Stretch mark treatment and removal remedies in Ghana

Stretch mark treatment and removal remedies in Ghana

Stretch marks are narrow and long streak stripes that occur on the skin when it is overstretched. Anyone can develop them, but women are prone to them as compared to men. Prompt stretch mark treatment is essential since they lead to self-esteem issues. The suppleness of the skin is interfered with hence, it is necessary to get an ointment that can clear of the lines.

Stretch mark treatment and removal remedies in Ghana

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Stretch marks occur in several parts of the body including lower back, upper arms, breasts, hips, thighs, and stomach. The scarring develops from the inability of the skin to resume its usual form after a continuous period of intense growth. Below are some facts about stretch marks:

  • Over time stretch marks fade, and they do not pose any severe effects on your health.
  • Rapid weight gain, pregnancy, and puberty all cause stretch marks
  • It occurs when the skin is overstretched suddenly

Presently, there is limited known medical evidence available confirming the efficiency of stretch marks treatments.

Before the onset of stretch marks, the skin appearance is thin, and it feels itchy or irritated. Depending on the skin color, the stripes could be dark brown, reddish-brown, pink, or purple. Initially, the marks appear wrinkly, and after a while, the streaks change to a silvery color. It takes years before they become less noticeable.

Stretch mark treatment in Ghana

The skin is made up of three primary layers, subcutaneous, which is the most in-depth layer, epidermis the outer layer, and dermis the middle layer. When the skin is stretched so much, the collagen is weakened because its cycle of production is damaged. There are several ways that can be used for stretch mark treatment before and after that will leave one feeling incredible and confident.

  • Olive oil

It contains antioxidants and nutrients that make improve a variety of skin conditions including stretch marks. Start by massaging warm olive oil in the affected area of the skin to improve on the blood circulation. Leave in on for an hour for the surface to absorb Vitamins A, D, and E. For moisturizing and exfoliation of the skin, mix with vinegar and leave it on overnight.

  • Lemon juice

Apart from detoxification, this acidic fruit naturally helps in removing stretch marks, acne, scars, and any injury. Cut the fruit in half and apply in the affected area in a circular motion. Allow the lemon to sit on the skin for at least 10 minutes before washing it offer. You can also opt to mix lemon juice and cucumber for faster results of, and it is one of the best stretch mark treatment.

  • Water

Keeping the body well hydrated keeps the skin supple and prevents a majority of skin ailments. A well-hydrated skin restores elasticity and helps in detoxification through the skin pores helps in eliminating stretch marks. Try drinking up to four glasses of water daily, and try as much as possible to avoid soda, tea, or coffee as they cause dehydration.

  • Aloe Vera

It’s one of the most effective products known for treating a variety of skin ailments. Its soothing and healing properties aid in the elimination of stretch marks. You can apply it in several ways such as making a mixture of Aloe Vera gel with oils from vitamin A and E capsules then rubbing the mixture into the skin. Another way is directly rubbing the aloe gel into the affected skin area. Repeat the process daily for best results.

  • Sugar

Sugar can be used to exfoliate the skin making it one of the best natural remedies to get rid of stretch marks. Mix it with water and rub it gently on the skin for 10 minutes daily at least for one month and the stretch marks will become lighter.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes contain vitamins and minerals the restore and foster growth o skin cells. Cut into slices and gently rub it on the stretch marks for a few minutes. Allow the paste to dry for sometime before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Getting rid of stretch marks in a completely natural way is not easy, as the marks are scarring and can’t become invisible with just a snap of the finger. However, the above-named products are some of the known stretch marks removal home remedy.

Stretch marks removal creams

Some stretch mark removal creams have been proved to be exceptionally useful in removing or preventing stretch marks. Their prices scale from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The contents of the stretch mark creams range from cocoa butter to a radius of chemicals. Credible researchers have done enough to identify the most effective creams on the market today.

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Best stretch mark removal creams in the Ghanaian market

The factors that ascertain which ointment is the best are; whether it is worth the time, or the money supposed being used.After you determine this, other co-factors show up in the equation; for instance, how old are your stretch marks? Are the creams in use, meant to prevent or to remedy an already existing situation? Are you peeling before use? How can you describe your lifestyle? How consistent do you apply the cream?

The creams will hugely reduce the appearance of the stretch marks so much that they are barely visible. So which stretch mark creams are most appropriate? Specific brands of stretch mark creams pop up on internet and women magazines. Considering the comments by customers basing variables like before and after results, client comments and value or money.

It is important to note that the individual circumstance is core while deciding the kind of product to use on the stretch marks. For example when you are pregnant, the creams used are definitely different from when you are not.

Because of this, we will highlight the best stretch mark removal creams for a variety of users and their circumstances (pregnancy stretch marks, sensitive skins, and stretch mark prevention) to help you come up with the best remedy.

  • Palmer Cocoa Butter

Its price is reasonable, and the product is readily available in the market. You will find them online at Walmart, Target and a local drug store. They are useful in treating stretch marks, and you can get them at your local store.

  • Cerave intensive stretch marks cream.

This is most effective for those with sensitive skins as well as reducing the depth of the stretch marks. This cream is relatively cheap.

  • Revital stretch mark cream

It is known for preventing stretch marks. Women who have used the product have nothing but the best reviews about this cream. It's is efficient, and the results are noticeable after a short time.

