can get it from the website or form a third party software site
  2. Save and run the uTorrent .exe setup up file
  3. Follow instructions to install uTorrent. The second phase is the movie download
  4. Enter the movie title in the search box of the site
  5. Specify the movie torrent file download. Consider file format, size, resolution, leechers, seeders and comments. Choose a file with many positive comments and maximum seeders and leechers
  6. Download and open the chosen file with uTorrent

Be careful when downloading at this site. Only download for personal and noncommercial reasons. Beware of copyright infringement.

How to use uTorrent to download software

If you are learning how to use uTorrent in downloading the following procedure should come in handy.

  1. Get uTorrent installed in your PC. It is free to download and use
  2. Find a source for the torrents. Consider the numerous legal options available
  3. Select your files. Remember that torrent files are mostly small hence will be downloaded instantly. Indicate where you want to files saved.
  4. Check the stats. This includes switching to the main uTorrent interface and choosing the torrents section on the left side of the window to view all torrents being downloaded.
  5. Understand the magnet links. They are simple to use and can download any type of file
  6. Prioritize the downloads to go first depending on the number of downloads going on at the same time
  7. Limit bandwidth use. This means that you can set your download speed at a certain level to prevent it from slowing down your other browsing activities
  8. Seed the file. This means that you leave your download running once it is complete to allow others to download from you.
How to Use uTorrent to Download Movies, Games, or Software

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How to use uTorrent to download PC games

  1. Use a preferred search engine to locate a torrent file for the desired game you need. I.e. on a search engine such as Google type the file type followed by uTorrent and the name of the file you want to download.
  2. Click on the search results link which can download the file directly or it can lead you to a site where you will be able to download the file.
  3. Open your uTorrent
  4. Open the torrent file you just downloaded
  5. Start downloading the file. This may require that you manually do it. This will continue showing the number of people you are downloading the file from and those you are uploading it to. This is what is referred to as seeding. It is crucial to note the type of gaming file you are downloading to verify that it is the appropriate one for your OS.

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How to make uTorrent to download faster

Being new to torrents does not mean that you have to keep up with the pains of slow downloads. In fact, once you master the process of downloading the files to the last step, you can improve the speeds. This means that you have to be keen on issues such as Wi-Fi interference, seeder numbers, priority setting, speed and the current version of uTorrent. In case the process is dragging slowly consider force starting the uTorrent to speed things up. Consider the following tricks when working on speeding up the download rates.

How to Use uTorrent to Download Movies, Games, or Software- how to make uTorrent to download faster
  1. Let uTorrent through your firewall
  2. Increase faster seeders and peers. The more people have the files the faster it will be to download it
  3. Allow correct bandwidth. Too much of it slows down the torrents. Work on getting the ratios right for correct throughput
  4. Change the ports to avoid throttling
  5. Streamline the downloads queuing to allow for downloads, one at a time
  6. Prioritize torrents based on the download that you want first.


We encourage that you stick to files that are not copyrighted to avoid getting into legal trouble.

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