Best happy birthday mom quotes and wishes

Best happy birthday mom quotes and wishes

Mothers are a rare breed of human species. These women single handedly sacrifice everything they have for the good of their children. You must love, care and nurture your mother even if it means sacrificing something in return for this to be achieved. Wishing her a proper happy birthday mom is the least any child can do for their mother. Surprising enough, mothers always understand even when their kids forget about their birthdays, they will never hold it against them. Do not be that ungrateful child that refuses to acknowledge your mother’s sacrifices. Learn to wish her the very best when she is still around. She deserves it if not for anything else but raising you up. Checkout the following variation of messages for mom’s birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes from Son

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Birthday wishes for mum

These come in different types and variations. The relationship you have with your mother may determine the type of message you send her. If you are very close then the messages are likely to be more intimate.

Funny birthday wishes for mom

The secret here is to keep your mom entertained while showing concern that you care for her even as she ages gracefully. It helps to remind her of the things that can bring a smile to her face especially if these are related to the moments that you once shared. Consider these examples.

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes from Son


  1. Mom you are the best. I know how terrified you are of growing old but I must say something get better with age and you are the perfect example of one. For us you are just getting sweeter and graceful. Happy birthday mummy. Love you to the moon and back.
  2. I would gladly take a day off from work to celebrate the national holiday that is your birthday mama. You are one in a million. I am because you have been. My precious and all-time favorite jewel. A mother, a friend, a partner in crime and most important my greatest fan and support. Happy birthday my mum. My friends are jealous of us, hehe. They say we are just like sisters and I would not change a thing about it. Happy birthday twin.
  3. Hey mommy, on a serious note you need to stop having so many birthdays. Haha. Do you know how difficult it is to find you the perfect gift each year? You with your unique test. Hehe. Remain forever young mama. Happy birthday to the best mother in the entire universe.
  4. Many are the descriptions of the word youth but none has been perfect without you. Every time I think of youth I remember you mama. I hope you feel youthful on this birthday. See you soon. Happiest birthday my favorite woman.
  5. Remember how we would peep out the window just to catch a glimpse of old nana next door? I am not worried mama, I know you do not want our neighbors doing the same just because you are making too much noise. But even if you do, ours will be singing or catching up on old gossip when I visit. Love you mama, age gracefully.

Happy birthday to my mom my best friend- appreciate the lady

Most people will tell you that their mothers are their favorite person in the world, at least they always are for the better part of their lives. When you think about the years that you were nothing, when you were trying to find yourself and no one truly noticed you, that woman has always been there, encouraging and pushing you beyond your limit. Every time you fell or were about to give up she was there with the timely reminder that you could make it if you push a little longer.

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She is the woman that though disappointed you would never know, she would still cheer you on. Correction for her was always subtle for in her heart was pure love for you and a real desire for you to excel. With such kind of positive energy and push, you thrived and became the better version of yourself. If it were not for mama you probably would have turned out different. The least you can do for your special lady friend is to appreciate her even as she ages and changes over the years. Check out special messages for her. Personalize and customize the message if you want her to truly feel appreciated.

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes from Son

  1. Happy birthday mommy. I can never say enough to show you how much I appreciate you. You have been my greatest cheerleader. You have held my hand when everyone else ran way. You have consoled me when I failed and almost got depressed. You have been there mama and that’s more than I could ask for. Your presence alone is enough to calm me down. All I as God is that he gives you good health and long life so that my children get to meet and experience the special woman that you are. Long live mama.
  2. I remember clearly how I thought you were unfair to me. The chores and continuous assignments got to my nerves many times. It is only many years down the line that I have realized the genius that you are mama. It was all for my good and denying me a little unnecessary pleasure was because you loved me so much that my future was more of a concern to you and you would do everything to shape it right. I am grateful mummy. Thanks for the sweet memories mama. I would never forget the songs we learnt together, the dancing on my special achievements and the emotional outbursts when I truly impressed you. Happy birthday mama, stay around so we can keep conquering the world together. Happy birthday my greatest inspiration.
  3. Looking at you now I realize how much sacrifice you made for me to be the man that I am today. Mama you denied yourself so much for me. I promise to make you happy mama. Stay around for many more years and hold me to my word. Happiest birthday my first queen.
  4. You know you are the only woman that understands my silences and the only one that can interpret my heart beats. Thank you mama for who you have been and continue to be in my life. One request though mama, stay on to show my wife everything about me. Happiest birthday mum.
  5. I don’t have to say a word mum for you to know what I need. I think that’s what has made us survive the teenage rebellious stage comfortably. You know my cues and triggers and have a special way of handling me that no one else does. I guess that’s why you will always win. I know you know I love you even though I rarely say it. Your smile confirms it every time. Live long mama, I want you to see me become a man you will be proud of. Happy birthday mum.

