Best Ghana points of interest for tourists and locals

Best Ghana points of interest for tourists and locals

Tourism is one of Ghana’s main sources of revenue. The sector has made tremendous growth of 5.1% in the year 2017. This is courtesy of the many tourist attraction sites, the country’s exotic culture, beautiful places in Ghana such as Accra, its beautiful beaches along the coastline, the country’s wildlife and its amazing and unique terrain. In case you are thinking of going on a vacation, Ghana should be your next destination. This article is going to be of help you since the top ten points of interests and tourist attraction sites have been clearly listed and well described. You will have insight on what to expect when you visit the places. You will never regret about these top places to visit in Ghana Accra.

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Kakum national park tops the list of points of interest in Ghana

Kakum National Park lies in the country’s tropical rain forest, which is home to various wild animals and different species of plants. It is located on the southern coast of Ghana. The park lies in an area of 375 square kilometers. The park boasts of being home to endangered species of animals such as the bongo antelope, more than two hundred forest elephants, forest buffaloes, forest squirrels, North African crested porcupine, serrated tortoise and Diana monkey among others. The park is also endowed with exotic birds and insects, among them the African grey parrots, white breasted guinea fowl, the yellow-casqued, yellow-bearded and brown-cheecked hornbills.

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As if that is not enough, Kakum national park is also gifted with a series of hanging bridges called the Kakum canopy walkway, one of Ghana Africa points of interest. The walkways hang at a height of 30 meters. They are meant to provide access to the dense tropical rain forest. The canopy walkways run a distance of 330 m passing over 7 bridges. These walks are made of wire rope, wooden planks, aluminum ladders secured with a series of netting for the sake of security. These canopy walks are one great tourist attraction site. The park too has a tree house which is about 20 m from the forest floor in the trees in the secondary forest. The park also has a tree house that provides campers with a fascinating night in the forest life.

Mole national park is one of the best places of interest in Ghana

Mole National Park is one of the exciting tourist attractions in Ghana. Being located on the northwestern part of Ghana on the savannah grasslands, with the riparian escarpment forming the boundary for the park. It is located near the Larabanga city and is home to thousands of wildlife. The park happens to be the largest in Ghana, occupying an area of 4840 square kilometers. The park serves as protection residence for antelopes. The park is also home to indigenous trees among them the Burkea Africana, which is a member of the legume family. The savanna grasses such as spikesedge are also a tourist attraction.

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Source:Ghana Expeditions

Mole national park is also home to hundreds of mammals among, both small and large. Large mammals include the elephants, warthogs and buffalos. The park is rich in numerous species of antelopes among them; kob, waterbuck, roan, hartebeest, oribi, bushbuck, duikers. The park is also home to many species of monkeys.

Elmina castle

Elmina castle is one of the historical places in Ghana one should not miss to visit. During the precolonial period, the Portuguese were among the first people to come to Goal coast, present day, Ghana in 1482. They set up a castle, Sao Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine), the present day Elmina. The castle was the first trading post along the Gulf of Guinea. The castle first started as a trade settlement but later became an important stop over during the Atlantic slave trade. In 1637, the Dutch took over the castle and later in 1642, took over the Portuguese Gold Coast. The coast was renamed to the Dutch Gold Coast. In 1872, the Dutch Gold Coast was possessed by the British. The castle was famous for slave trade. The castle is a great tourist attraction site in Ghana since it contains Ghana’s precolonial history.

Beach tourist attractions in Ghana

These refers to the beaches in Ghana tourist attractions sites that attract both local and international guests. They offer excellent relaxation for anyone that wants to relax after a long day. They are among the best places in Accra to visit on your own or with company of family or friends.

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Beautiful beaches along the coast

Ghana is located along the Atlantic Ocean. A better part of the country lies along the coastline. The coastline stretches about 560 km from the Volta region to Cape Three points in the western region. Along this coastlines lies so many beaches which are not only beautiful scenery but also provide sites for basking. Here are some of the fascinating beaches in Ghana one should consider visiting;

La Palm Royal beach

La Palm Royal beach is located in Accra. The beach is known for its luxurious seafront. It creates a premium, relaxing atmosphere for holidays while in Ghana. This is one of the places to visit while in Accra.

Anomabo beach

This beach is located along the central region. It is famous for being historically involved in the transatlantic slave trade. The beach does not only boast of the beautiful white sands but also quality seafood since it is located on a small fishing village.

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Labadi Beach

Labadi is one of Accra Ghana points of interest. It is located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. The beach is well known for the numerous night parties and bonfires. It is therefore flooded with both local and international tourists.

Coconut grove beach resort

This resort is located in the central region, near Elmina. It is known for the beautiful beaches as well as the golf course, a sauna and spa to assure a calm day as well. The beautiful palm trees along this beach are just what every person would dream of. The beauty of this beach is on another level.

Busua Beach Resort

Busua beach resort is located on the western region. Unlike the other beaches, it is located away from the city. It is perfect for family vacations. The thatch roofs on this beachfront are just epic.

Bojo beach

Bojo beach is every person’s dream, especially for those who do not wish to leave the city. It is located 5 km from Accra. It is believed to be a magical beach since one has to cross the Densu River to get to it. Isn’t this an epic experience already? Well, this is the place to be when in Ghana.

