Ghana National ID card - application process & requirements

Ghana National ID card - application process & requirements

Ghana national identity card issuance has been postponed to May. According to George Anda the Deputy Minister of Communication, the current situation with the L.I in parliament has caused the postponement. Regardless, times have changed and the National Identification Authority has made it easier for Ghanaian to acquire their national ID cards. Read on to find out how the introduction of technology has made the process of acquiring the ID card simpler. In case you are still new to the process, do not worry we have you covered. We have highlighted the steps you should take from the stage of registration, to the moment when you receive your Ghana national ID card.

Ghana national ID card application process & requirements

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No need for long queues at the registration office. Don’t be caught in the melee, follow the following instructions below and thank us later.

Ghana ID card registration

The first step to acquire a national ID card in Ghana, you must first register with the National Identification Authority. The body is mandated by law to provide national ID cards for citizens. The body update the process of registration from the manual process to the creation of digital identities.

It is a one-time process where you are required to visit your nearest registration center. For the registration, you will be required to carry personal information such as your birth certificate, your fingerprints will be taken and a digital photograph captured for identification. Below is a detailed description of the registration process in order to acquire a Ghana new ID card. The process starts at the nearest registration office that have been spread all over Ghana.

After visiting the registration office, the first step will be capturing your personal information. The process involves the recording of the applicant’s personal information. At the registration office, you will be handed a specially designed National Identification Authority registration application form. The applicant contains fields that needs to be filled manually. You can get assistance from the officials at the center in filling the application in the right and expected manner.

Ghana National ID card application process & requirements

Source: Ghpage

After filling the required field, you must counter check with the supporting documents to ensure that the information provided is correct before it is recorded. The process can’t be complete in case one of the fields has not been filled. It is important to note that the information filled on the application form is a permanent record. After crossing it and confirming all the details are correct, you can submit the form to the Mobile Workstation Operator.

Registration requirements

Alongside filling the application form, there are other supporting documents that will be accompanied. The applicant must produce their original birth certificate and a copy of the same. If available, they should also provide their school leaving certificate. They should also produce the original identification cards of their parents. They should also attach a copy of the photocopies of the documents to the application form.

Upon the submission of the application form, the Mobile Workstation Operation will capture the biometric data of the applicant. This is where your fingerprints will be taken. They will take a digital photo that will appear in your Ghana ID card. You will have to make your official signature and your height will be measured.

Using the personal information provided and the biometric data, they will be both merged to create a digital identity for the applicant. After the personal information and biometric data has been merged and an identity created, your profile will be printed out on a collection slip which will be handed to you. You should examine the slip to ensure that he information recorded is correct. The collection slip should be kept safe for future use and reference. You will be advised on the date when the national identification card will be ready for collection.

When the card is ready, you will come back to the republic of Ghana national identification card office. You should be accompanied with the collection slip handed to you during the registration process. You will be directed to the Distribution Officer. You will present the registration slip to the verification officer. The verification officer will check through the list to know whether your national identification card is out yet.

If the card is ready the officer will put it in the pick out box and stamp the registration slip to indicate it has been processed before sending it to the Authentication Officer. Your fingerprints will be taken at the authentication office by the authentication officer. If they match with the biometric data, the registration slip will be stamped and delivered and you will be handed your card.

All the applications are done in person with the applicant. All applications are made of individuals who fall under the age of eligibility on order to make the National Information System a success for national development. Registrations is only done once; since double registration is considered an offense. In place where you need clarification, seek assistance from Registration Officials at the registration center.

The registration is done on regional basis therefore an applicant can register at the nearest Ghana National ID card office. The registration centers correspond to the existing polling stations used in the last elections. Always cross check to ensure to details pertaining to the application form are correct for a successful process.

Required information during registration

Under the application form applicants must fill the rightful names that appear on the birth certificate in the right order. They also need to provide their address and date and place of birth. They must also have a common signature that is used during the collection of the ID card. They must state their level of education and their marital status.

The registration process is eligible for six years and above but for those below fifteen years do not receive identification cards. The reason behind the registration starting at six years, is that experts find it is the right time for the development of fingerprints and are in their permanent form. It is issued to fifteen years old, since they are responsible to manage the cards and are recognized under the International Labor Organization to seek employment where an identification card is a requirement.

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Other eligible applicants include Ghanaian nationals staying in or out of Ghana. Permanent Foreign nationals in the country are also eligible to apply. Foreign nationals with resident permits of at least 1 year in each case can also apply. permits

Smart National ID card Ghana

The news about National Identification Authority, started issuing instant smart National ID cards under a very strict and open multi-level verification process. The Ghana national identification card which was dubbed Ghana Card during the launch will be the primary ID card that citizens will use in order to access all services in Ghana. The card will also apply for travelling within the West African sub-region.

It will be mandatory for use in application for a bank account, passport, telephone number, property acquisition, driver’s license and other services offered by the Government of Ghana to the citizens. The smart Ghana card before being issued will follow a strict evaluation and verification process to ensure all the information provided by the applicant are correct.

Ghana national ID card application process & requirements

source: Ghpage

Applicants will require to submit a valid passport or birth certificate as proof of ID or be accompanied by a close relative with a verifiable ID to vouch for the applicant. The birth certificate and the passport will be passed through a strict verification process to check on their authenticity and appropriate authorities before they are accepted.

