Lightning strike are killing Ghanaians; here are 6 ways to stay safe

Lightning strike are killing Ghanaians; here are 6 ways to stay safe

Lately, there have been reports of lightning and thunder striking people and killing them instantly.

The latest story is that of two first year students of Ofori Panin Senior High School, in the Eastern Region, who died painfully some few weeks ago when they were stuck by lightning and thunder.

According to information available to, the two boys were on their way to the dormitory from the school's assembly hall where church service was to be held.

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Before going to the assembly hall, the rain was just showering, but upon arrival at the hall, it had started raining heavily, therefore the rest of the students were asked to stay in their dormitories.

Church service was thus canceled for that evening.

The two OPASS students then decided to return to their dormitory, but on their way, unfortunately, they were struck by lightening, with one falling and dying instantly.

The other student was later rushed to the hospital but died few hours later.

Sadly, they were both buried last Wednesday.

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There are other reports suggesting that lightening is killing people, and this calls for education on how to keep protected from being struck. brings you six ways to keep you and your family protected and safe.

1. Mobile phone: It is advisable to put all electronic gadgets away whenever there is rainfall. Do not use mobile phone when it is raining. According to experts, radiation from the phone could attract lightening, causing harm and injury to the user.

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2. Television Set: The same mobile phone principle applies to the TV set too. It is advisable to switch off your TV sets.

3. Metallic objects: It is also advisable to do away with all metallic objects during this time of adverse weather condition. Metals are good conductor of electricity and so they can easily attract thunder and lightening, causing burns, severe injury and possible death.

4. Transformers and electronic gadgets: During such weather conditions, it is very important to stay indoors. However, if one happens to be out, then the one must ensure that he or she does not stand close to a transformer and other electronic objects.

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5. Mirrors and glass objects: Lightening can strike mirrors and other glass objects, shattering them and causing injury to the one standing nearby. It is advisable to turn down or cover all mirrors when it starts to rain.

6. Bathing when it is raining is must not be encouraged. It is safer to either bathe before or after rain.

It is hoped that readers will find these safety tips useful.

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