Kokrobite beach

Kokrobite beach is located just a few kilometers from Accra. It is famous for Rastafarian culture, which attracts so many people who come to enjoy the culture through parties under the shade of the many palm trees on the shoreline.

Ankobra beach

Ankobra beach is located in the coastal village of Axim, near Takoradi. Being an isolated beach, it is perfect for relaxing, with few palm tree and a very clean and tidy beachfront.

Escape 3 Points Beach

On the western tip of Ghana lies the Escape 3 lodge. Not only is it located in the tropical rain forest but also close to the Atlantic Ocean. It therefore provides two different climates. The beach provides closer view of the offshore rigs at work. It also provides a perfect eco-friendly beach experience. It is the perfect place to appreciate nature’s gifts.

Aborigines beach resort

This beach is located near Keta town in the Volta region. The beach sits at the point where river Volta meets the Atlantic Ocean. This is such a magnificent view. The beach is also known for fresh water tilapia as well as seafood.

Visiting the beaches in Ghana should be in your to-do list if you’re thinking of visiting the country. The beaches are one of the country’s point of interest.

Ghana traditional festivals

Ghana is one the countries where cultural diversity is deeply rooted. The people of Ghana have embraced their culture even with the ongoing western civilization. Cultural diversity extends from their dress code to the kind of food they eat to the festivals they engage themselves in. One good thing about these festivals is that they are so colorful and anyone can easily blend in. They are held in different parts of the country to appreciate the cultural heritage of the people.

They not only promote oneness but also bring the people closer to their ancestors. They include:

  • Bugum festival
  • Edina Buronya festival
  • Rice festival
  • Kpini Kyluu

The festivals can further be subdivided based on the month they are celebrated. They include:


  • Teghana Festivals
  • Apafram festival


  • Papa festival
  • Dzawuwu festival


  • Damba festival
  • Volo festival
  • Asikolei festival
  • Lekoyi festival
  • Gologo festival


  • Osudoku festival
  • Don festival
  • Beng festival
  • Donkyi festival


  • Asafua festival
  • Kete festival
  • Ebisa festival
  • Apiba festival


  • Edim Kese festival
  • Homowo festival
  • Awubia festival
  • Kundum festival


  • Akwambo festival
  • Ayerye festival
  • Akyepem festival

October and November

  • Ohumkyire festival
  • Fao festival
  • Agumatsa festival
  • Kwafie festival


  • Eiok festival
  • Adae
  • A kwasidae festivals.

These festivities form one of the major tourist attractions in Ghana. Other activities include:

Deep sea fishing

Being located along the Atlantic Ocean is one major advantage to Ghana as a country. The waters of Ghana are very rich in salty water fish. The ocean is home to various species of fish among them cod, croaker, drum and even sharks. Because these fish are bottom dwelling fish and not that easily accessible, deep sea fishing is the easiest way to get to them. This one of the most adventurous marine activities. Won’t it be an awesome experience trying this tourist attractions in Ghana?

Rock climbing

Rock climbing on the famous Buruku rock, is one epic activity that makes Ghana country points of interest. The rock is 200 foot tall and it mainly comprises sits on top of a mountain between Kwahu Tafo and Adowso. The top of the rock is most easily accessed through the North face. Most of the sections of the rock are soft, contrary to the very solid sandstone quality in the villages of Asubone and Nketepa. The area around the rock has camps where rock climbers camp during the exercise. Isn’t this an epic experience?

National museum

The national museum of Ghana is one of the historical places in Ghana one should make a point of visiting. The museum is the oldest museum, located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. It was constructed in 1956. It has three major collection areas; ethnography, archaeology and art which all together explain Ghana’s cultural history. The archaeological section contains objects that man used during the stone age period. The ethnography section contains indigenous Ghanaian musical instruments, chief’s regalia, gold weight beads, pottery, traditional textiles and stools. Objects acquired through exchange from other communities are also found in the museum. Some of these objects include; Senfu mask that was acquired from Ivory Coast, Zulu wooden figures and bead ware from South Africa, the ancient Ife bronze heads form Nigeria and Bushogo carvings from Congo among others. Sculptures and paintings executed in oils, acrylics, watercolors and collages are also found in this museum.

points of interest



Accra is one of the beautiful places in Ghana. Being the capital city of the country, the city is home to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, one of the historical places in Ghana. Being located along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, Accra boasts of most of the beautiful beaches in Ghana. It is home to the famous Labadi beach, La Palm beach and Kokrobite beach. The beaches are Accra Ghana points of interest. Bojo beach is one of the places to visit while in Accra since it involves the epic experience of crossing the Densu River before getting to it.

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Lake Volta

Lake Volta is one of the most beautiful places in Ghana. It is the largest manmade lake, and is located on the southern part of Akosombo dam which holds the White Volta River and the Black Volta River which converge where the reservoir lies. The rivers converge to form the present day Volta River which flows out of the dam into the Atlantic Ocean. The lake has several islands in it, among them Dodi, Dwarf and Kporve. On the lake’s west shore lies Digya National park.

Bobiri butterfly sanctuary

Along the Kumasi-Accra highway lies the Bobiri butterfly sanctuary, one of the most beautiful places in Ghana. The sanctuary lies inside the rainforest. In the butterfly sanctuary, there are different species of butterflies which create a totally incredible scenery.

By now you ought to be making plans of visiting Ghana soon, because of the country’s tourist attraction sites and points of interest. You are assured to have the best experience ever.

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