7 crucial actions to take when your lecturer or teacher wants to "chop" you

7 crucial actions to take when your lecturer or teacher wants to "chop" you

Day in and day out we keep hearing troubling stories about how students across our schools are being pestered with sexual favours by teachers and head of departments.

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YEN.com.gh has reported on various troubling stories of sexual exploitation of students across various schools and it is time for us to find some solutions through this write-up.

1. Keep your distance

It is very important to keep your distance from your teacher. Keeping your distance means not having to engage in a personal relationship with your teacher.

Personal relationships often lead to both partners sharing information that can sometimes be compromising. As a student, you need to learn to stay away from getting too close to your teacher. Just relate to them as a teacher and nothing else.

2. Start recording all calls, messages

Just in case your teacher starts making advances towards you, it is very important to start recording all call and text messages. This is very important especially when you start getting intimate messages from your teacher.

This will ensure that you have leverage against the teacher and even have the power and evidence to get him or her arrested.

3. Always have a third party

Never go through this alone. It is very important for you to rope in the advice of your close friend and confidant. Engaging a third party is very important since they help you with some good advice on what to do and the next steps to take. A third party will always act as evidence when things start to get worse.

4. Be friendly but very firm

A teacher making advances at you should not give you the reason to disrespect them and remain rude to them. It is very important to show respect but yet still stand your grounds. Be firm and never give way to timidity.

5. Inform a school authority

It is very important to rope in a school authority when you start receiving these signals. Sadly enough, most students fail to draw the attention of their authorities when things get bad. But it is very important to do so. These authorities could speak to the teacher and even had him or her step back.

6. Check your dressing

Sometimes, we just don't understand why teachers go after their students but this could be due to the way these students dress. You need to check your mode of dressing and ensure that your skirts are below knee level if possible. Be decent!

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After you have tries all these points and things are still not working well then you have to consider roping in your parents. The power of parents is so firm and powerful when it comes to events as themselves.

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