BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

Bona fide candidates who passed the Basic Education Certificate Education are now legible to check their placement details into Senior High School. Through the BECE placement checker, Ghana Education Service has put in place a computerized system to automatically dispense placement details of students who sat for the BECE exams. It is quite easy and fast.

BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

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The Ghana BECE school placement checker 2018 takes advantage of a Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) that was introduced by the Ghana Education Service to help place graduates into Senior High School, Training Institutes and other vocational institutions in Ghana. Through the system, students can check their BECE placement 2018 from anywhere.

Graduates of the BECE exam can check their placement details by sending an SMS with their 10-digit examination number to the short code1060. The service works with the major mobile operators in Ghana like Vodafone, MTN, Airtel and Tigo. Here is an illustration of how the service works. NOTE: The examination number used below is assumed and used only for demonstration purposes.

If the graduate’s examination number 4343434343, compose a message with the message being 4343434343 to the short code 1060. This is the most convenient way to receive your placement details. However, it is important to note that the service does not always work with all graduates of BECE.

In case you have tried the above method and still have failed to receive the details, do not lose hope. To the last digits of your year of completion, add it to the examination number. For example, in our case, we will add 18 so that it appears like 434343434318 to the short code 1060. Remember not to add any space anywhere in the text.

BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

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Even if after the above method has failed, try a later time since it could be that the site is overloaded with requests from other graduates. It could also be a technical error.

If the problem persists the graduates are urged to contact the hotline number 0302 747. Alternatively, they can WhatsApp through the following number: 0207 407 499. This are the Ministry of Education hotlines where graduates will receive further guidelines and instructions. Also, if you are having problems checking your placement details, you can contact the CSSPS officials through their email address

How to check BECE placement 2018

Graduates can use the WAEC/BECE placement checker by visiting the CSSPS Placement Checker 2018 online portal. However, first, it is mandatory for graduates to purchase the scratch card that bears details about the serial number and the Personal Identification Number.

The scratch cards are available countrywide in recognized banks, postal offices, authorized dealers and through the WAEC offices. The WAEC BECE school placement checker can’t work without the scratch card.

Once you have logged into the official site, you will be required to hand in the 10-digit BECE examination number. You are also to add the last two digits of the year of examination to the index number. It should look like XXXXXXXXXX18.

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BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

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Enter the serial number located at the back of your scratch card that you earlier purchased. Also add the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the scratch card. Submit the details and wait a few minutes for the CSSPS placement form to pop-up.

The CSSPS 2018 also offers chances to graduates who missed out on the first batch of the BECE school placement checker. Graduates are advised to visit the new website created by the Government.

The BECE 2017 school placement faced several problems due to the overwhelming numbers of candidates accessing the site. Especially after the Government extended the placement period to cater for the candidates who had not been placed to Senior High Schools. Many of the graduate’s experienced errors with their CSSPS placement form after several attempts.

The Government however resolved the matter by creating a link that will direct the users to the new website. The procedure for filling the placement form for CSSPS 2018 however has not changed. Once you have been redirected to the new website under the main menu, choose the placement option.

Enter the details of your examination number and the PIN code at the back of the scratch card. Scroll down the main menu option and click on the check placement status. For graduates who have not yet been placed, you will receive a link to the self-placement page.

Once you have clicked on the link, a new tab will be opened. You can proceed to select your preferred region. Also, you can choose your preferred school and course of your liking. Finish off by hitting the submit column to automatically place yourself. Print the placement notice for future reference.

BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

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CSSPS Placement form

The Ghana Education Service adopted new measures to improve the methods of which the CSSPS placement forms were handed out. Some of the new changes included the introduction of actual scores of the candidate in the various subjects. It also included an attached photograph of the candidate.

To match with the technological advancements in the education sector in Ghana, QR codes will be attached to the CSSPS placement form containing all the relevant details pertaining to the candidate. Also, the raw scores will help place students with higher scores with the same grade ahead of students with lower scores but with the same grade.

The Ghana Education service is confident in the WAEC BECE placement checker as it provides every student with the opportunity to choose the school and course of their liking. It tends to reduce the cases of pleas made to the CSSPS Secretariat with concerns of changing schools where the graduates have been placed.

BECE placement checker: How to check your SHS in 2018

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According to Citifmonline, there were cases where on the BECE 2017 school placement, where the schools chosen by the graduates differed from the schools that appear after the BECE school placement checker. In case of a repeat of the scenario in the BECE placement checker 2018, graduates are urged to contact their Junior High Schools or the District or Regional Education Directorate for the matter to be handled.

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