How to write a business proposal in Ghana

How to write a business proposal in Ghana

Teaching yourself how to write a business proposal may be one of those silent business skills that every serious entrepreneur should have. This is the weapon to use when you want the right people on your side. A well written business proposal will make potential stakeholders and investors in your business to take you seriously. Learning how to get it right is therefore non-negotiable. Here is how to write an excellent business proposal without fail.

How to Write a Business Proposal

While the significance of a business proposal is evident, this does not make it any less intimidating. It is not easy to convince people to choose you or your company let alone trying to show them that you are a perfect fit for them.

Nonetheless, a good business proposal; will articulate your understanding of the potential client’s problems and convincingly show them why you are the perfect choice among all other competitors. The proposal is the pillar of getting the contract considering that great solutions have been rejected by virtue of poor proposals. Here is how to perfect a business proposal and make it work for you.

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How to write a startup business proposal

First things first. Like all other write-ups, business proposals begin by gathering information. Revisit the customized solution you have come up with to solve your clients’ problems. You will appear like an industry expert when you master the content you are presenting to the client. You have to be a cut above your competition.

How to Write a Business Proposal

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Basic structure of business proposal

There are certain things that the recipient of the proposal will definitely look for. These are the building blocks of the proposal. They include information about your company where you are to indicate who you are, your qualifications as well as reason as to why you should be preferred to other competitors. Also on the building blocks and something that should come out clearly in your proposal is the demonstration of your understanding of the problem the client wants to solve. You need to show that you have done your research extensively. Finally the proposal needs to indicate the pricing methodology at a glance. You need to show the exact method you are going to use to solve the client’s problems and how much it is going to cost them.

How to write a business proposal sample

The basic structure of business proposal is the same despite the variation in the details. The following are some of the things you will be expected to have in your proposal.

Title page

This is where you will indicate the basic information about your company. The company’s name, contact, logo, client info, title and date. All you need to do is to make the proposal appear neat and well organized. A sample of the title page would be like

Title of the proposal


Prepared for:

Name of the recipient/potential client

Address of the recipient

Prepared by:

Name of your company

Address of the company

Cover letter

This is where you have to learn how to write a business proposal letter. The cover letter serves as an introduction of your company to the client. It should contain specific information in brief. You need to give a brief background about your company and how it came into existence. You also need to indicate briefly why you are better than the others. The overview needs to be friendly and leading such that the recipient can reach out with any questions. Express your gratitude before signing off with your name.

Table of content

Except in the case where the proposal is extremely brief, a table of content n an outline format should be included in the proposal. This part will help the reader to know what to expect in the document. It should outline the content in the document as it appears.

Executive summary

This introduces the potential client to the proposal and gives reason for further has to be relevant and engaging while showing how your proposed solutions will solve the client’s problems.

The proposal

In this section, the solutions being suggested is outline exhaustively. The anticipated outcome will also be discussed and general timeframes will be given as well. It is here that a company address the needs of the potential client and shows why they are perfectly suited for the task.


This section will explain in details the customized solution your company has come up with for the client. It will be discussed in specific sections. Expectations and timings will be outlined in this sections as well. Coming up with a timetable that pairs the deliverables with expected timings is important.

About You

You may have introduced yourself at the cover letter section but here is where you really get into showing who you are as a company. Give your potential client more information about yourself. Include short bios and photos. Talk about past success especially when awards are involved. Always have some evidence to show for it too.


This is one of the most crucial sections of a business proposals. Specifics are really crucial in this section. Come up with a pricing table identifying every product and service and pair it with the most accurate pricing info. Be wary of overestimating lest you scare your potential client away.

Terms and conditions

This is the section where the company states the duration within which it will be able to complete the project.


This is where the signatures are appended to the document once the agreement has been done.

How to Write a Business Proposal


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How to write a business development proposal

Learning how to write a good business proposal is an important skill regardless of the type of business. The following tricks come handy when doing a good business proposal.

  1. Start by understanding the client’s requirements
  2. Understand the client. Talk to them
  3. Come up with a methodology. This can only be done once the client’s expectations are clear
  4. Evaluate the solution. Have options and know where the client is focused on most for you to deliver
  5. Work on outshining your competition

With the above suggestions writing an excellent proposal is something that is inevitable.

How to Write a Business Proposal


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How to write a brief business proposal

  1. Know your client. Understand the target audience and understand the problem that made them come to you in the first place.
  2. Create content that is easy to scan by using bullets, highlighting important words i.e. using bold, emphasizing by italics and effective page titling.
  3. Organize your proposal well. Follow the following method. Problem (identify client’s problem), process (define your process to client clearly), solution(use solutions that meet their needs) and price( let it be transparent and)
  4. Use short words. Simple and clear words that describe the solutions are recommended.
  5. Conclude. Always focus on the client.

Chance are that you may come up with ideas once in a while that you feel are useful to your company. When this happens, the above procedures explain how to write a business proposal to your boss. All you have to do is to fine tune your idea before proposing it verbally to your boss. Once you have done that you then draft a proposal. This is where you put all the ideas in an easy to read document before presenting it to your boss. You are likely to create a lasting impression that will work in your favor.

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