NSS assessment form 2018

NSS assessment form 2018

The NSS assessment form is basically a duty report document where your supervisor notes down your punctuality and attitude towards your work and gives remarks on whether you are fit and certified for the task assigned. It also contains identification details for you and your supervisor such as name, phone number, email address, NSS number, institution attended as well as the immediate supervisor’s rank and the name of the organization he represents.

How to Download NSS Assessment Form 2018

The NSS documents are usually in three main categories; monthly assessment, after-the-end-of-service and the rules and regulation guide. The NSS monthly assessment form should be renewed and signed after every four weeks in a specified time frame, while the end of service form is only applicable once you are done with your assigned task.

The National Service Scheme is a program that was established way back in 1973 by the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education with its National Secretariat in the capital city Accra and offices distributed in various designated regions and districts all over the country. Its main aim was to sharpen the skills of freshly graduated post students from the tertiary institutions through practical national work which was to be used for the development and improvement of both the public and private economic sectors of Ghana.

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Even though it was initially intended for every citizen above eighteen years of age to participate in the program, it, later on, narrowed to the tertiary institution graduates who are not less than eighteen years of age and became mandatory for every postgraduate student to take part in it.

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Advantages of the program

Through the program, the government is guaranteed that there is adequate, reliable and competent manpower needed to drive the primary sectors of the national economy to greater heights. Additionally, apart from the human resource surety, this initiative has also played a crucial role in answering some of the worrying questions that the citizens have been contemplating about for centuries, such as the effectiveness of the education system in solving the contemporary issues that the country is facing.

There were also people who had doubts on how the national service personnel can be used in uplifting and developing the rural places through the simple economic activities such as farming. Furthermore, through the speedy advancement of science and technology, there was a need for some services such as internet connection and computer education to be taught and accessed by the ordinary people of the country. Fortunately, this government-sponsored initiative has proven to be very helpful in translating the classroom lessons and into practical work that can be acknowledged and appreciated by the Ghanaians.

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Currently, the number of human resourced deployed into the private and public institutions is enough to sustain the economy without the need to import from abroad. The National Service Scheme usually works hand in hand to ensure with other agencies to make sure the rural development and public education programs are running efficiently throughout the country.

This experience is also helpful not only for the government or the ordinary people but the young passionate personnel as well, since they handed over the opportunity to improve on their skills and apply whatever thing they were taught in the classroom on a practice field. They are always presented with the unique layout of reality every time they are on the field and hence getting the opportunity to use their skills such as planning, creativity, individual initiative, teamwork, strategic thinking, innovation as well as community mobilization. All of which are crucial for prospective future leaders.

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How to Download NSS Assessment Form 2018

Objectives of the Initiative

Well, the primary objective of the program is to ensure there is their adequate personnel in all the major sectors of the economy who are not only strong and educated but intelligent as well. That is why there is NSS annual assessment form meant to test the competency of the recruited members before deploying them into various economic sectors. Generally, the growth and development of any nation depends highly on the quality of skills of its personnel and hence the need for such a program.

Additionally, there have been various contemporary issues that the country has been facing such as illiteracy, hunger, disease, and unemployment which can be relatively resolved through the use of such an initiative to empower the citizens with knowledge and practical skills in combating the shortcomings.

The program has also shown tremendous improvement in fostering unity and strengthening bonds among the citizens of Ghana which was also a goal for the program. Through interaction and mutual understanding among the personnel themselves as well as the ordinary people, it has generated a sense of empathy and acknowledgment of peoples’ of background and hence the existence of harmonious living. The government is also well appreciated by the citizens for its contribution to this program.

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There is no better way of encouraging togetherness and spirit of national service than recruiting and empowering the local citizens with opportunities to sharpen their skills and take part in the building of the nation in active participation. Letting the citizens be aware of their national rights and obligations in the building of their own nation is what every responsible government does for its country.

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The initiative, though still works relentlessly, aims to provide essential amenities not only for people in urban town but also all rural places across every region in the country. The amenities which include proper medical facilities and staff, as well as enough number of teachers in all the regions, not to mention electricity and water supplies, can only be achieved through the National Service Scheme of the Ghanaian government. The manpower that the programs seek and trains is enough to deal with such flaws.

