Good morning letter to a friend - How to write

Good morning letter to a friend - How to write

Love doctors will tell you that small things matter the most to couples. The truthfulness of this observation is always subject to personal preference. However, the underlying factor in all thriving love affair is communication; how creative you get while doing it, is always a personal choice. Good morning letter, for example, is one of the most romantic gestures you can show your loved one. The fantasy and realism behind it bring about the positive chaos that only leads to great moments.

How to Write Good Morning Letter to a Friend


In the modern world, sending a love message to your loved one or friend, through the phone, might seem generic. However, spicing things up by customizing a handwritten good morning letter will make him, or her feel loved and appreciated. Pause for a moment and think of your reaction when you wake up to a well handwritten good morning letter; the white sheet of paper stained the with blue letters that communicate words and phrases that resonates with your thoughts, just as if he or she read your mind.

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The love expressed through the letter gladdens your heart, conjuring memories of pure bliss and invoking thoughts of brighter days. In very few words, a good morning letter from your loved one and friend is the right pill for a happy day.

Writing good morning letter that communicates your feelings appropriately can be a challenge. Thanks to this article, you only have to worry about when is the next dawn for an opportunity to surprise your friend with a heartwarming good morning letter. Below is a detailed procedure that you can use when writing a creative good morning letter to your friend.

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Good Morning Letter to a Friend

  • Salutation (includes the name of the recipient)

Unlike applying for a job, writing a good morning letter to a friend does not need to be formal, unless it’s your way of being sarcastic. You can begin creatively by stating the obvious like, good morning letter to my friend, or by greetings. The appropriateness of how you begin the letter will depend on your friend and the message you write in the letter. Nonetheless, it is important for you to ensure that you include salutation at the beginning of your letter.

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  • Begin your letter by stating your objectives in the first paragraph

Friendship happens gradually, shaping up over the years. This happens through a continuous process of building each other by helping one another and sharing good and bad times, together. With this in mind, you can make your objective an appreciation of the moments you have shared with your friend and hint how important it is for you, seeing her awake to brighten up the day. This can be detailed further by reliving a memory, in words. In addition to this, you should state some qualities about your friend that makes him or her the best friend and person, ever.

  • Tell your friend all the qualities that you like about him or her

This should come in a new paragraph. To make it more effective, you should consider writing those qualities that you love about your friend in a separate paper, which you will later transfer it into your good morning paper. It would not hurt to be a little sarcastic in this paragraph, provided it arouse the right emotions in your friend. Some of the most crucial aspects that you need to point out should be focused on your friend's physical attributes, personality, emotional quotient, and intellect. If possible, contrast your life before and after meeting your friend.

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  • Be grateful for another day on his or her behalf

What keeps friends together is the opportunity to be together. This is more than enough reason for you to be grateful for every morning that the both of you get to see a new day. Put this in words, creatively, appreciating the new opportunity brought by yet another sunrise, to explore the world together and strengthen your friendship even more.

How to Write Good Morning Letter to a Friend


  • Surprise him or her

In your good morning letter, you can hint a surprise that can only be uncovered when your friend gets out of bed. This will arouse curiosity and lighten up their day. The surprise can be already prepared breakfast or new clothes to be worn that day, anything out of the ordinary but meaningful to your friend.

  • Wish him or her a good day

Wishing your friend a good day is a sign of good faith and kindness. Everybody wants to feel cared for, and their interest acknowledged. By wishing your friend a good day, you will be guaranteed of making him, or her feel good and

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  • Reaffirm your commitment to the friendship

Reaffirming your commitment to the friendship in the morning makes a hot cup of tea or a cold glass of fresh juice sweeter. You can do this through short but emphatic sentences and phrases like, ‘I am lucky to have you as a friend. I can not wait to see us in the future that, growing grey hair experiencing the entire beautiful sunrise in the last days.’ By clicking good morning letter sample, you will be able to access a sample that will paint a true picture of what is expected of an effective good morning letter for your friend.

Good morning letter to my husband

Husbands are as important to a wife as a child is to a mother. Arguably, it should be known, keeping a man happy husband equates to a healthy and progressive family. As a wife, knowing how to keep you husband happy is very important. You might think it takes more than a good morning letter to my husband, to keep your husband happy. Surprisingly, men are the least complicated and easily amused partners. Simple gestures of care, love, and tenderness make a husband happy. As a wife, learning how to write a good morning letter, might bring a big difference in the quality of life of the family.

