How to write a report for work

How to write a report for work

There are skills that are optional for employees but then there are others that cannot be escaped. For instance, knowing how to write a report for work is something every workers needs to master especially if they have to deliver reports regularly. You may get someone to do it for you once and when it comes down to the real pressure, report writing skills are all you got to survive the harsh working environment. For this reason, the earlier you learn the better for you. Here is how to.

Guide: How to write a report for work

How to write a report at work – simple tricks that work

1. Come up with an objective

Before you write the report think carefully about what the report concerns. Knowing what you are writing from the onset ensures that you remain focused and on course. This way you will be able to engage the reader and ensure there is flow in your write-up.

2. Get your audience right

There are different types of reports that are written for work. You need to tailor your report writing to fit the target audience. The use of graphics, language and support data needs to be supportive of your audience.

3. Report format and type

The format you use to write your report will depend on whether you are submitting a written report or you are going to present the details. The report can also be fact finding, solution, financial, annual, formal or informal. All these factors will determine the type of report you come up with.

4. Use facts and supportive data

The report you write ought’s to be authentic hence the need for useful data that will support your evidence and solidify the argument. You may need to site sources and reviews that you include in your report. Uses case studies, reviews and interviews but remember to cite them as sources.

5. Structure the report appropriately.

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This means that you need to include all the four elements of the report structure in your report. These are:

  • Executive summary. It should be written once the entire report is completed. This is the most important section of the report as the reader encounters it first and decides if they should proceed with to the details in the report itself.
  • Introduction. This should provide a context and outline the report’s contents. It identifies the scope of the report as well as the methodologies used.
  • Report’s body. This sis the bulk of the report and is where most of the work is at. It contains the reports background info and details, analysis, discussions and possible recommendations. You also need to show your position from this.
  • Conclusions. Give a summary of the findings in your report and chart a course of action for the reader.

6. Make sure the report is easy to access and is readable

This means that you should make use of visual aids, lists and appropriate formatting to take advantage of this.

7. Edit and revise content as needed

You need to note that the first draft of your report is not perfect and may require proper editing. If you will be doing the editing therefore keep the report for a few days before going through it. This means that you should give the report writing sample time. Alternatively have a friend do the editing on your behalf.

How to write a report for work sample

Sample Work Report

The following sample gives you an idea of how to write a work related report. The details may vary depending on the job but the basic structure remains the same for all basic work reports.







write about the task and describe its background

Main Part/ body

  • Mention the equipment/ materials used
  • Describe the job chronologically (make use of sub-headings especially when the information to supply is vast).
  • Show the results (use pictorial representations and diagrams, etc. The aim is to illustrate the text)
Guide: How to write a report for work


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Give your perspective based on evaluation of the job (it is an opinion of what went well as well as what could have been better), suggest areas of improvement. Be careful not to introduce any new info.

How to write a daily report at work

Some jobs are intense such that doing daily reports is not an option. If this is the case then learning how to write a report that matters is crucial. Consider the following tips to get this done effectively.

  • Start with gathering all relevant information. These includes facts, figures, names and dates. These should all be from the professional activities of the day
  • Make use of prepared forms to fill n details briefly but in full
  • In case there is no form to fill, create your own report in a memo format. Provide dates and name of the report’s date.
  • Arrange all the information about the work done that specific day in a chronological manner.
  • Mention the challenges encountered in the day and indicate solutions applied to fix them
  • Specify what you intend to accomplish the next day and title it for instance work scheduled.
  • Make your writing clear and concise. Proof read to eliminate any errors before you print it out for filing or sending it to your supervisor.

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How to write a professional report for work

Professional reports are different form academic reports. A well written professional report gives credibility to the writer and shows that he or she has command on the subject matter. If you are to write a good report therefore, prior planning is crucial. You can write a perfect report in three simple steps.

1. Prepare adequately

This will spare you the embarrassment of submitting a disorganized report whose consequence would be to discredit you. You need to come up with an objective and purpose of the report. Once you have decided on the info your readers are supposed to read from the report then you will be able to gather information that is relevant to it. It helps to make a list of all the sections you want covered in the report. This way you will not miss any crucial details that you consider crucial to your report.

2. Write a draft

This draft is the entire report from the title, introduction, purpose, discussion and even conclusions. You need to arrange the sections in an organized manner. You need to explain to the readers why it is important for them to read the report. The points should be arranged in a logical manner. You can make use of subheadings to increase legibility. Finally conclude by doing a report summary and include supporting documents in an appendix section.

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3. Editing

You cannot submit your draft as is. You need to go through the completed report and arrange the details in an acceptable format discussed above. Improve the report’s clarity by doing away with unnecessary jargon's. Use short words in place of longer sentences and also use active voice. Fine tune the paper into a professional standard by eliminating grammar errors and any spelling mishaps. You can run the paper by a friend to get a second opinion on its quality. Only then can you submit the paper.

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