BECE results placement 2019/2020: How to check

BECE results placement 2019/2020: How to check

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the official examination in Ghana that is undertaken by Ghanaian Junior High School students nationwide for them to be eligible to graduate from Junior High school. The students take the examination and their marks are used to categorize them and place them in the various Secondary schools or vocational institutions in Ghana (popularly known as BECE placement).

How to check bece placement results 2018


The program is under the Ministry of Education in Ghana. However, the examinations and placement process is not handled by the ministry as the work has been left for the Ghana Education Service. Last year, the BECE school placement list saw a total of 460,941 students who sat for the examination get placements to different secondary schools all around the country.

Who is eligible to take the Basic Education Certificate Examination?

This examination is available for students who are in their third year in the junior high school level. It is only the registered student who is supposed to sit for the exam and no one should take the examination on their behalf.

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What you need to know about registration

The registration for the examination is undertaken by the schools. They register their students with the Ghana Education Service. Failure to register a student will mean that they will not be allowed to take the examination. The registration process is open once every year. It runs for two months starting in October and ending in the month of November.

What is required during registration for the Basic Education Certificate Examination?

For a student to be registered for the examination, the school has to provide the following information to the West Africa Examination Council;

1. They have to upload the statement of entries with the examination council

2. They have to upload the school choices of the candidates with the examination council

3. They have to submit the results of the internal examinations (CATs) to the council offices using a compact disk.

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online

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What you need to know about the examination

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The examination is based on multiple-choice type of questions and also questions with no choices. The final grade will comprise of the marks scored in the continuous assessment tests you took in your school. These marks are presented to the examination council before you take the BECE exam.

The grading points range from 1 to 9(1 being the highest grade point and 9 being the lowest grade point).

High school and the vocational institutions selections

After successfully completing the BECE examination, students are automatically placed in the various senior high schools in the country. The CSSPS (Computerized School Selection and Placement System) is used to automatically place the successful candidates to the various schools

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online


What are the remedies for students who are unhappy with their results?

Students who feel aggrieved because of the results they have can approach their respective schools to try and sort the problem. The examination scripts are kept for a total of three months. It is during this time that you can have your script reviewed if you feel you have been wronged. This service is not free. It is done at a fee to be paid by the student.

WAEC Ghana school placement for JHS

How do the successful candidates get recognized?

Once you have successfully undertaken the exam, you are entitled to a certificate. The certificates are only produced once and you are not given another one after losing it. They are available within a month after the results are announced.

BECE examination registration charges

In November, the government came up with a way to ensure that no prospective candidate is left out of the examination process. The government, while presenting the budget, purposed to pay the examination registration fees (75 GHS) to all candidates in public schools.

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However, this is only available to first time examination candidates in public schools. The students who take the exam as private candidates will be required to pay the GHS 75 fee. Also, the students who are sitting for the exam a second time will be treated as private candidates and they will be required to pay the fee. The government paid 70% of the total costs of registration for the exam. They did this for both the public school candidates and also the private candidates.

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New programs to be rolled out

The ministry of education in Ghana was contemplating about improving the quality of education that is provided in basic schools. They planned to do this by focusing on the education programs that seeks to equip a learner with literacy skills accompanied by numeracy. They also hoped that the programs will be beneficial to the Ghanaian child by helping them develop the skill of critical thinking.

The Ministry of Education planned to introduce some other programs in all the basic schools around the country. They announced that they are putting measures in place to help them introduce Basic Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (BSTEM) in the schools.

Free senior high school education

Nana Akufo-Addo made free SHS education one of the campaign promises during the run-up to the election. He set the candidates as the first beneficiaries of the program. This program is aimed at easing the burden of education placed on parents in form of school fees. The program covers the following charges;

Things to consider during BECE 2018 school selection

1. It covers the fees for admission

2. It covers the fees charged for using library services

3. It covers all the fees that are paid as exam fees

4. You will be given free textbooks

In addition to this, the government has also promised to construct new schools in order to accommodate the expected increase in the number of beneficiaries.

BECE placement 2020

In 2019, there have been some changes to the placement rules. The changes are that only form three students who are to be allowed to sit for the BECE and the GHS70 registration fee has been scrapped off for first time public candidates.

There are instances where the candidates who are eligible to be placed in SHS and have not been placed in any institution. They are given a second chance to select their preferred institutions for a second time.

How to check BECE placement results 2018

The BECE placement deadlines are set out every year. You should check regularly to ensure you are not negatively affected by the deadlines.

BECE results checker: how to check BECE results?

How to check BECE placement 2019/2020

There are several ways in which someone may opt to confirm their BECE school placement 2020 status. This ways are designed to ensure that every candidate is able to view their placement status.You can check your BECE placement through the SMS service and through the internet.

1. How to check placement through SMS

The process of checking your BECE has been eased. It is possible to check your BECE placement status using your mobile phone.

This is the guide to the BECE placement checker 2019 using your mobile phone;

1. Have a mobile phone that can send and receive SMS’s

2. Have your 10 digit index number used in the BECE exam

3. Input your index number as a text in your phone. Do not put spaces between the numbers

4. Send the number to 1060 and wait for an SMS.

5. In case you are unsuccessful, then proceed to inputting the 10 digit index number followed by the last two digits of the year you sat for the exam. For example, if you did the exam in 2017 and your index number are 1234567890. You send 123456789017 to 1060.

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2. How to check BECE placement on the internet

It is possible to check your BECE placement status online. All you need is a device, preferably a computer that can access the internet.

This is how you check BECE placement results online;

1. Go to the official online portal here

2. You will then be required to input your 10 digit Index number. Here, it is paramount that the last two digits of the year you sat for the exam is added to the index number as the last two digits.

3. You are required to have your scratch card with you. You will be required to enter the serial number of your scratch card that is at the top of the card

4. Enter the PIN that can be located on the same scratch card

WAEC result checker Ghana: How to check your results easily

5. The final step is submission of the information as you wait for your results to pop up.

BECE placement form

The WEAC BECE placement form can be downloaded online after you have completed the online check. It is important to have the form as proof of your placement status. It is important to know how to check your BECE placement status. You have to know how to check, and if the above mentioned ways does not work for you, it is advisable that you visit the BECE placement office for assistance.

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