How to make money on Facebook in 2020

How to make money on Facebook in 2020

Besides being a social platform, Facebook has evolved into a marketing platform. Most people have discovered how to make money on Facebook and the site makes it easier for them by providing tools such as Facebook pages and Facebook ads. It is quite exciting to make money from home and since Facebook exposes your business to the world, it expands your opportunities.

Apart from being connected with your friends and posting photos, you can learn how to make money with Facebook for free by marketing your products, creating a fanpage and getting money from selling your posts. You can also earn via Facebook ads. Read on for insights on how to earn money from Facebook account.

How to make money from Facebook apps

A fan page is among the easiest ways on how to make money online using Facebook. You have your friends who can easily be convinced to join and be active on your fan page. Some own a fan page, but they don’t know how to start earning with them. Do not stress since the article gives a guide on how to make money using Facebook for free.

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Step 1 - Create the fan page

Before you create the fan page, think of something that interests you and most of your Facebook friends such as cooking, relationships, encouraging quotes, and fashion.

Step 2 – Create a perfect profile

Choose a profile and cover photo that relates well to your choice of topic. The content on your fan page should be eye catching.

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Step 3 – Invite friends

Invite your friends to join, like and engage on your page and this is for those who ponder over ways on how to earn money from Facebook account. If you need your fan page to grow fast to start earning, you can spend money to boost it. Boosting will allow Facebook users to easily see and like your page.

Step 4 – You need a website

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Visit and create your fan page website. Keep in mind that you need to contact Facebook before creating the website in order for you to be given detail about your commissions. The content on your website should be original and decent.

Step 5 – Sell your fan page posts

Is your fan page posts having not less than 1000 likes, but your not earning money yet? Sell your posts by visiting Sign up and add your fan page. Price your post and start earning.

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How to make money on Facebook by posting links

Posting links is for those who want to know how to make money on Facebook videos. How much time do you spend on internet? If you are an online addict, you can make money as you enjoy what you love doing.

Step 1 – Begin with,, a website through which many have succeeded in this online business. Visit the website and sign up with it.

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Step 2 - Log in and pick any of the websites link. The web links can be from a YouTube video, software video, and a movie download.

Step 3 – So how will you make money with Facebook by posting links? Download any of the video links, trim them, and share them on your Facebook page. The more users view your videos the more you earn money. Keep in mind you should only post only 10 videos links at a go.

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How to make money from Facebook Ads

Have you seen the adverts banners that run on the right side of your Facebook page? Those are the Facebook ads. Big companies and businesses pay money for the Facebook owners to increase viewership for their posts, to the many users. In this way, you easily find their posts and give them likes. Many get attracted and promote them by buying their products. They use money to earn more money.

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This means that you need to have and spend your money to earn money with Facebook. Keep in mind that you can only succeed in this business if you have been running your business for some time and when you are determined. Some Facebook users boost their posts to be seen by people, they get likes, market their products and people buy, earning them more money.

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How to make money from Facebook games

If you want to earn money with Facebook games, you should also be ready to spend money. You need to purchase in-apps that might be boosters, virtual currency, or energy in the game. Keep in mind that your choice of game determines your payments.

How to make money from Facebook page likes

Most of the Facebook users are pondering over how to make money with Google AdSense on Facebook. Right? Many people do their adverts with the Google AdSense and generate loads of earnings. If you are interested, you need to put efforts and create a perfect profile for a Google site. Click on the ads to be added on your site.The more you display the ads, the more people view it, and the more you earn. Many prefer to register with Facebook in order for them to compete favorably with the tough site. The many Facebook users will give you clicks easily and the more you earn.

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How to make money on Facebook pages

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How to make money on Facebook marketplace

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