WAEC examiners registration online 2018

WAEC examiners registration online 2018

In order to qualify as a WAEC Examiner, there are several qualifications you need to have attained. For instance, you need to possess a minimum of first degree in the subject you wish to examine, correctly complete the prescribed application form, have the right credentials and certifications in order to qualify for the position you are aiming for, be a person of high integrity and most importantly, be honest and patriotic, and so on.

Guide: WAEC Examiners Registration Online 2018

WAEC Examiners registration portal

WAEC examiners registration online gives old and WAEC new examiners registration candidates the opportunity to register or apply via the internet. The WAEC examiners registration portal allows old examiners to supply the old examiner numbers so that the validity of the old examiner numbers is checked for the completion of the registration process. Once the registration process is completed, the registrations and applications are reviewed by WAEC so that the candidates are eventually issued with a unique examiner number that is sent to their email addresses.

The two most important things to take note of is the need for every user to create a login which could be used to access and modify profile details in case there will be a need to do so. Additionally a valid email address is paramount because the new Examine number is to be sent to your inbox.

WAEC Script marking

Due to the fact that the manpower required for WAEC script marking is quite overwhelming, the West African Examination Council hires freelance examiners for the purpose of marking and recording its examination scripts. There are several requirements that candidates should adhere to in order to qualify as script markers. Mentioned below are some of them explained in details

First and foremost, you need to have completed the prescribed WAEC examiners form in order for you to be eligible for WAEC script making and WAEC script checking

Secondly, you ought to possess a minimum of first degree in the field that is related to the subject you intend to examine.

Thirdly, it is prudent that you carry credentials to the marking center for the sole purpose of sighting. Additionally; you should ensure that you attach photocopies of your credentials to your completed application form.

In addition, you should be knowledgeable of the subject you wish to examine. You should have a minimum of at least two years post -NYSC teaching experience, a senior secondary school being the most preferred. Most importantly, you should be an individual of high integrity .To support your claims, there has to be an attestation to your character from your current employer.

In a nutshell, the examiners hired for the purpose of marking scripts should be responsible, principled, morally strong, just, fair, ethical, honest, patriotic and many more. With all that said, if you intend to be an examiner who wishes to mark WAEC scripts, you will be able to apply online.You only need to ensure that the details you offer are correct in order to avoid being disqualified.

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WAEC Introduces Electronic marking of Scripts

Some years back, in line with global best practices, the management of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) announced the beginning of the electronic marking of scripts. Earlier on, WAEC hired potential candidates to mark the script manually. However, with the advance in technology, there was the need to change that in order for a faster and more accurate marking. As a result of the development, there were changes that were made. For instance candidates no longer take their theory questions home once the examinations are over because answer booklets are combined with the question paper. Some of the advantages of the introduction of electronic script marking include:

The whole process becomes faster. As we all know, we cannot compare man to technology. When scripts are marked electronically, there could be a sure timeline which is not the case with the manual marking. Due to the fact that humans are not machines and are therefore prone to making errors, manual marking is slow in most cases because they have to be sure of the results by marking them carefully and later checking them in case there could be errors. In short, the manual way of marking scripts is quite time consuming as compared to the electronic method.

In addition, the electronic marking of scripts reduces errors made when scripts are marked manually. Humans are not as perfect as machines and therefore, once in a while, they might end up failing to do the right thing in one way or the other. In order for accurate and fair results, WAEC decided to introduce the electronic marking of scripts.

The other reason why WAEC introduced e-marking scheme is because of the fact that there was wide discrepancies in the grades given by the examiners when scripts were marked manually. E-marking ensures that candidates are graded fairly and the same way by all the examiners.

E-marking makes the vetting of the examination scores more real. In some cases, senior markers play truancy and claim to have vetted the scripts marked by a junior team member which in most cases is not the case. Additionally eliminates the problem of misplacing of scripts. This is due to the fact this system of marking doesn’t give any examiner the physical script of the candidate .The scripts are simply scanned and uploaded to the server from where the examiners could easily access them .

The other greatest advantage of e-marking that beats the old ways of marking is that if a junior marker makes more than one mistake in the process of marking ,the system shuts him or her down until a senior marker intervenes. This shows how credible and reliable e-marking is.

The other benefit of e-marking is that examiners could easily mark the scripts form the comfort of their homes because they are provided with modems and internet connection so that they are able to mark more scripts within a short time. It is crystal clear that the convenience that comes with e-marking is indisputable.

