Hassan Ayariga embarks on demo with a horse

Hassan Ayariga embarks on demo with a horse

-Hassan Ayariga was seen at the anti-military deal protest riding on a horse

- Hassan Ayariga wants to pay government off so as to get the deal terminated

- The protest saw thousands of Ghanaians march through major streets of Accra

Hassan Ayariga of the APC was spotted riding a horse at the massive demonstration against the military deal with the US.

Thousands of protesters in red and black took to the streets on foot with placards having severe concerns inscribed on them. The protest, which started from the Obra Spot at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra, had a different touch when Hassan Ayariga turned up riding on a horse.

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It remains unclear the reasons behind Mr. Ayariga's decision to ride on a horse but there are suspicions the humorous politician just wanted to make a commanding presence at the demonstration.

Hassan Ayariga embarks on demo with a horse

Hassan Ayariga embarks on demo with a horse

Hassan Ayariga has stated that the Ghana-US military deal is one of the worst deals ever to be signed by the government.

According to Hassan Ayariga, he is willing to pay government all amount agreed in the military deal if only government is willing to terminate the contract.

Sharing his thoughts on the deal, Hassan Ayariga claimed that American soldiers are "gays who marry themselves." According to the 2012 presidential candidate, Ghanaians are at risk of seeing these military officials "marry your fathers, mothers and even yourselves."

The US ambassador says the 20 million dollar deal with Ghana is enough to let Ghanaians know how committed the US is to boosting Ghana's army. "I think Ghanaians never treated us fairly. I am very disappointed at the reaction we are getting.

Maybe there should be more public knowledge because this deal was signed back in 1998," Robert P. Jackson revealed. So far, the government has insisted that there is no going back on the military deal with the United States.

The defense minister says the agreement was signed way back in 1998 and that they are just renewing it.

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There are fears that the deal between Ghana and the US to "establish a military base in the country" could spell doom for Ghana's security. Security expert, Dr. Vladmir Antwi Danso, is warning that the decision by Ghana to host US troops could expose the country to terrorist attacks. So far, America remains the major country in the world very exposed to terrorist groups like ISIS.

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