Applicants will also have to be interviewed by well-trained National Identification Authority staff to ensure their originality before the card is handed over to them. The fingerprints of the applicants will be compared to the last two exercises they carried out in order to update their details and create a new data for new applicants.

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The platform is highly sophisticated and has been connected to various ID-issuing agencies and other Government services to ensure that the information provided by the applicant is similar to the information provided elsewhere. Once the card has been issued, all the information about the applicant will be sourced from the National Identification Authority. So, in case the field requires your personal information, they will use the smart card to revert to the National Identification Authority electronically in order to verify your details.

Where to use the Smart National ID card

Applicants will also be required to generate and submit their digital addresses to part and parcel of their details. The means is meant to curb the uprising behavior of people giving fake information concerning their addresses. In case you provided wrong details on your address, all your letters and parcels will be delivered to the wrong destination.

The card will capture also the cell phone numbers so that mobile operators when beginning the SIM re-registration, it will be easy for them to verify the ID of the SIM holders with the National Identification Authority. The process is meant to curb the illegal SIM registration in the case of fraudsters particularly related to mobile money fraud and Simboxing.

The ID card will also be used in passport acquisition. Any time a Ghana card holder applies for a passport, their Personal Information Number will be captured on the passport and their personal information cross-checked with the data in the National Identification System. The card holder will be not be eligible to process the passport if they do not possess the Ghana card. Only people who qualify for the Ghanaian passports will be issued with one since the nationality of the individual can be properly checked from the National Information System.

The Ghana card will also be used in acquisition of a driver’s license. As soon as the Ghana cards are issued, it will capture the Personal Identification Number with the required information of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. The PIN will be captured in the registration documents of the driver’s license. The personal information will be verified from the National Identification Authority to determine the nature of the person’s true identities of vehicle owners. With time, it will become mandatory to use a Ghana card for renewal of the DVLA.

The Ghana card will be used in shipping and clearing of goods from the port. All the goods a citizen exports out of Ghana or imports into Ghana will be directly linked to their personal information number to eliminate rampant cases of theft and tax fraud in the shipping and clearing of goods at the ports and harbors of Ghana.

In the receipt of banking services, the Ghana card holder can use it as an identity verification document when opening a bank account, withdrawing money from the bank, or receiving money transfers in Ghana. It would be easier for a Ghana card holder to access loans from the bank they work in an identifiable organization. In case of loan default, the bank can easily trace the Ghana card holders based on the Personal Identification Number or the biometric information stored on the Ghana card.

The banks can also assess the credit-worthiness of a Ghana card holder from the Credit Referring Agencies any time they apply for a loan. This will strategically reduce the rampant cases of bank rates on loans since they can find out if the Ghana card holders are already servicing a loan from another bank which will result in a reduction in the incidents of bad debts.

The registration detail about a business will be captured in the Ghana card. The PIN will be able to establish the holders as true owners of the business. The Registrar Will General’s Department will make it mandatory for all business owners to provide their PIN on the Ghana card during business registration. This will cut down the registration of fraud businesses through the exposure of false identities and prevents multiple registrations of businesses for fraudsters.

This will capture the PIN of a Ghana card holder child during the enrollment into primary school and the PIN will continue to be in use for the child’s admission into every school level until the completion of the tertiary education. In terms of policy interventions, the system will be used to track the academic performance of a child in the education sector. It comes in handy when the child is applying for student’s loans to establish their identities to avoid fraud.

It will also be instrumental in job search for individuals. The Ghana card holder identity will also be established by the employer. This will increase their chances of getting the employment opportunities as they employers will be fully aware of the person they are dealing with the rightful owner of the certificates a person provides in the support of their qualifications.

The Ghana card will also minimize the cases of identity theft where another assumes the identity of another person and steals their benefits such as pension claims. The card will recognize the holder as the authorized person to receive the pension benefits. In case of death, the beneficiaries will be children or spouse of the deceased.

Ghana voter ID card

The electoral commission of Ghana publishes a notice in the Gazette to invite entitled citizens to be registered as a voter to apply in a time span with a specified period in the notice to the registration officer for the registration of their name in the divisional register of the electoral area in which they ordinarily reside.

Ghana national id card application process & requirements

The Ghana card will capture the holder’s PIN which contains information concerning the authentication of their citizenship, their name, age and residence to determine their qualifications to undertake in the voter registration process.

The applicant should appear in person before the registration officer at the registration center at the time specified by the notice in the gazette by the electoral commission. A person appointed by the Electoral commission to monitor the registration of voters or any other qualified person to register as a voter can contest a person applying to be registered as a voter on the ground that the applicant fails to satisfy the requirements provided in the regulation 1 of the instrument.

Any applicant qualified to be registered as a voter can make a complaint in the prescribed form on matters concerning the registration process to a registration officer or any of the officials specified in regulation. In case the complaint is passed through, the aggrieved official will have to make a record of the complaint and either resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant or in case it is beyond them, they can refer it to the next commission for further action.

In case you have lost your voter ID card, kindly report the loss to the District Officer where you registered as a voter. They will initiate the process of securing a replacement card for you. Do not register again since it will amount to double registration which is an offense as prescribed by the laws of the electoral commission.

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