Best love words to my wife

Best love words to my wife

Love is a beautiful thing, the strongest emotion that ever existed. ‘’How do I write love words to my wife?’’ This is a question most men ask, as they want to pamper their wives but don’t know how. While expressing love verbally may be a walk in the park for some people, it’s an elephant task to others. Marriage is always a work in progress. If you want it to work, to be fun and amazing, then you must put in some effort. Affirming your love to your wife every so often is the first thing you have to do.

how to express love to wife in words, love quotes for wife in english, love missing message for wife

How do I write sweet words of love to my wife? First of all, if this question is running through your mind you are on your way to becoming the best husband that ever. Every woman desires to be wanted, loved, treasured and have it affirmed that she really is special. Can I learn how to write love words to my girlfriend too? Of course you can. Even your girlfriend needs to be sure that she is your one and only. It’s this girlfriend that eventually graduates to a wife anyway.Right? Knowing what to say and when to say it can go a long way into strengthening the bond of your love. Read on and discover how to express love to wife in words. We have prepared you the most beautiful love messages for wife in English. Go on and rekindle your fire!

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Love quotes for wife from husband

how to express love to wife in words, love quotes for wife in english, love missing message for wife

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A Love message for wife from husband plays a big, different role from the normal acts of love between husband and wife on special days like valentines and anniversaries. Romantic love quotes for wife on a normal day not only make your wife feel pampered and in the right place, but they also strengthen the bond you share as husband and wife. You don’t have to wait until special days to express your love; we have prepared heart touching love messages for wife in English to help you become the husband she always dreams of.

  • Anytime I look at you I ask myself what I did that was so good I got such a precious gift from The Most High. You are gold, my wife. Solid gold. I love you.
  • The light that you have brought into my life, the warmth and cheer, nobody else has that effect on me. Thank you for transforming my life baby.
  • I don’t have to be on the alert while with you. I let loose and become the silliest and most genuine version of me. I lay my soul naked before you without fear because you are my bestfriend, my soulmate, my wife. Thanks for never judging me, I love you!
  • I thought our wedding day was the most beautiful memory I would ever have, but the beautiful story we weave together every day keeps outdoing it. Am glad I made you mine. I love you my wife.
  • If I were to choose between living through all the ages of life alone and spending just a lifetime with you, I would choose you over and over again because I love you so.
  • My beautiful wife, the mother to our children, I will love you now, tomorrow and forever.
  • You came and stole away my heart then filled my relationship status for good. Please stay there, now and into eternity. I love you!
  • Since I said I do, I have forgotten how it feels to be alone. Even in the next world I would still choose you my sweetheart. I love you.
  • Someone asked the two best moments I like sharing with you and I said, ’Now and forever ‘I meant it. I love you my wife.
  • I thought I loved you with all my heart but my love for you keeps growing with each passing day. You are my world.
  • Am grateful for the experiences we have faced together, all the times you stood by me through the tears, joy, caresses and fights. You are the true definition of a better half. May you be there to help me conquer the world always. I love you my darling wife.
  • Even when we are seated across each other in a room saying nothing, I feel your presence; my heart speaking to yours. We are just perfect together.
  • When I first met you, I didn’t know you were going to be the most important person in my life. You are my greatest strength. Thank you for always choosing to build me up.
  • Before you came into my life, I thought it was stupid to look at another human being and smile for no reason at all. These days I don’t mind appearing silly, because I can’t hide my smile whenever I look at your beautiful face. I love you.
  • If there is one thing I don’t regret in life, it’s the decision of making you my wife. I am blessed every moment I wake up to your face in the morning and I would do so for a thousand years .I love you my wife.
  • Even though I don’t say it as often as I should, I thank God for you every single day. You are a great blessing in my life, my one in a million. My always and forever. I love you.
  • My beloved wife, I am happy you are mine; I promise to be everything you ever dreamt of. I will give you my best; you are worth every bit of it.
  • Anytime I imagine of losing you, I get chills. I have never cared about anything in my entire life like I do for you. I love you.
  • I love you, I just do. You don’t need a reason to be loved; you are adorable in all ways.
  • My morning star, my playmate and my sunshine. You are everything I ever wanted. I love you.
  • Every moment spent with you makes me whole. Am glad I didn’t lose the moon while counting the stars. I will love you to the end of the world.
  • My gratitude for having met you in surpassed only by my amazement at the joy you bring to my life.”
  • “Everything you do is a source of joy for me. I can never be sad when I’m around you. Thanks for truly being there, my dear wife. I love you!”
  • “All my days with you are days worth living. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to live alone.”
  • “Darling wife, it seems that loving you is the only right thing I have ever done in my life. I love you!”
  • When the end of time comes and the Lord asks how I spent my life, I will gladly say, I spent it with you. Thank you for lighting up my world.
  • You are my shield, my light in the dark times, my number one fan. Thank you for always being there for me.
  • Even with the arguments and frowns, never forget that I love you and this love will never fade for anything in the world.
  • You have a beautiful smile, a warm nature, good character and intelligence. Am so lucky to be associated with you my darling.
  • Good morning love. I never mentioned it but you looked beautiful this morning. You were glowing. I can’t wait to see you again in the evening. I never have enough of you my darling wife!