Steps to Apply for WAEC Script Remarking

If a candidate is dissatisfied or has the desire to know why they did not perform as expected, they are allowed to request for Exam Scrip Remarking. However, you should note that worked scripts are kept for up to three months after the release.Therefore, all the requests for review should be done within that period. Mentioned below are some of the steps you should use to apply for WAEC

Examination script remarking

You will be required to pay a non refundable fee which is to be deposited before the complaints are lodge to the WAEC Office for school candidates whereas for the private candidates, the same deposit is to be made before any complaints are accepted.

Secondly, private candidates are supposed to lodge their complaints to the closest WAEC Offices in the State they did their exams while school candidates ought to lodge their complaints at the various school heads where they did their exams. Candidates should also ensure that their complaints are received sixty days after the release of the results.

Guide: WAEC Examiners Registration Online 2018

WAEC assistant examiners registration

Due to the advance in technology, the WAEC examiners registration Ghana come up with a portal that could be used by examiners to download Examiner’s Application Forms via the internet. Therefore, if you want to apply for the position of a WAEC assistant Examiner this post is going to give you tips on how to download the form, fill it and finally submit it. Mentioned below is the procedure that will guide you appropriately on how to go about the process of WAEC assistant examiners registration.

  1. Start by visiting www.waecghana.org
  2. Secondly , you ought to place your cursor on other services.
  3. Thirdly , you should consider scrawling down to Examiner’s Application Forms
  4. The forth step involves clicking Examiner’s Application Form
  5. Once you are done with that , you should then click Examiner’s Application or WAEC invigilator form link to download
  6. After you are done with all that , you should go ahead and print the documents and fill the forms
  7. Once you have correctly filled the application forms, it is prudent that you EMS the complete form s to Senior Deputy Registrar, Test Development Division, and Accra for the whole process to be complete.

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WAEC Ghana recruitment

The West African Council, a sub -regional organization body that is responsible for the conduct of several organizations in the English speaking West African Countries cordially invited applications from different qualified individuals in order to fill the vacant position of the Assistant Purchasing Officer in 2018. The qualifications required for one to earn that position for the WAEC Ghana recruitment include:

Applications that must boast of at least three years experience post qualification experience. In order for any organization to hire any individual for any post, it is prudent that they find out how long you have served in that particular field before hiring you. Therefore, just like other organizations and companies, WAEC also has a number of expectations from their potential candidates. It is crystal clear that any candidate with experience less than three years might not qualify for that position.

Age is the other factor that is considered when a candidate applies for the position of an Assistant Purchasing Officer. At the time of applying, applicants are not supposed to be more than thirty five years of age. Additionally, you should not only be physically fit but also mentally fit in order to be eligible for that position. If you are an individual of good character, you will also be able to qualify for the position as long as you meet all the other requirements.

As an applicant, you have to possess a minimum of WASSCE/SSSGE/GCE ordinary level with credits in five subjects which include Mathematics and English Language. You should always keep in mind that giving any incorrect details in the verge of earning the position could lead to you being automatically disqualified. Therefore, you should ensure that you only give correct information in order to be on the safe side.

The other qualification required of you is having HND in Purchasing and supply from a recognized Technical University or any Polytechnic Institution. Additionally, you must pass an aptitude test that is to be conducted by the council.

Once you have read all the requirements mentioned above, the next step should be applying for the job. This post is going to help you know how to easily apply for the job so that you have an easy time. Interested persons are required to download a set of applications forms from www.waecgh.org .

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Once you have downloaded the form and successfully filled all the details require, completed application forms should be marked for the Attention of Head, HRM and then posted to the address below or personally submitted at the WAEC main reception in Accra located behind the Ridge Hospital or any WAEC Branch offices located in the Regional Capital that is near you.

The West African Examinations Council,

P.O. Box 917,


WAEC Marking Invitation 2018

WAEC marking invitation 2018 is here and prospective Examiners who wish to mark WAEC scripts are supposed to submit their correct details online using the right website provided in the WAEC examiners registration portal .In case the details are incorrect, your application will be disqualified and you will therefore miss the chance .With that said, you should be very accurate when filling the WAEC examiners registration form.

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On the other hand, for the current examiners, it is advised that you print your WAEC examiners invitation letter and consider updating your examiner details. As an Examiner; you are expected to update your contact details in order to be on the right track. Staff are able to upload the details of Examiner from their respective marking venues to the national Office server .In order to register, you are supposed to have a registration clearance code.

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