How to prepare Indomie instant noodles

How to prepare Indomie instant noodles

Indomie instant noodles is a favorite of mine and I believe it is loved by people of all ages. Indomie noodles can be cooked in a variety of style i.e. you can do any type of experiment with indomie. This recipe guide is about how to prepare Indomie instant noodles with sardine and also let you know how to prepare Indomie in the microwave also.

How to prepare indomie instant noodles!

How to cook Indomie with sardine

Cooking instant noodle is a very easy task to do and when you are hungry and feeling lazy to cook anything else. It is very easy to make fried Indomie. Many do not want to have boiled noodles, some want to try fried noodles and if it is with eggs and sardine; people do not stop to drool. So now stop wondering about how to make fried noodles with egg. As now you will become expert in how to make Indomie instant noodles with egg and sardine. A good point with the Indomie instant noodle is you can have it any time of your choice. So let’s get cracking on.

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Ingredients to make fried noodles with sardine and egg

  1. Indomie instant noodles- 2 packs of 70 gram each
  2. Onions- 2 cups chopped finely
  3. Carrot-1 cup diced properly
  4. Green bell pepper- ½ cup chopped roughly
  5. Spring onion- ½ cup finely chopped
  6. Ripe tomatoes- ½ cup finely chopped
  7. Sardine( corned beef optional)-1 can
  8. Sausages- 2 small
  9. Eggs- 2
  10. Powdered pepper- ½ teaspoon
  11. Cooking oil- 2 tablespoon
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Water- 3 cups

Description to make the stir-fry noodles

  1. Put a deep pan on the heat and add water into it. Make the water to boil. When the water starts boiling add the indomie noodles in it. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  2. Now check whether the noodles are softened not. Make sure that you do not overcook the noodles otherwise it will become a stick. Use a strainer and strain all the water.
  3. Now put a frying pan on the heat. Add the oil and wait for a minute or two. When the oil is properly heated up add the chopped onions and diced carrots in it. Stir it for 4-5 minutes.
  4. When the carrots and onions get a light golden brown color in it, add the chopped bell peppers in it and also the chopped spring onions and the tomatoes into it. Continue frying the vegetables for another 4-5 minutes. Remember we do not want to overcook the vegetables; the flavor and the crankiness of the vegetables should be present.
  5. Remove the vegetables from the pan and keep it aside in separate bowl.
  6. Now add some more oil to the frying pan and crack the eggs into it. Scramble the egg with a spatula properly and stir for more a minute then add the chopped sausages and the can of sardine in it. Stir for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Now add all the fried vegetables and the boiled indomie in it. Mix it well.
  8. Add all the spices which are given in the indomie pack, and the pepper powder according to the hotness you want to have. Stir it well for 2-3 minutes.
  9. Sprinkle a pinch of salt from the top and give a stir and switch off the flame.
  10. Your indomie noodle is ready.
  11. Garnish the indomie instant stir-fry noodles with some spring onion and parsley on the top. The indomie fried noodles will go best with an egg poaching. As I have already said earlier that any type of recipe can be done with indomie noodles, so you can be always experimental with indomie. This noodle recipe will serve 2 to 3 people. Enjoy the fried indomie hot!

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How to cook indomie with microwave

How to prepare indomie instant noodles!

Indomie noodles have already captured the market of the most of the Ghanaian appetite by their good and healthy products and their captivating advertisement. Many of the adults think that indomie is only for the adults but I said they should try it for once. Indomie noodles have a great taste and it can add spices to your life. And if you are in hurry then indomie noodle will be the best choice. This recipe will guide you how to make simple indomie. Making indomie noodles is the easiest thing to do and if it is in the microwave then it is a much faster procedure. People often wonder how to make indomie sauce but let me tell you nothing is different in making the indomie noodle soup or making the indomie sauce. So let’s get started.

Ingredient to make the simple Indomie noodles

  1. Carrot- 1 cup finely chopped
  2. Mushrooms- 8-10 diced properly
  3. Handful of spinach
  4. Eggs- 2
  5. Indomie noodles- 2 packets of 70 grams
  6. Mozzarella Cheese ( for garnishing)
  7. Powdered pepper ½ tablespoon
  8. Water- two cups(200 ml)
  9. Salt to taste

Direction for cooking the noodles in the microwave

  1. Put a kettle of water in the flame. Make the water to boil. Once the water started to boil, off goes the flame.
  2. In a bowl cut the packets of Indomie noodles and add the boiling water to it.
  3. Now place the noodle bowl in the microwave and let it cook for 2 minutes on high heat. Be careful about the amount of water otherwise, it will come out from the sides of the pan.
  4. Now switch off the microwave. Carefully take out the noodles bowl from the microwave.
  5. Now with the help of a strainer, strain all the water from the bowl. You can ignore this step also if you want to have indomie sauce or soupy noodles.
  6. Add all the vegetables in this step and also the spices that come with the indomie packet. In this step, you can also add the powdered pepper if you want to have a spicy and hot to a much extent in your noodles soup.
  7. Stir all the vegetables and the spices properly, avoid the lump of the spices.
  8. Now crack the two eggs on the top of the noodle mixture carefully and allow the yolk to settle down at the centre of the bowl. As when the whole content of the noodles with the egg comes out of the microwave the eggs should have converted to the pouch.
  9. Now place the bowl back in the microwave and cook for further two minutes. Take out of the bowl after two minutes and check whether the eggs are properly cooked or not. If it is not placed back the bowl in the microwave for another two minutes.
  10. Take out the noodle bowl from the microwave and your indomie instant noodle is ready.

Garnish the indomie noodles with some black pepper powder and a pinch of salt and some mozzarella cheese on the top of it. If you want to have a really hot indomie noodle then you can also add some chilli flakes to it. Now grab your bowl of indomie noodle and enjoy!

How to make Indomie cup noodles

How to prepare indomie instant noodles!

Making indomie instant noodles is a really fast cooking recipe. When you are in a great hunger, just grab an indomie instant noodles cup. This recipe is mainly for the teenagers who are always in a hungry mode. It is very simple and tasty to eat.


  1. Indomie cup noodles
  2. Hot water (100 ml)
  3. Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Put a kettle of water on the flame.
  2. Let the water to boil.
  3. Off the flame and remove the kettle.
  4. Pour the hot water in the indomie cup of noodles.
  5. Stir well and leave it for two minutes.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.

And your indomie instant cup noodle is ready. Grab a fork and Enjoy!


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