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Birthday wishes for mom from son

If you are a boy and are wondering what to say to your mom on her birthday probably because you are not good with words consider modeling around the following messages.

  1. Boys are taught to be brave, confident and responsible but somehow people forget their teachers. I would not have become any of these things were it not for you mom. I still think you are the greatest of them all and nothing is about to change my mind any time soon. I will always love you even if you turn 200 years. Do not worry, I got you mum. Happy birthday.
  2. An achiever, a role model, a home maker and the greatest adviser alive. Thank you mum for being the perfect example of how I should raise your granddaughters. I have learnt strength in adversity in you. I also know that you can fly to any height you want since only you have the ability to clip your own wings. Through you I have known the real meaning of strength of a woman. Happiest birthday mama, forever in my heart.
  3. Many are the times I have been at my worst and you have picked and dusted me. Friends have run away. I have been out casted but you mum have been steadfast in your love and prayers. You taught me how to believe in myself and dream again. I didn’t realize you were sacrificing your dreams for mine. I count myself among the luckiest in the world to have a mom like you. Happy birthday mummy.
  4. No one chooses their mother but if I were made to choose it would definitely be you again mum. Sweetest, kindest, warm, selfless, firm and focused. There are no enough adjectives to describe the woman you are. My friends want you for their mum and that’s how I keep confirming that indeed I am lucky. I will do everything to make you proud of me mama. You are my one true friend and am glad to be your son. Happy birthday mom.
  5. Its only the other day that it hit me that mum you are the best gift to me. I almost cried remembering how many times I have heard you cry to God for me. While many gave up on me you still believed that there was something good in me. Happy birthday mum. Thanks for being the one constant source of inspiration and change for me.

Happy birthday mom letter

In case you do not want to do short happy birthday mom messages on a card or text, you can consider writing her a letter. This shows that you are authentic and genuine especially if you will hand write it. There is nothing your mother will appreciate more than knowing how you truly feel about her. Show her that you notice everything she does for you from when you were little. Mention a few instances that stand out in your growing life that she went out of her way for you that it was impossible to ignore.

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes from Son

The essence is to connect with her emotional self and truly show her that you know and value your relationship. While the generic happy birthday mom quotes from son on store cards are great, they sometimes fail to show the effort of going an extra mile. Your mother may not need that expensive gift you think, she wants your appreciation most. A simple, deep and sincere handwritten letter down memory lane might be the most precious gift you will give her. If you have run out of ideas consider surprising her with a happy birthday mom letter from son on top of that dress she has been asking for all year long.

Sweet things to say to your mom on her birthday

Sometimes what you say to your mother on her birthday is all she will take with her even to her very old age. The secret is to tell her things that matter. Remember she has done so much for you to be who you are today. She is also most likely going to see through your lies and exaggerations. It is advisable therefore to do something that is sincere and true. Its magnitude does not matter as long as it is true. Check out short message you can say to your mum on her birthday.

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  1. Thanks, ma. I am really grateful for you. Happy birthday
  2. Love you mama despite what my moods and reactions sometimes portray. Happy birthday
  3. If there is a way to describe perfection in a woman then that would be you mum. Happiest birthday.
  4. No one said that a mother cannot be no-nonsense and sweet. You are the perfect combination of the two. Happy birthday mama.
  5. People know you as my mom but for me you are my BFF and that secret I guard with my heart. Happy birthday mummy or is it sister?
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