How to speed up uTorrent downloads in Ghana

How to speed up uTorrent downloads in Ghana

Regular users of uTorrent understand that speeding up uTorrent is something you have to learn as soon as you learn how to use the torrent client. Sometimes you locate your favorite file but the speed is just painfully slow that you wonder if it is worth it. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it hence the essence of learning how to speed up the uTorrent download speeds. Consider the following suggestions if you are to increase the speed of your uTorrent downloads.

How to Speed up uTorrent Downloads

It can be frustrating when you find the torrent you have been longing to download, you have learnt the procedure of downloading the file but it seems to be taking hours and you are almost giving up.

How to speed up uTorrent for Android

While uTorrent may provide lots of options for mac and windows, it only offers basic features for android. However, even with this challenge you can still apply the following tricks to get the speed up. Consider the following.

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How to Speed up uTorrent Downloads


1. Change the TCP Port

To do this follow the following procedure:

  • Open uTorrent App
  • Tap on the menu button
  • Tap on the setting button
  • Scroll downwards to the end and click on the port
  • The default port is 6881. Increase it to 6882 which would solve the issue. If it does not then increase it some more

2. Use leechers and seeders

Remember that the seeds and leechers ratios matter a lot. Every time you download a file from uTorrent the leechers and seeders numbers are shown. Download the torrent with highest leechers and seeders. This shows that more people have downloaded and uploaded the file hence it is readily available and will be fast to download. In case you are still struggling with other problems in android then consider the following.

  • Close the uTorrent app
  • Start from setting and scroll down to bits then app
  • Scroll down and click on uTorrent
  • Clear data
  • Restart your android smart phone
  • Check if it’s fixed. If not you may have to uninstall and install the app again.

The suggestions above on how to speed up uTorrent download speed in android will enhance your experience.

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How to speed up uTorrent downloads PC

Learning how to speed up uTorrent downloads increases your chance of enjoying high quality movies. We have already established that uTorrent is one of the most effective ways of downloading large sized files on the internet. You need to learn how to speed up the uTorrent download speed. Here is how to.

  • Use torrent trackers. Monitor both seeders and peers if you are to increase download speeds. Keep adding new trackers since they keep changing yet they are critical for download seeds.
  • Alot more bandwidth to torrents
  • Use bandwidth settings by adjusting accordingly. For this use the following parameters. Set maximum upload rate to 14.set maximum download rate to 1800.set global maximum number of connections to 2329. Set maximum number of connected peers for each torrent to 257 and set the number of uploads per slot to 14.
  • Connect directly to seeders.

The suggestions discussed above are just but a few of the many ways that you can increase the uTorrent speed and enhance downloading pace.

How to speed up uTorrent on Mac

uTorrent has been named as one of the best ways to download a large file on the internet. It is all great until you have to wait for hours and sometimes days to download the file such that you find yourself asking if it is worth it to start is common to find people asking if there is a way they can speed up uTorrent on Mac. Fortunately there is and here is how.

How to Speed up uTorrent Downloads


Usually most people ignore one of the obvious facts about this delay which is hard drive space. When the size shrinks either due to downloading large files or a generally small HDD size. When the size is reduced due to downloading large files then the uTorrent and the mac slow down. Incorrect client setting could also slow down the download rates. Other reasons include firewall issues and limited ISP rates. You need to make adjustments.

  • Adjust client settings based on upload capacity and distribute the upload efficiency
  • Choose the correct port to avoid program conflicts
  • Set up the chosen port to allow incoming connections

Internal setting adjustments

This involves setting appropriate upload limits and set quality number of peers. Use online calculators to calculate the optimal upload speed for your uTorrent client. It should be based on your internet connections upload speed. Run online speed tests as a trial and error

Choose appropriate port

Uncheck your mac’s randomized port option. This tends to mess up with the torrent speed each time you start the program. Check online for the default uTorrent port setting. You may have to switch to another port if the online check reveals that the default one is blocked.

Forward the port

Port forwarding is another way to enhance speed with Mac uTorrent. What this simply means is that you need to allow connections through a router and firewall. Check connections and add the uTorrent to your firewall exceptions to prevent any blockages that could be slowing down the download speed.

Optional adjustments to consider for Mac

You need to be careful about the torrent you choose. Picking a good torrent is half the success you will get when dealing with issues of speed. Choose a torrent with high peers as this translates to fast download due to better speeds. Also remember to limit the number of downloads at a time. Work on prioritizing these downloads if you want to get great speeds.

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