How to prepare okro soup with ogbono in Ghana

How to prepare okro soup with ogbono in Ghana

When you finally decide to learn how to prepare okro soup you are definitely going to need a recipe that will guide you especially if it is your first time. You need to appreciate that there are basic ingredients that must be included for the soup to be considered Okro soup. You may have additional ingredients that you can opt out or substitute depending on their availability. Check out the following procedure and decide if this is something you will willingly prepare for guests you want to impress or if you will surprise your family one day.

How to Prepare Okro Soup with Ogbono

How to prepare ogbono and okro soup- Learning the basics

Ogbono are seeds found in the wild African bush mango plant common in Nigeria. These seeds are used mainly to make a sticky Ogbono soup which is sometimes referred to as draw soup. This soup is sometimes prepared with additional Okro leaves. It can be prepared without the Okro depending on one’s preference.

This soup is a favorite for many people including the pregnant and elderly. It is also perfect for kids although some dislike the slippery nature of the soup. It can also work perfectly for the sick individuals when taking hard food becomes a problem for them. This soup is also common in boarding schools because of its ability to serve larger populations.

There are different variations of ogbono and okro soup based on the ingredients used. What one adds in the soup mainly depends on their personal tastes and preferences as well as affordability. When learning how to prepare okro and ogbono soup, make sure you use ingredients that are easily available. Even so, for the soup to be considered okro soup it has to have certain ingredients. However, before getting down to the process of cooking this soup understanding its benefits is crucial. Do not be quick to dismiss the okro soup for its sticky nature without understanding and appreciating its nutritional value. These include the following.

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How to Prepare Okro Soup with Ogbono
  • Okro cleans out the intestinal tract thus making the colon function efficiently and as such prevents coon cancer
  • Okra has eugenol which helps in fighting diabetes. It also has the ability to stabilize blood sugars as it delays the absorption of sugar by the large intestines
  • Okro is rich in dietary fibers and as such helps relive constipation. It is therefore an excellent soup for kids struggling with constipation
  • Okro aids in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood thus helps prevent anemia. It also contains vitamin K that aids in blood coagulation.
  • Okra’s dietary fiber and low caloric value makes it an excellent choice for people on weight loss programs as it helps them attain their targets fast.
  • The soluble fiber fund in okra helps minimize serum cholesterol which translates to lowered heart disease risks. If your target is to control body cholesterol then okra is the best choice of food.
  • Okra helps in hair beauty. You can boost your hair’s health and prevent dandruff attack by consuming okra.
  • Okra contains vitamin C which helps boost immunity. You will not suffer from issues such as common cold or coughs when you regularly consume also contains useful minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium which help eliminate harmful radicals.
  • Okro contains useful beta carotenes and vitamin A that are essential for good eyesight maintenance. It also boosts general eye health and prevents problems that occur with age.
  • Okro boost healthy pregnancy. The fetus is able to develop well with the high levels of folate contained in okra.

With these benefits established, it is clear that Okra Ogbono soup is something we should all be encouraged to take at least once in a while. So which is the best method to use on how to prepare Ogbono mixed with Okro soup? Consider the following method that has been tested and tried.


How to Prepare Okro Soup with Ogbono
  1. A cup of Okro fingers
  2. A cup Ogbono seeds
  3. A kilo of meat(goat or beef )
  4. Cow hide(ganda, kpmom,smoked fish- whichever is available)
  5. 3 medium sized fish- dried
  6. 2 cups of periwinkles(Optional)
  7. An onion ball
  8. A cup of grounded Cray fish
  9. Palm oil- 2 to 3 cooking spoon full
  10. A handful of vegetables(This can be spinach, Uziza, Ugwu or bitter leaves, whichever you prefer)
  11. A medium sized stock fish(Okporoko)
  12. 3 cubes to season
  13. Salt to taste
  14. Scotch bonnet or chili pepper

Things to note before you commence cooking

  • Season the meat, cowhide, stock fish with pepper, onions, salt and seasoning cubes. Place the pot on heat and add a cup of water.
  • As the meat cooks, grind the Ogbono seeds in a mill or grinder or blender. You can grind these with crayfish if you do not want to do it separately.
  • Wash and chop the Okro into small pieces
  • Mix the ground Ogbono with 2 table spoons of palm oil to make it smooth. This will loosen the seeds as they become hard when ground.
  • Dress the smoked and dried fish and put them aside
  • Shred the leaves of choice

Steps to follow when cooking the soup

  1. Add one cup of water to the meat when it is still boiling
  2. Add the periwinkles that you washed earlier. Also add pounded Cray fish, salt. Pepper and seasoning cubes if you are using them.
  3. When the meat begins to simmer add the smoked fish until it bubbles. Let it boil for ten minutes. This will create a rich meat broth.
  4. Add dissolved Ogbono and let it boil uncovered for ten minutes. Add water as you see fit.
  5. Add two spoons of palm oil and stir well to mix
  6. Add Okro. Stir and let it boil for ten minutes
  7. Add the shredded leaves and let it cook for 5 minutes. Use vegetables that are available to you.
  8. Once you have added the leaves, continue stirring the soup as you check for the seasoning and adjust as need be
  9. Put off the soup and serve with what you prefer. This can be fufu, tuw, selimona and eba.

