BECE ICT past questions, answers, and notes

BECE ICT past questions, answers, and notes

Basic Education Certificate Examination is an important assessment exam in Ghana’s education system. Overall Ghana education system is structured into four divisions, 6 – 3 – 4 – 4. This translates to 6 years spent in primary school, 3 years of junior high school, 4 years in senior high school, and 4 years of undergraduate. There is an additional two kindergarten years. BECE exam is strategically scheduled, to be written by students who are completing their junior high school, seeking to join a senior high school. Unfortunately, not all students get to proceed to the next level of education (senior high school), after sitting for their BECE exams. Therefore, finding the right BECE ICT past questions, for revision purposes, will go a long way in ensuring you prepare adequately for BECE exams.

BECE ICT Past Questions, Answers, and Notes

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BECE exam is an exam like any other, only that it bears a significant key to your future education life. Excelling in this exam is crucial in your efforts to further your education status. Most junior high school students who understand the responsibility of sitting for this paper and excelling in it, struggle to educate themselves on different ways that they can excel and have an edge over their fellow students. Competition to gain admission into senior high school is stiff.

BECE ICT exams can unsettle the stomach. To avoid getting such conditions while in the examination room, you need to familiarize yourself with BECE ICT past questions and answers. This will give you an idea of what to expect in the exam. You will be able to understand the nature of the exam, BECE ICT questions, the structure of the paper, the setting of the exam and possible ways of tackling the questions. The more papers you get to revise the clearer it gets. The underlying factor in all these is that you get to cover a larger reading area when revising BECE past questions in ICT without getting bored, as opposed to purely reading class notes.

BECE ICT Past Questions, Answers, and Notes

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Planning to excel in BECE exams means finding the best past papers for revision. The paragraphs below, explains more about BECE past exam papers that can be used for revision.

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BECE past questions in ICT

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has profoundly gained recognition in the world and been integrated into every aspect of life. Education is one sector that holds too much, for the future, to ignore. In Ghana, ICT is a subject in junior high school, where every student is taught basic stuff about computer information and communication technology. This is to lay the seed and ignite interest among students who are willing to take ICT as a career. Apart from this, it is aimed at helping every student appreciate the role of ICT in the current world. This, in turn, makes students more effective and efficient citizens in the society.

West African Examinations Council (WAEC) administers BECE exams, including ICT questions, which tests students grasp on the overall subject of basic communication and information technology. Each year, students are given a new set of questions that have been tailored to test their understanding without locking most of them outside. It is moderated to allow every student answer at least a question.

BECE ICT paper is divided into two, paper one and paper two. Paper one is composed of 40 questions each having a multiple choice, A B C D. It is popularly known as objective paper. When answering a question, students are expected to shade a choice or answer, which they think, is most appropriate and correct. The paper comes with strict instructions on how the student is supposed to answer the questions, like, ‘all rough work should be done here.’ This makes students work easier and more straightforward. Paper two, on the other hand, is dubbed the essay. This is because it allows the students to express themselves while answering the question depending on their level of understanding. However, the student needs to be precise not to deviate from the true answer to get full marks.

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BECE ICT past questions paper 2 has an overall mark of 60%. This mark is awarded according to how the paper is divided. The paper has two sections, section A and section B. section A has only one compulsory question, given 24 marks. Section B, on the other hand, is made up of four questions. However, students are expected to answer only three questions that they feel comfortable and well equipped to provide educated answers. These questions combined, give a total of 36 marks. The time allocated to all students, to complete answering this paper, is one and quarter hours.

It takes practice and time for a student to create an effective mechanism to tackle paper two within a short time and go through the paper, to ensure all the questions are answered satisfactorily. Luckily, it is possible for you to get WAEC BECE ICT past questions in libraries and online platforms, which can be used for revision.

BECE ICT past questions and answers

Knowing the importance of revising BECE ICT past papers, it is only wise for a student to get look for the right and most recent papers to revise. Although there are many sites where you can download ICT BECE past questions, most students still struggle to find good past papers. It is often forgotten that the best place to start and surely find most recent BECE ICT past papers is in your schools’ library. Unfortunately, even the library can sometimes offer so much, but answers to the questions.

Some internet sites in Ghana, like, go an extra mile to ensure that you are supplied with BECE ICT past question and answers, together with additional information that might prove helpful in the long run. Getting both questions and answer is helpful because you can choose to test your knowledge by doing the ICT past papers and later mark to get the results. Alternatively, you can solve the questions while revising and confirm the appropriateness of your answers using the correct answers provided by your source. All these approaches will help you meet your needs effectively.

BECE ICT past questions 2017

Like previous years, ICT BECE 2017 paper 2, was set with the students in mind. Section A had one question, tied to 10 questions. Examiners tested the students understanding and ability to explain him or herself clearly without straying from the question. Students preparing to sit for BECE exams in the future years have a lot to learn by revising this question. Below is BECE 2017 ICT paper 2 that will help you gain a perspective of what to expect during the real paper, at the same time give you a chance to revise in preparation of BECE ICT paper 2. The paper below is a true representation of how the paper is presented, with all the exam instructions.

BECE ICT Past Questions, Answers, and Notes

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Information and Communication Technology, ICT – Paper 2


Time: 1 ¼ hours Total Marks [60 marks]

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.

SECTION A [24 marks]

Answer Question 1 [Compulsory]

1. Study the worksheet below carefully and use it to answer (i) – (vi)

BECE ICT past questions, answers, and notes

2. Outline the steps by which the Serial No. (1, 2, …, 7) were generated without typing them one by one. [5 marks]

3. What is the cell address in which the name "MATHS" was entered? [1 mark]

4. Write down the cell range in which "BECE CLASS 3 RESULTS" was typed.[1 mark]

5. Write the spreadsheet formula that was used in computing the total value "202" in cell G5. [2 marks]

6. Write the spreadsheet function used in computing the total "417" in cell E9. [2 marks]

7. How many cells are in the cell range C3: E6? [1 mark]

8. Outline the proper way of shutting down a computer after using it. [6 marks]

SECTION B [36 marks]

Answer three questions only from this section

  1. State three uses of the shift key on the computer keyboard[6 marks]
  2. Write down the acronyms below in full:
  • HDD: [2 marks]
  • VDU: [2 marks]
  • BIOS:[2 marks]

3. State two functions:

  • of an input device; [4 marks]
  • performed by an output device; [4 marks]

4. Match the items in Group 1 to those in Group 2 with lines.

Group 1 Group 2

Speedometer Bank

Electric stove School

Money Counting Machine Hospital

X-ray Machine Vehicle


5. State three ways through which computers may be damaged. [6 marks]

6. List three specific areas of learning where ICT tools can be integrated. [3 marks]

7. List three devices that may be used for transmission of messages on the internet. [3 marks]

8. The Operating System makes it easy to store files in places that make a lot of sense. Give the default folder or storage area for the following files:

  • Text files; [1 mark]
  • Image files; [1 mark]
  • Music files; [1 mark]

9. Write the shortcut keyboard keys combination for the following commands as used in a word processing environment:

  • Undo: [2 marks]
  • Find; [2 marks]
  • Select All. [2 marks]

10. List three toolbars available in a word processing application. [3 marks]

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