Ghana post tracking explained

Ghana post tracking explained

Whenever you send a parcel, you may get worried about the safety of the parcel. You imagine all the types of things that can happen to your parcel, including the late delivery issue. However, thanks to the technology advancements being used in service delivery, people using the Ghana postal services to send and receive parcels now can enjoy the Ghana post tracking system to keep track of their parcels. The service that is provided by third-party service providers is available for both domestic and international people who are sending parcels. Here’s all you need to know.

Ghana post tracking: How to track your parcel

In August 1995, Act 505 was established and incorporated in the Ghana Postal service. The Act gave Ghana Post independent identity from the Ghana Telecom Company. Under this new act, the Ghana Post was expected to carry its operations in a self-supporting manner and operate on cost-effective and productive commercial lines. Four years later the corporation was transformed to be a limited liability company. After this conversion, the company was now in the same market environment as the other private enterprises that were operating in Ghana. The company was now going to face the same legal and regulatory factors that affect the private companies.

This move proved to be very beneficial to the company giving it an opportunity to grow and operate efficiently in the most competitive commercial market. The conversion also allowed the company to widen its objects that were present in the parliamentary Act 505. It's evident that for the past decade Ghana Post has shown outstanding success thanks to the entrepreneurial drive, the professional skills and effective management skills that the Ghana Post staff and management has. Ghana Post has managed to establish itself as the best courier service provider in the courier industry in Ghana.

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Some of the postal services you can use to send a parcel to Ghana are:

  • 369Express Postal Services
  • 4-72 Postal Services
  • 852 Express Postal Services
  • Afghan Post Postal Services
  • Aland Post Postal Services
  • Albanian Post Postal Services
  • Algeria Post Postal Services
  • Ali Business Logistics Postal Services
  • An Post Postal Service

The Ghana post tracking system also has a mobile app that people can sue to track their parcels. The app is very helpful for auto imports, and parcels being sent by international companies like Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Woocommerce, eBay, Aliexpress, and Wish. The main advantage of using the Ghana post tracking parcel is that individuals can access details about their parcels online, details like date of arrival, destinations, and origin of the parcel can all be accessed online by just using your tracking number. The system is used to track the parcel in Ghana supports EMS and registered parcels.

The Ghana post tracking international has proven to be the best tool for those dealing and using the e-commerce platforms to make purchases of goods. The Ghana Post Tracking API is used by e-commerce developer to get real-time and precise data and tracking information about their parcels. Customers can be provided with all the tracking information in the shopping cart and in the marketplace. When the customers use the Ghana post registered mail tracking services they have the option of subscribing to either SMS or email alerts or updates.

Customers are sent customized message or emails, giving them updates on the state of their parcels. Most messages sent by the Ghana post express tracking will indicate whether the parcel is on “TRANSIT” “DELIVERED” OR “OUT OF DELIVERY”. Some companies that offer the Ghana post parcel tracking services assist their consumers with bulk tracking services. Customers upload all the Ghana post tracking numbers they have for their parcels in one CSV document.

Ghana post office tracking

The Ghana post office tracking services are provided by third-party service providers who have partnered with Ghana's Post Office. These companies which provide the parcel tracking services in Ghana act as multi-carrier tracking tools. In order to get all the tracking information about your parcel, you will need to have a Ghana post tracking number.

Customers use their parcel tracking numbers, AWB (air way-bill) numbers or the reference numbers to get access to all the tracking information to their parcel (be it a domestic parcel or an international parcel). Customers who have more than one parcel can use the CSV upload provided by the Ghana post office tracking service providers. The other tool used by customers with many parcels is the shipment tracking API. Those individuals who check their bulk international parcels using the Ghana Post will get all their tracking details being displayed in one place, the information will also include the country of origin and the destination country.

Ghana post tracking: How to track your parcel

The process of accessing your parcel tracking information is very simple. First, you will need to access the official website of any of the reliable Ghana post registered mail tracking service providers. Once you access their website, you will be required to use your Ghana post tracking number. You will be required to enter the tracking number and then all the tracking information about your parcel or parcels will be provided to you. The tracking information that will be provided to you will include:

  • The tracking number
  • The destination of the parcel
  • The country or place of origin of the parcel
  • The status of your parcel with regards to delivery
  • The pickup time
  • The pickup date
  • The delivery date
  • The delivery time

If you want to get timely updates from the Ghana parcel tracking services, then you can subscribe to the email and/or SMS updates and alerts being provided by the company. Apart from parcel tracking services, these courier service tracking companies in Ghana offer the following services to their customers:

  • Trading links
  • Courier Tracking
  • Air Cargo Tracking
  • Postal Tracking
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Live-Vessel Traffic
  • International Parcel Tracking Services
  • Cargo Loading Calculator

Most of these customers that make use of the Ghana speed post tracking don't need to be worried about not finding information about their parcel since most of these third-party service providers have partnered with more than 300 postal services around the world. If you are the one receiving the parcel make sure that the sender of the parcel gives you details about the parcel, especially the tracking number since you will not be able to access the parcel tracking information if you don’t have the tracking number. The additional information is important when you are confirming the details of the parcel and the one being displayed on the parcel tracking system.

In case you want additional information about your parcel, and you don't get the information that you are looking for concerning your parcel then you can directly contact your courier services that are dealing with sending process of your parcel. Those who use the Ghana Post Office can use the following contact information:

Asafoatse Nettey Street, Accra Central



T 030 2666647

T 030 2664038

T 030 2662063

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