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How to make okro soup Ghana

How to Prepare Okro Soup with Ogbono

You may not be keen to add the Ogbono in the soup or are just interested in learning how to make Okro soup alone. These are the steps on how to prepare Okro soup perfectly.

This is one of the easiest soups to make in West Africa. All you have to do is to be willing to put in the time to prepare the vegetables. Once you are able to do this the cooking is quite a simple process.


  1. 250g or 5 cups of okra
  2. Red palm oil- 3 spoons
  3. Best cut of beef
  4. Shaki or cow tripe which is optional
  5. Iced fish. Choose either mackerel, stock fish or dry fish
  6. Crayfish- a handful
  7. Sla and pepper for seasoning
  8. Onions –optional
  9. Frozen spinach or pumpkin leaves
  10. Stock cubes- 3


  • 2hours prior to cooking, let the stock fish boil for 20 minutes and let it soak in the hot water
  • Cut the okra fingers into small pieces. Make vertical and horizontal cuttings before making the pieces smaller. This encourages a better draw.
  • Wash your choice of leaves and cut them into tiny pieces. If using frozen spinach defrost before use.

Cooking Directions

  1. In case you use cow tripe wash and cook it till it is done. Keep adding water sparingly to ensure the soup is thick. Add cooked stock fish and dry fish to this.
  2. When satisfied that these are done, add beef, onions and stock cubes then cook until done.
  3. Put the red palm oil in a different pan to which you add okra. Add beef stock slowly until you notice the okra drawing. Use up 5 minutes to avoid overcooking the okra.
  4. Add vegetables and stir. Add meat, fish, crayfish, pepper and salt then stir well
  5. Cover the pot and leave to simmer. It should be ready to serve.

If you can afford all the ingredients for this soup then well and good. However, if you are not in a position to do so don’t strain. Okra soup with just meat and mackerel tastes equally nice. Make sure that the a-must have ingredients are present. These are okra, palm oil, crayfish, seasoning, beef, iced or dry fish. In case you cannot find fresh pumpkin leaves which are the best for okra soup, substitute it with spinach but make sure they are frozen.

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How to make Nigerian ogbono soup

In the event that you desire Ogbono soup alone, then this is how to prepare plain Ogbono soup. Ogbono soup is by far one of the easiest soups to make in Nigeria especially when one has the Ogbono and crayfish powder already. Once the powder is available you need to choose your preferred protein which could be anything from dried fish to beef or even fresh fish. The following is how to make this soup, Nigerian style.

How to Prepare Okro Soup with Ogbono



  • Half a cup of dried or blended Ogbono
  • A third cup of palm oil
  • 2 cups of warm water
  • Precooked choice of meat or fish
  • 2 cubes -seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tablespoon dried pepper
  • A quarter cup blended crayfish

Cooking Direction

Consider the following step in making ogbono soup. You can never go wrong

  • Use a medium sized pot on heat and add oil. Add dried Ogbono to the hot palm oil and stir until a smooth paste forms.
  • Keep adding water into the mixture a bit at a time until it thickens and becomes well mixed
  • Add the precooked meat, pepper and crayfish and some salt to taste.
  • Simmer for a maximum of 6 minutes
  • Serve the soup with pounded yam and enjoy.

Ou may want to add a few more vegetables and okra to the soup. If you will be adding okra make sure you prepare it separately and only add at step three to avoid interfering with the soup’s consistency.

Checkout this how to cook Ogbono soup video for better direction.

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How to cook okro soup in Igbo

There are many different ways that Okro soup can be made. One of the best ways to do this is the Igbo traditional technique. Okro is one of the easiest and most affordable meals for all Nigerians. Here is how to make a tasty yet balance meal for your family. The same procedure can be used when learning how to prepare Okro soup in Ghana. The secret is to follow the steps carefully to get that unique test.


  1. 2 cups chopped okra
  2. 2 spoons palm oil
  3. Precooked meat
  4. Minced red bell pepper
  5. 2 pieces smoked fish
  6. Prawns- fresh/dried
  7. Smoked fish- 2 pieces of medium size
  8. Meat stock or water
  9. Cooking potash
  10. 2 or 3 seasoning cubes
  11. Cray fish- half a cup grounded
  12. Salt
  13. Locust beans

Cooking method

  1. Place a pot on the burner and put water or meat stock. Add potash and let it boil.
  2. Add the crayfish powder and cubes. Add palm oil, prawns, smoked fish and minced pepper. Also add salt.
  3. Leave the food to simmer for ten minutes to get a tasty soup combination
  4. Add chopped Okro and stir
  5. Let it simmer for 3 to 5 minutes

The soup is ready. Serve it with semo, eba, fufu, emala or any other starch you prefer.

Regardless of how you choose to have this soup, its nutritional values cannot be downplayed. Knowing how to prepare them is a plus on your side. Any time you have a few hours to spare and are in the mood to prepare a dish that is traditional, nutritional and simple then the recipes will come in handy then.

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