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When writing 'good morning love letters to my husband', it is important to understand the types of letters that you can write; that is, long or short. A long good morning letter to my husband will be more detailed with experiences from the past and future possibilities, while a short love letter will focus on the morning in question without detailing on the past or future.

Your choice of letter to write will depend on your husband’s personality, what you want to communicate and time. Nonetheless, the basic structure of a 'good morning letter to my husband' is reflected on all letters. Below are some tips that you can use when writing the best good morning letter.

  1. Salutation (includes the name of the recipient)
  2. Objective – (in the first paragraph of a long letter
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  • Content:
  • Affectionate or soothing
  • Appreciative and kind words
  • Inspirational or motivation
  • Reaffirming commitment
  • Wish him a happy and fruitful day
  • Good morning letter to my future wife
  • In spite of your marital status, knowing how to write a good morning love letter to my queen or future wife is very important. Needles to state the obvious, benefits of a good morning letter to my future wife are endless. With a wife, a man can be able to accomplish much, provided he keeps her happy. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your wife happy has nothing to do with huge amounts of money but everything to do with simple things that give her satisfaction.
  • The fastest path into a woman’s heart, including your future wife’s, is through paying attention to her concerns. One of the ways that you can prove to her of your constant care and attention is by surprises. Good morning letter can serve as a surprise that will bring delight and joy to her.
  • It can be more pleasing if you give her the letter, together with a bouquet of her favorite flower, or something unique. You have to know how to write a good morning letter, detailed with precision, so that you can communicate your feelings effectively and ignite a good feeling, in her. Below is a list of important components that you should factor when writing the best good morning letter to your future wife.
  • Greetings (includes the name of the recipient)
  • Compassion
  • Put the message in its right context by using ‘morning phrases.’
  • Surprise
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Good morning letter to my lover

Getting the right words to express your deepest desire, even in the morning set up can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, if you are determined to surprise your lover as she wakes up, learning how to write good morning romantic letter for her will mean a lot. It is commonly believed, love is built by random act of kindness and affection to a lover, in spite of its magnanimity. Love has a way of turning simple things into heroic acts with noble meaning.

To tap into her rich love, you need to learn the right skills to sweep her off her feet. It is only obvious for you to know all her interest and likes, because of the time you have spent together. This presents a good opportunity to tell her kind words. For instance, when you write good morning letter to my love, color it with affectionate words that speak more about love, to brighten her morning and the rest of her day. Explained below are some important guidelines that you can use when learning how to write a good morning letter to your lover.

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How to Write Good Morning Letter to a Friend


  • Salutation or greetings (includes the name of the recipient) – it can be a casual ‘hi,’ ‘my love’ or the conventional ‘dear…’ All that matters is you to customize it to fit their personality.
  • Tell him or her what you feel about her waking up by your side every morning
  • Appreciate all him or her attributes that make your heart tingle
  • Assure him or her of your

Have a good day love letter

A good day love letter creatively written is what you need to gladden the heart of your lover. The challenge lies in making it as emotional and effective as possible. If you are not sure of how to structure your letter, below are some of the important tips that you should include to make your letter more effective.

  • Greetings – make it as simple and fun as it can get.
  • Quickly state the reason as to why you are writing the letter – this should be done in the first paragraph. However, you need to ensure that it is presented in such a way that it arouses curiosity, by creating suspense.
  • Appreciate his or her role in your life – this can be done by comparing your life before, during and after you met her. It should be precise and uniquely written to satisfy your purpose.
  • Re-affirm your commitment to him or her – there are different ways you can do this. One of the most notable ones is by creating an imagined scene of a shared future, through the daily struggles and love shared.
  • Encourage him or her to meet their daily goal – this will make your lover feel appreciated and his or her efforts appreciated by you; the lover.
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It should be noted that none of the letters above follows a specific format, like a formal letter or informal letter. In some instances, the letters might just be a collection of few words and phrases that explain how you feel about your significant other. The key point is to effectively communicate how you feel about your friend, lover or spouse and make him or her feel appreciated before their daily activities begin.

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