NSS monthly report form for duty 2018

NSS monthly report form for duty 2018

The NSS report form is a prerequisite document for all the service personnel who have been appointed and posted at various specified institutions. It plays a significant role in the NSS initiative as it’s not only designed to facilitate the allowances procedures but also act as an assessment form where your performance behavior based on your attitude, punctuality and other relevant concerns are noted down by your supervisor. Well, in order to have a smooth ride in your service delivery, the NSS monthly report form should always be up to date, signed and stamped by your supervisor or the head of the agency before being submitted to the NSS District office on 15th of every month. The specified deadline should be strictly adhered to as there are always consequences for late submission. Read on to know more about this document.

NSS monthly report form for duty 2018

The NSS - National Service Scheme is a government-sponsored initiative that has been operational for decades since 1973 when it was first established with its National Secretariat. The official headquarters of the secretariat is in Accra Ghana with other offices being distributed in various districts across the country. It was actually sanctioned by the Ministry of Education. The main aim of the program was to enhance practical skills to its citizens especially those that have completed their classroom learning at the tertiary levels. The skills empowered on the youth was to be used for development and bettering the primary economic sectors of the country both in the public establishments as well as the private institutions.

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Who is eligible to join NSS?

nss monthly duty report form
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This initiative is compulsory for all people who own citizenship in Ghana. It was initially targeted for all the members of the public who are eighteen years old and above, but with time it emphasized on the ones who have just graduated from their tertiary levels of learning and were also within the required age limit. The government wanted to tap into their classroom lessons and ideas and transform them into meaningful strategies that can be used for development and growth of the economy.

Benefits of the initiative

Over the years, the initiative has proven itself to be the ideal step into eradicating many of the flaws that the country is facing. While there were skeptical citizens who wondered whether the Ghana education system was really relevant in solving the country’s contemporary issues, the NSS initiative revealed that the formal learning can be effectively channeled to help even the farmer in the rural and remote places of the country.

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The world is advancing really fast in terms of technology and innovations, especially in computer generated machines. For the citizens to keep up with the pace and always be on toes with the latest and upgraded level of technology, an initiative had to be launched to guide them through. Nowadays, computer illiteracy has dropped tremendously compared to earlier years when the program did not exist. Many people in the urban and sub-urban regions are now taking advantage of the computer connectivity to carry out their day to day activities even browsing through the NSS monthly report form download websites to get their monthly copies.

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As for the government, there is certainty that the manpower available is filled with sufficient level of expertise and competent to spur the desired growth rate of the economy. Every year, proficient and zealous personnel are deployed to the public and private sectors to offer their services and contribute to the nation’s growth.

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The NSS usually works together with various agencies to ensure the deployment process is swift and correlative to the teams’ set of skills and qualities. Generally, through its official website, the organization prides itself on improving the rural development strategies by encouraging modern forms of farming and techniques and improving the peoples’ lifestyle. Public education programs are also running efficiently in various parts of the country with the aid of the assigned agencies working alongside the service personnel.

Typically, the program has enormous advantages to the Ghanaians. However, in as much as the government and the ordinary people get much of the spotlight, the initiative has also enabled the service personnel to grasp more lessons through the practical experience and also get a chance to expound and use their career skills such as planning, strategic thinking, teamwork, creativity, planning individual responsibility and innovation. Such qualities are very useful in making a competent service provider and ultimately a leader out of a passionate young energetic youth.

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Goals of the program

Well, the program could not have been that effective without concrete and realistic goals. Many of the set objectives have been accomplished and the citizens continue to enjoy its fruits. In as much as there are some that are yet to be accomplished, the NSS works still works tirelessly to ensure they reach the promised land.

One of the primary goals has always been to provide sufficient personnel with skills in the primary sectors of the economy. That is why, the deployment procedure which is well stipulated in the provisions of section (3) of Act 426 focuses mainly on six essential areas, which include agriculture, health, education, local government, youth programs and rural development which also comprises of rural industries, civil engineering, physical planning, and surveying. With the main groups having been targeted, the government is certain that the economy is heading in the right direction. However, before being deployed in the various sectors, the service personnel need to have an NSS validation form confirming that they are rightfully part and parcel of the team, on the payroll and eligible to offer their service to the nation.

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Eradicating some of the shortcomings such as unemployment, hunger, illiteracy, diseases among other contemporary concerns is also one of the main reason for the establishment of the initiative. The service personnel is empowered with knowledge and practical skills in combating some of these vices that the country is facing and given a responsibility in finding solutions to them while also educating the public in how to overcome some of them, such as staying healthy and keeping off diseases.

