How to get verified on Instagram 2019

How to get verified on Instagram 2019

Instagram is a social networking internet based app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone or a desktop either publicly or privately to ones followers. Many people on Instagram would not hesitate to impersonate themselves as celebs or other public figure to get attention from other Instagram users. To prevent this, the Instagram owners came up with the verifying badge for anyone to identify the real celebs, public figure, and the global brands.

How to get verified on Instagram 2019

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How to get verified on Instagram

There are many people and brands that try to request for the Instagram owners to verifying their accounts with a real blue tick though it can be difficult as Instagram chooses which accounts to verify and there is no application process. Instagram mostly verifies public figures and some businesses. Although there is a way that you can use to get verification but It is not as simple as you may think. If you are truly determined, here are some few ways that will be of great help on how to get verified tick on Instagram

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1. Build your content on other social media before you create a page on Instagram

Work on building your other counts followers like twitter and YouTube. How will you start off with this? First, you need to learn your customers so that you can recognize which of the other social media they belong. Open your company’s account, post useful and quality content to drive traffic. If you don’t have a website, create a useful content website for your company too. You need to be more patient to succeed in this because it may take months or even an year to make it recognized.

Open an Instagram account for your marketing company, link it with its website and all the other social media accounts it owns. Be patient and continue to build your account with useful contents. The good content may make you get recognized by Instagram representatives. It is not guaranteed that you will get the verified badge, but it a good way to drive traffic.

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2. Having solid (tens of thousands) followers

It is clear that a quality content at least a day will make people follow you. You can promote your instagram account to gain more recognition easily by spending cash. Other companies have a trick of interacting with those top brands influencers. You can also try to use your brands bio link to your content.

Be creative and make sure your content will influence people to share. To get a solid of followers’ needs patience; it is not a one-day thing.

3. Do not loose hope and persist on requesting for the blue tick to the Instagram representatives

As a marketing brand, losing hope should not be part of you. Yes, the verified Instagram badge will not make you earn money, but it has a big benefit for it. Keep on requesting because you never know your day. Keep in mind your requests should be prove that you will be an asset to the social media site in terms of ads and marketing

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4. Try to create and maintain a perfect relationship with the Instagram representatives

How? Well, you can kindly request them to make you aware of any opportunity for advertising. Try to engage with them so that you can prove to them that your brand will bring more people to have an Instagram page. In this way, you will create a high chance for you to get verified.

As a brand owner, you should be creative and go for what you want no matter what sacrifices. There so many celebs who are top influences on Instagram. Right? Try your very best to be connected with a number of them and create a good relation. Keep in mind that you have to maintain a perfect engagement on your Instagram page. Be a determined to get the badge and you will get it.

5. How to get verified badge on Instagram without being famous

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The verified badge is believed to be for the celebrities and the well established brands. Well, you can now get the verified badge even without being famous by purchasing the blue tick that may cost you not less than $15000. Quite pricey, right? This is because the link is only meant for famous people, and is sold to others through the black market! Apparently, some Instagram employees take a bribe in order to give the badge to Instagram users who have high sales rates, but may not be quite famous.

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How to get verified on Instagram for free

How to get verified on Instagram is the most researched question on research engines. Most of the people who are in need of the verified badge are those with businesses and they want them to grow. It is understandable why one would be desperate for the badge since it increases consumer confidence in the business, unfortuantely you cannot get verified on Instagram for free!

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The idea that Instagram verified badge copy and paste can work is quite misleading. From a tech standpoint, Php scripts which are behind the badge are set to enable it self once a certain criteria is met by the account holder. So, unless you are the sites admin where you have full control over that feature do not waste you time trying ti get verified for free using this method.

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How to get verified on Instagram 2019

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At the moment, there is no such emoji, sticker or symbol which are as like the official verified badge. The only method to have that blue tick is to work hard to become a famous personality in future, or well, to pay a whooping $15000!


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