Best weekend jobs in Ghana 2018

Best weekend jobs in Ghana 2018

For most people, the weekend is a time to relax, hang out with friends or even catch up on the latest movie. But what happens when you’re low on cash and bills keep piling up? Then getting a weekend job might just be the answer you need. While some weekend jobs will require some expertise in the related field, there are those that are less demanding in terms of prior experience yet work to boost your financial predicament. In fact, according to Forbes, having a side hustle can help reduce financial stress, make you happier and give you more freedom. The trick to making a weekend job meet some of your needs is to ensure it doesn’t replace your main source of income. The following post covers what you need to know about weekend jobs in Ghana and tips on how to be successful in your part-time job hunt.

Best weekend jobs in Ghana 2018

Why do you need a weekend job?

Before looking for any weekend jobs in Ghana, it’s crucial you ask yourself why you want a part-time job and how much time you can commit. While money is a great motivator, ultimately your part-time job must add value to your life after all you will be committing part of your time to that position. If money is the main reason then creating a budget and selecting the debts that you need to pay first can help you realize that most of the material things you want you can do without. By calculating your expenses and comparing it to your income, you might realize that even the lowest paying weekend job can meet your needs.

After asking yourself why you need a job the next step is to start your job search early. It not too early to start working while in high school as long as you can handle the pressure and workload. The work experience will help you in the long run when you’re looking for a full-time job. To find even a weekend job, you need a well-crafted resume and convincing cover letter. Include all your strengths in a systematic format and avoid exaggerating or adding false information. Don’t forget to include your availability.

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Types of weekend jobs

The weekend jobs in Ghana 2018 can be categorized into two options: those that are relatively easy to get but pay less and those that can lead to future opportunities.

Weekend jobs that are easy to get

Jobs that are relatively easy to get even for a high school student such as working in a movie theatre, taxi driver, restaurant cleaner, pizza delivery or waiter tend to pay less money. On the other hand, they often fit your schedule, and you can find them in malls or shopping centers that are closer to where you live. Avoid having to pay transport money by finding weekend jobs that are situated closer to where you live so that you can just commute to your weekend job location. Another great benefit of these types of jobs is that they don’t require any prior experience and in busy establishments, you can get some of the best tips.

Weekend jobs Ghana can lead to future opportunities

It can be challenging getting a full-time job, especially in the current economic crisis. However, what most people don’t realize is that the experience you get from some weekend jobs can lead to future opportunities. For example, some administrative jobs like a messenger require little to no experience. On the other hand, the experience you get after working for a few years will not only improve your oral communication skills but also interacting with different people gives you room to network. So before you dismiss a part-time job based on its monthly salary, look at the future benefits that you're likely to gain.

Benefits of getting a weekend job

Having part-time weekend jobs in Ghana for shs graduates can look tiring and time wasting mainly if you’re working in an industry that is not related to your ideal career choice. However, the perks of a part-time job will motivate more students to seek employment early on in their lives. In fact, according to International Labour Office, part-time jobs which include weekend jobs account for 40% of Non-standard forms of employment (NSFE) in Ghana.

Some of the benefits of having a weekend job are:

  • Earn extra money

The number one reason why most people opt for a weekend job is to earn extra money. You can use the money to do a fun activity, buy new clothes or even save up for a holiday.

  • You get valuable work experience

In the current job market when you’re looking for a well-paying full-time job, the number one requirement is often extensive work experience. Weekend jobs in Accra Ghana will give you the much-needed work experience which is great for your resume.

  • Provides networking possibilities

The people you interact with in your weekend job can be of help in your future career choice. Therefore, even when you’re working on your stressful weekend job don’t forget to network and develop connections. Through active networking, you can gain new insights and helpful ideas that can eventually propel your career. It also raises your profile as people will keep you at the forefront of their minds in case a job opportunity arises.

  • Time management

A weekend job can be an effective tool for teaching young people time management. This is because you will have to divide the free time you have to create a balance between school, work, and social life. Other skills you gain through a weekend job include teamwork, commitment, communication, and leadership.

How to balance weekend jobs, school and social life

Balancing studies with a weekend job without sacrificing your social life is not easy. There is the pressure of completing school assignments, arriving to work on time and enjoy your social life. However, with the following tips, you can balance school, work, and social life.

Best weekend jobs in Ghana 2018
  • Avoid procrastinating

Do your assignments or projects days in advance to avoid last minute rush. By procrastinating you’re giving room for all the work to pile up and eventually overwhelm you. Once you finish doing jobs with a deadline, you can use the free time to pursue other ventures.