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How to Download NSS Assessment Form 2018

Steps for an NSS assessment form download

The procedure of getting the kind of form you need, whether it is the NSS end of service assessment form or the monthly duty report, is not that challenging, now that internet access is swift across many parts of the country. There are simple procedures, fortunately, that you are required to adhere to, before getting the kind of form you need;

  1. You are required to visit the National Service Scheme through this link; https://nss.gov.gh/home/rules-and-regulations
  2. Once on the Home page, browse through the navigation options which are on top of the screen to the ‘Download’ option and click on it.
  3. Once on the ‘download’ page, there are four different optional documents that you can be able to download; The ‘steps to your mandatory service’ document, the NSS monthly assessment form, the enrollment form and the NSS end of year assessment form.
  4. Click on your preferable form and the download process would start immediately provided there is network coverage.
  5. Alternatively, when seeking the NSS assessment form 2018 you can as well go directly go through this link; https://nss.gov.gh/nssassessmentform.pdf and the form will pop up on your screen ready for download.

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Nonetheless, just like the monthly report document, the NSS annual assessment form 2018 should also be completed and submitted at the District office of the Ghana National Service Scheme, within a specified duration or there would be consequences. Additionally, all the form should also be stamped and signed by the supervisor or else it would be rendered invalid.

Exemption from the National Service

Well, in as much as its mandatory for all the individuals above the age eighteen to join who have completed their tertiary levels to join, those who are forty years old and more are however exempted from this exercise. The training is usually rigorous and requires a lot of mental focus and energy which people above the age of forty may not be that swift and attentive as their juniors.

Other than the age limit, people who have also undergone the training and received the certifications at an earlier date, are also exempted and asked to pave way for their incoming freshly graduated counterparts. Nonetheless, they still need to show their documentary evidence before being excused.

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After completion of the exercise, the service person shall be merited with a Certificate of National Service once the assessment form, which has been signed and commented by him/her, has been completed by his/her employer, and submitted to the Regional Coordinator; by the end of May of every year. The service person ought to have successfully completed their compulsory one-year national service before considering themselves certified.

Offenses of the National Service Scheme Act

The NSS is a government mandated program which has rules that are well stipulated and made part of the government's constitution. It’s usually governed by the Act 426 under which there are certain behaviors that are considered offensive, which include;


Evading the training is not an option, not unless you are forty years and above or have already completed the program at an earlier date. There is only a three-month window and leniency for people who have not reported their postings on the stipulated date, after which appropriate actions under the Act 426 become applicable.

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Desertion is also another capital offense under the initiative. Personnel who have deserted their training without finishing their full period are also given three months’ lenience after which they regarded as evaders and proper sanctions thereafter become applicable. In case, they return back to their postings, they are required to start afresh, while the period they served earlier on is rendered null and void.


Self-posting is strongly prohibited and service personnel who post themselves to the institutions of their liking other than those assigned by the National Service Scheme, either with or without the knowledge of their supervisors or the heads of those institutions are usually rendered self-posters and hence their services will consequently not be acknowledged or recognized by the board.

How to Download NSS Assessment Form 2018

Terms of the Service

Well, the service is supposed to run for one year immediately after completion of the tertiary education. Regardless of the region where you undertook your studies, whether abroad or within, you are still required to join the program. All the post students are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the NSS and in a situation where the rules of the establishment where service personnel are posted contradict to the NSS laws, the latter is used as a reference for disciplinary measures.

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As for the payment, the service personnel is paid monthly allowances which are usually determined by the Ministry of Finance. The approved payment normally remains fixed and not altered in between the course of your service. The payment process only commences once the service persons report to their assigned institutions and runs until the completion of the service. Nonetheless, personnel who have been posted in corporations, statutory boards, church or quasi-churches institutions are required to be paid by those organizations and not the NSS.

There is usually one month’s break or formally referred to as month’s annual terminal leave in their course of service delivery. This break is usually in the month of August to all the persons regardless of the areas they have been posted in.

There is a maternity leave for the expectant female personnel that runs up to three months. However, the three-month period should be well compensated once the service person resumes back to work. When the leave permit is issued, the supervisors or heads of the agencies are required to inform both the executive director and the Regional Directors of the NSS to ensure the change is noted and acknowledged by the relevant authority, the same applies when the personnel resume back to work.

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Nonetheless, there would be no payment or allowances issued during the three-month maternity break until she resumes work to the posted area. This terms are well stipulated in the Act and made aware of all the service personnel before they begin their tasks. You can learn more about NSS in their website through the frequently asked questions, FAQ.

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