Through the initiative, there was also an obligation of fostering unity and brotherhood among the Ghanaians. This was very important for the growth of nation both economically and politically. Civil disputes and misunderstanding are what has made many states all over the world to lag behind in terms of economic growth and development.

The program provides a platform for the youth to take part in the building of their nation irrespective of their backgrounds and ethnicity. Taking account that they are also future leaders of this country, the initiative gives the youngsters a sense of pride and patriotism for their country. Furthermore, through interactions and mutual understanding of one another, the service personnel continue to show respect and empathy even after completion of their service term.

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Guideline for an NSS monthly duty report form download

NSS monthly duty report form 2018
Source: nss.gov

As luck would have it, the spread of internet connectivity in various parts of the country has made life a little bit easier for many people in this generation. There were certain things, such as getting hold of the NSS Ghana monthly duty report form, back then, that would consume time, money and energy in traveling to and from the NSS district offices to get a copy. Nowadays, the only thing you need is a computer or even a Smartphone with internet-network connection and you are good to go. The procedure can even be done in the comfort of your home without much of a hurdle.

Well, in as much as it’s a simple procedure, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow to get the form that you are seeking. The procedure is as follows:

  • Visit the National Service Scheme official website through the link below: https://nss.gov.gh/home/rules-and-regulations
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option on the page navigation toggle
  • On the download page, there are four different documents that you can download as options or you can as well stick to the assessment form.
  • Once clicked on your intended document, the download process would start immediately and swiftly depending on the strength of the network coverage.
  • However, there is an alternative method of obtaining the NSS assessment form 2018 without the need to browse through the NSS website. You can simply go to the link: https://nss.gov.gh/nssassessmentform.pdf and you would be directed straight to it

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The assessment form is usually repeatedly reviewed after every four weeks, and meant to be submitted on a specified date failure to which, there would be consequences. On the other hand, the NSS annual assessment form 2018, which unlike the monthly report forms, gets reviewed after every twelve months by the organization’ district officers as well as the executive director.

After the exercise has come to an end, the service person is issued with a Certificate of National Service as long as his/her NSS monthly report form with PV number or not, had positive remarks from the supervisor in charge, signed, stamped then submitted to the Region Coordinator by the end of May of that year. Certified persons are deemed qualified and hence exempted from another one-year compulsory program.

On the same note, the certified persons are not the only ones exempted from the exercise. People with forty years of age and above who may have, in one way or another, completed their tertiary levels are also excused from the practice. Well, this is generally because the program works best in people who are energetic, alert and always swift in their assigned tasks and young enough to adapt quickly to a new environment. With the kind of rigorous training involved, people less than forty years are the ones considered ideal. However, due to the seriousness of the initiative, proper documentary evidence such as end-of-service form, identification card or an authentic certificate of service should be shown before being exempted.

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Terms of service

The initiative has been effective for decades and it now operates under the Act of 426(of 1980) with a set of obligatory objectives. With a vision of being a ‘leader in youth service’ the program aims to develop and boost the potentials of the country’s youth by creating chances for them to offer their quality services to the less fortunate.

There are some terms of services which have been used over the years which guide the initiative in its exemplary service delivery. They include the placement criteria, allowances, leaves, accommodation, duration, and coverage among others. For instance, the program is mandatory for all the tertiary graduates regardless of whether they pursued their studies abroad or within or even the type of sponsorship of courses they have been involved in. As for the service personnel who did their one-year non-graduate service, they are still required by the Act to undertake their post-tertiary national service.

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The National Service board is responsible for announcing the official date for commencement of the service by fresh entrants. Traditionally, the National service usually starts in September and hence the NSS monthly duty report form 2018 is meant to take effect from this month. However, the board still reserves the duty of reviewing the period of service and therefore may be altered whenever its deemed necessary.

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The monthly allowances are usually determined by the Ministry of Finance and takes effect once the service personnel has reported to their assigned stations of work. The personnel who are privileged to work in schools and colleges under the Ghana Education service, ministries or government departments shall be paid by the NSS through funds from the government treasury. While as for the personnel who are under corporations, statutory boards, churches or even quasi-church institutions shall be paid by those institutions from their own pockets.

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In conclusion, the NSS has proven to be an effective tool in championing development, and even though there are mishaps from time to time, it still offers many benefits to the Ghanaians.

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