  • Get quality sleep

A good night sleep will keep you active and help you think clearly. As a result, you will make a few mistakes, keep stress and diseases at bay. While the amount of sleep varies, according to research, an average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Children need about 10 hours of sleep per day while teenagers need to sleep for at least 9 hours.

  • Understand your limits

Some people can work full time and do well in their academic while others can barely manage to study and work part time weekend jobs in Ghana. Understanding your limits can help you avoid getting overwhelmed. When you have an attitude of moderation and plan everything accordingly, then you will be able to maintain balance.

  • Always keep your schedule updated

Keeping an updated schedule will help you stay consistent with your plans. Design your program based on your working hours, classes, personal time and social activities. You can download an app on your phone to help you keep track of all your daily activities.

Top 6 weekend jobs for students in Ghana

The following are some of the jobs that you need to consider when looking for weekend jobs in Ghana.

  1. Brand ambassador - If you love to stay active and talk to people, then brand ambassador can be a great weekend job for you. This type of job mostly entails handing out flyers about products, giving samples and explaining to potential customers how the products works or its benefits. As a brand ambassador, you will mostly be situated in strategic places where you’re likely to meet many customers which include supermarkets and malls.
  2. Delivery driver - Do you have a driving license? Then why not use it to get a weekend job. Delivery drivers bring foods or any other packages directly to a customer’s front door. The flexible work program and the fact that it doesn’t need any specialized skills are some of the great perks of this type of weekend job.
  3. Freelance work - Whether in writing, photography or data entry, freelancing is a great weekend job that you can do at the comfort of your home. What’s even great is that you get to use the skills and equipment that you already have. You also get to set your own working hours.
  4. Baby sister/pet sitter - Do you love taking care of pets or small kids? You can quickly earn money as a babysitter or taking care of pets while the owner is away. This type of weekend part time jobs in Ghana will require people to trust you. But as soon as people know that you're responsible, then they will be freer to allow and pay you to babysit their kids or pets.
  5. Social media handler - When thinking about a weekend job put the fun part of working into perspective. Jobs such as social media handler is a great fit for a person who loves spending time on social media platforms. If you have a large fan base and are always active, then businesses or companies can pay you to promote their products. This is also one of the ideal weekend jobs for students in Ghana for those who want venture in the media industry.
  6. Tutor - Tutoring is an ideal job for a graduate as it needs academic knowledge of the subject you wish to tutor. It doesn’t have to be a technical subject you can teach a foreign language such as French, Spanish or teach people how to play an instrument. To get tutor jobs for music you can ask your local church or school.

Tips for getting a weekend job

Even when it comes to securing a weekend job you must do everything possible to ensure that you get an interview. Research about the company offering the job so that you can write your cover letter based on what they are looking for in the vacancy. Here are more tips that can help you land a weekend job.

  • Consider your employer's needs - Instead of prioritizing your desires why not consider the needs of your prospective employers. That way you can separate yourself from the list of people who are looking for any available job.
  • Cast a wide job search - Don’t limit yourself by searching for weekend jobs that pay well or those that are interesting. Instead cast a wide job search net as part-time jobs can come from anywhere.
  • Take it seriously - Just as you would dress up to go for an interview of your dream job so should you do the same for a weekend job interview. Apart from good grooming, prepare as much as you can by practicing the sample interview questions. Tell a friend to be the interviewer so that you gauge whether your responses are correct.
  • Where to find a weekend job - The time it takes for you to get a weekend job will depend on the type of job you want. Online job portal sites are always a good place to start. Refine the search options to find work opportunities according to the industry and location you want. Other areas where you’re likely to find weekend jobs in Ghana include:
  • Places that you often frequent- If you’re a regular visitor to a gym, salon, supermarket or restaurant, you can ask the staff to notify you in case there’s an opening. Increase your chances of success by sending as many resumes as you can. Just don’t send applications for jobs that you are not qualified.
  • Family, friends, and neighbors - Don’t be afraid to ask relatives or neighbors for help. Tell people close to you that you’re looking for a weekend job so that in case an opening come up they can consider you. And when an opportunity arises don’t be picky. There’s no harm in earning some money while looking for your ideal weekend job in Ghana.
  • Social media sites - Nowadays, it’s a common occurrence for hiring managers to post job vacancies on the official company website or social media page. Follow and frequently check the companies that tend to give part time jobs so that when there is an opening, you will be among the first few people to apply.

Getting a weekend job in Ghana including a part-time one is becoming more challenging. However, even after getting a rejection don’t give up. Instead have a positive mindset, keep pushing on, and eventually, you will secure a weekend job that is fulfilling and has a satisfying paycheck.

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