How to increase your IQ power

How to increase your IQ power

Intelligence may be acquired. I mean how many times have you done things better than the last time? We are born knowing nothing however, in my view, geniuses are born. There is that sibling or relative in your family that has always being the smart one and the other a slow one. Therefore, how do we bridge the gap?

How to increase your IQ

About intelligence quotient

Our intelligence ranges from abnormal to geniuses. Persons who range below 70 are considered borderline deficient. There is a category for dull people. A dull person has an intelligence quotient ranging from 70-85. A normal person has an intelligence quotient of 85-115. A superior and very superior person has an intelligence quotient of 115-145. Anything above 145 is deemed as genius.

3 ways to increase your intelligence quotient levels naturally

There are simple ways of boosting your intelligence quotient. They include; meditation, activities and foods


Wusa! Who would have that breathing in and out in a focused manner would increase your intelligence quotient. Scientists are of the opinion that breathing in and out through mediation, creates an atmosphere where the brain grows bigger and more active allowing positivity within the mind.


Being generally active, improves mental stimulation and alertness. These activities range from playing or sports to reading.


One can improve their intelligence through the foods that they consume. They include; fish oil, vitamin B, Vitamin E and Avocado.

How to increase your IQ

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How to increase your intelligence quickly

There are instances where you are required to increase your brain power in a short period. In the event of an exam or an interview one may increase their intelligence quotient fast by playing games such as video games. It’s a surprise that instead of reading for an interview one would be playing. It all goes back to being active. However, for those who don’t play video games or hate puzzles, you may use supplements such as; Creatine, Dark Chocolate (Flavanols), Piracetam + Choline and Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

You can also have a specific IQ target - many ask how to increase your IQ to 200. An intelligence quotient of 200 is a massive level. Therefore, one must take up steps that are equivalent to the said level. In order to increase ones quotient to 200, one must actively increase mental activity. They must constantly seek to question things as this helps one to jog their mind as well as creative thinking. For one to build the quotient to this level they should set it as a long term target so as to achieve it.

How to increase your IQ

How to increase your child’s intelligence

A healthy child is an active child. An active child is a smart child. Ensure that your child stays active during the day through physical and mental stimulation. They should eat well so that they have enough energy to play around. They should be well rested. Encourage your child to take part in activities that allow them to think on their fit for plausible solutions.

As you can see, it is easy to know how to increase IQ levels in adults and children. Adults are basically advised to stay active and avoid normal routines. Play chess once in a while. Create an app that will save the world. Do something every day.

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