Message of appreciation tips and samples

Message of appreciation tips and samples

Showing appreciation to someone who did you good goes a long way. It is always good to show that you never took for granted what they did for you. You can send an appreciation quote, inspirational words of appreciation, or a simple message to maybe your close friend, a workmate, a relative, your boss, or employee. The message will create and maintain a good relationship with people who revolve around your network.

How to write a message of appreciation with samples

Are you having hardships in finding the content to write that appreciation message? Well, read on and smoothly write it to show your inner gratitude.

1. Message of appreciation to your boss

There are so many reasons to why you should send a message of appreciation to your boss. He promoted you, gave you a bonus, helped you to sort out your personal issue, he/she was a good boss and informs the employees that he will be leaving you under another boss for various reasons; he/she deserves an appreciation message. Right? You can email or send your message via your mobile phone at least before the end of 3 days after their kind doing. Here are tips and samples for writing that kind of a thank you message.

  • Use a sincere tone when writing your message.
  • Why are writing the message to your manager? Mention it.
  • Make it direct and short.
  • Once your done writing, proofread it keenly.

Sample of appreciation message to your boss

After having the tips to write the appreciation note to your boss, below are samples of the same.

  • Thank you so much for your kind contribution at my mother’s collection to bill her hospital payments. Your presence was greatly appreciated as it is unusual for a boss to be that kind to an employee. My mother’s bill will be paid at the course of the week. Again thank you for your kind support.
  • I don’t take for granted you promoting me. I promise not to disappoint by working my best at this new position. Thank you so very much.
  • Receive my sincere appreciation for understanding why I truly needed a leave on such a busy working day. My personal issue is now solved; Thank you.
How to write a message of appreciation with samples

2. Message of appreciation to colleague

Your colleague is one of the closest people to you. Appreciating what they do for will help you maintains a good relationship as you work on a common goal. Kind deeds like bringing you a birthday present at work, helping you sort a personal or a job issue, advising you or any other kind deed of a colleague to deserve an appreciation message. You may lack words to express your appreciation, but here are a few messages of appreciation to colleagues that will help you to come up with a perfect one.

  • Dear coworker, receive my appreciation for making our job more fun and enjoyable.
  • Thanks for the birthday present; you the best workmate ever.
  • Am so grateful for helping sort out the issue with our manager. Thank you so much colleague for your kind support.
  • You are the reason to why I got promoted. A big thank you is still not enough to show how I appreciate your kind deed. Thank you.
  • Thank you so much for organizing my baby shower. Am so humbled.
How to write a message of appreciation with samples

3. Message of appreciation your to loved one

Message of appreciation to your loved one who be life partner, your relative, or your best of friends is very important. This is because it is not their responsibility to make you happy, but their love towards you. Here are samples of messages of thank you to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or relative for being there for you.

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  • Dearest parents, I love you. Thanks for investing to see me through my education and for your guidance, and love. I truly don’t take that for granted.
  • Having you as a lifetime partner is what I thank God everyday. Thanks love for your great influence in my life.
  • Dear wife, thanks for being our home pillar. Loads of love from me.
  • My forever hubby, husband, friend, and my everything. I appreciate how you expressed love to my parents through buying them gifts. Thank you.
  • Hello sister, I appreciate you visit at the hostel. Thank you and always remember that I love you so very much.
  • Grandma, thank you for your counselling. Live long; I love you.
  • Having a family is a blessing. I don’t regret having you as part of my life. I love you all.
  • Hello dad, thank you for forgiving me once again for repeating the same mistake. I promise to change. Thank you; I love you.
How to write a message of appreciation with samples

4. Message of appreciation to friends

Real friends do things to make you happy and their kind deeds need appreciation. Your friend bought you a gift, she/he helped you to solve your personal problem, or maybe she visited you when your were sick. She/he needs to know that you do appreciate their presence in your life. Here are samples of appreciation message to friends.

  • Thank you so much for your great influence in my life. I love you so much.
  • I appreciate your coming to check on me when I was bed laden. I love you so much.
  • Having you as a friend is what I want forever. Thank you so much for your gift during my birthday party.
  • Receive my warm thanks for your support every time am in need. I do not take that for granted.
  • I better have you in darkness than being alone in the light. I appreciate you so much friend.
How to write a message of appreciation with samples

5. Message of appreciation to someone who helped you

Someone who offer a hand of help to you is not a small deed. Such people you give them words of appreciation for friends because their deeds tell they care about you. It may be your professor who gave you tips to succeed in your career, your pastor who made you be a believer in church, someone that helped you gain a scholarship, and so many people that you meet in life that do extra thing that are of great help to you.

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  • Dear Pastor, thanks for your word of encouragement. It was a blessing to my soul.
  • I wholeheartedly appreciate you for helping me through my Scholarship registration. Thank you so very much.
  • Am excited and grateful for your contribution to fund treatment for my grandmother. Thank you so much and may you be blessed abundantly. Please send my gratitude to all those who came along with you.
  • Receive my thanks for the good meal. I appreciate you for making my guests happy.


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