  • Mustelids stretch mark cream

This cream is highly perfumed. It is used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Its users have confirmed that it hugely helps to increase elasticity. It has been clinically proven for the safety of the mother and infant during the nursing process

  • It works Stretch marks cream

It works stretch mark creams is made up of botanical ingredients and is none greasy and enhances a youthful look. The reviews from the active customers are thumbs up to the manufacturer. Most of them claim to have had dramatic positive change on the stretch marks. The pictures taken on the affected areas both before and after use are in agreement with the positive remarks from the customers. They are remarkable for stubborn stretch marks

  • Mederma stretch mark cream

It serves both as a preventive and stretch mark removal cream. Women use it in their first trimester of pregnancy, and it has no side effects. Pharmacists have recommended Mederma as the top clinically ideal stretch mark removal cream. This product is worth the value of money used.

Stretch mark treatment after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the highly anticipated moments in any woman’s life. Unfortunately, it comes with stretch marks. Below are some simple remedies that leave a long-lasting effect if carried out regularly.

Stretch mark treatment and removal remedies in Ghana


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  • Baking soda and lime

Baking soda is a natural skin exfoliate thus for best results, mix with lime water and rub on the affected area. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before gently cleaning the area with a clean wet cloth. Repeat the process for a whole weak and all the dead skin cells will be erased.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Dilute the vinegar with water and spray the stretch mark area daily before going to bed. In the morning take a shower and apply moisturizing cream in the area. Apple cider vinegar is a good healer of blemishes and scars. Repeat the process daily for clear skin.

  • Coffee beans

Mix ground beans with olive oil and use the mixture on the affected areas. Leave the mixture on for five minutes before scrubbing it off. The process should be done three times a week. Coffee beans revitalize the skin cells by stimulating circulation and reverse the damage while providing photo-protection.

  • Egg whites

Beat the eggs and apply with a brush in the affected area leaving it to dry naturally. Rinse with cold water and moisturize. You can add drops of almond or coconut oil for better results and benefits. Egg whites have enzymes that increase skin elasticity that will cause the stretch marks to fade in due time.

  • Glycolic acid

There are instructions of how the cream needs to be applied on the box. The acid is known to increase skin collagen production. In turn, elasticity rises thus preventing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. The acid can be purchased from medical stores, but it is good to always consult a physician before using.

  • Dry brushing

Use a dry brush in the affected area by gently scrubbing in an upward motion. It helps in stimulating lymph and blood circulation. Repeat every day before taking a shower and apply moisturizer afterward.

  • Petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly where the stretch marks are daily before going to bed. The obstructive agent in the oil locks in the moisture, healing the stretched skin.

  • Cocoa butter

You can use either Shea butter or organic cocoa butter. Massage the affected area gently at least twice a day. These two products are rich sources of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids allowing them to be absorbed quickly by the skin.

With so many skin revitalizing oils, you can make a moisturizer with using a carrier oil with your precious essential oils. The following can make a perfect combination. Jojoba and castor oil with essential oils, lavender, hemp seed, ad evening primrose. Another option would be mixing coconut or almond oil with rosehip and grape seed. Massage the affected area for a few minutes and leave it on for a few minutes. The oil helps keep the skin moisturized and elastic.

Stretch mark treatment while breastfeeding

After bearing a child, the assurance of the infant being mainly safe depends on the products a nursing mother uses. If you want your skin to rejuvenate as before use products that will not harm the baby. As much as the lotions and ointments are expensive, they will still not serve the intended purpose. Below are some things to put into consideration when wondering how to clear stretch marks when breastfeeding.

Stretch mark treatment and removal remedies in Ghana


  • Buy products that have been tested by a dermatologist.
  • Stay clear of products with topical Retinoids and Retin-A
  • Ensure the products do not contain parabens. These preservatives found in skin and hair products have microorganisms that could lead to diseases.
  • Ask for your doctor’s advice concerning the best ointment for your stretch marks before going out to buy.

Stretch mark laser removal

There are other cost reasonable ways to repress stress marks. Laser stretch mark removal is a non-surgical effort to overcome stress marks. This procedure uses pulses of a fractional light to break down stretch marks and ameliorate the skin mien.

It is time friendly and does not involve complicated procedures making it one of the best treatment options. The results are long lasting, and it takes up to 30 minutes before completing one session. Laser treatment for stretch marks cost ranges from 200 dollars per treatment. A sequence of therapy might be necessary for a considerable look on stretch marks. Patients typically pay for one treatment at a time.

Old stretch mark removal

Stretch marks come in two variations. One leaves silvery marks while others are reddish, purple, or dark brown that snake across your skin. The silvery ones are usually old while the reddish or brown are new. The old stretch marks have been there for a while and they have rooted themselves in their position. As elaborated earlier, the color of stretch marks depends on someone’s complexion. For them to fade away, you need to follow some simple solutions:

  • Apply sunscreen daily especially if you will stay under the sun for long hours. A good formula contains SPF 15. Another option is using oil-free formula since there will be no irritation resulting from clogged pores. Exposing the skin to the sun is one of the contributing factors of stretch marks.
  • Purchase a microdermabrasion kit or have the whole procedure done in your dermatologist’s office. This is a useful treatment for older stretch marks as it completely removes the damaged skin layer.
  • Schedule a laser treatment therapy with your dermatologist. According to, it is best to use excimer laser on old white stretch marks because it encourages production of pigment cells or melanin on the stretch marks causing them to disappear with time.

The best way to keep off stretch marks is through prevention. Keep the skin hydrated, ensures that it is elastic enough to ensure no scarring occurs. Topical creams like coconut oil are the best as they revitalize the skin daily. The best part is, even without treatment, they fade over time, and rarely will they be profound as the first time.

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