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Romantic love missing message for wife while away

how to express love to wife in words, love quotes for wife in english, love missing message for wife

Sometimes we have to be far from our loved ones due to unavoidable circumstances. This is when romantic love quotes for wife should come into play. Never let your wife feel the gap of your absence. Like the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Remember she is working hard every day to make your house a home, spreading love. She should get love right back. Keep your love burning while you are away (or she is away) using our beautiful ‘’sweet words of love to my wife’’ quotes. Sample a few of the very best love message for wife from husband.

  • You took my breath away the first time I saw you. You still do, every day I look at your pictures. I miss you.
  • Hallo baby. I had so much to tell you when I texted, but now all I can remember is that I miss you.
  • Am coming home darling, I can’t bear that feeling of being far from you anymore. I miss your smile.
  • I was wrong I went overboard. I blamed you without shame, called you names without consideration. You are the reason I live. Please forgive me and come back. I miss you.
  • This house is empty without you. Our kids miss mummy and I miss my wife. We miss you.
  • I just realized I have hugged my soft pillow more times than I have hugged you this month. Please come back soon. I miss you.
  • Thinking of you when am away is therapeutic, it refreshes my body with new energy and happy hormones. I miss you.
  • Since you left me my life has lost its meaning. I want to die with every breath. Am sorry I was wrong, please deliver me from the pain of having to be away from you. I miss you baby.
  • I miss all the mornings I wake up to your dazzling beauty, the mornings I wake up to your good morning kisses and sweet scent. Please come back home soon my love.
  • Despite the loneliness that comes with being so far from you, I hold on knowing that you truly love me, that our bond can’t be broken. I miss you.
  • No amount of distance can ever make me forget the woman that has opened my eyes to the meaning of joy and happiness, the twinkle in my eye. I love you even more every day. I miss you.
  • It’s our anniversary baby, but you are so far from me. Receive loads of my love. I miss you. I love you now, I will love you forever.
  • I never thought I would have such a beautiful family and with such an intelligent wife. Even when am away, I know my family is in safe hands. I believe in you. Thank you for being the most amazing partner. I look forward to coming home soon.
  • I appreciate every time you call me and tell me your weekend plans. I can’t wait to be home and be part of those exciting moments you have with our kids. I miss you.
  • I have been thinking about you every time these days. That is definitely because you are thinking about me too. I miss you my love. Have a good day.
  • You just crossed my mind and I smiled. You fill my heart with love and joy, even in your absence.
  • Distance in love, is a test. I thank God each day as I witness our love standing the test of time.
  • Please come back soon and make my ribs ache again. I laugh all the time we are together. You are great, my better half. I miss you so much.
  • It is your birthday love. Am sending you a hug, kisses and lots of love. We shall talk about the cake next week when you get home. I miss you my wife.xoxo
  • I will never stop loving you. I hope you come back to me safe and sound. You are my world.
  • I miss your scent, your kisses, your laughter and love. I miss the whole of you.Darling, I am really missing you. See you soon.
  • I know you will be gone for a long time, but my love for you won’t waver. I will hold on to the beautiful memories we share when together. Stay safe my wife.

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Love words for my wife – Early morning romantic quotes

how to express love to wife in words, love quotes for wife in english, love missing message for wife

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Love quotes for wife in English lets you into the secret on making your wife’s morning as powerful as a steaming mug of coffee. There is nothing that raises a woman’s spirits than being appreciated by the man she loves at the start of the day, while still in her nightgown with no makeup or perfume on. She feels that you love her for who she is, and reciprocates the love. Give love to get love, women are more of reactors than actors. Here’s how to express love to wife in words and fuel up her day.

  • Seeing your beautiful face as the first thing when I wake up in the morning gives me strength to conquer the world, a reason to smile throughout my day and a reason to look forward to more days. Good morning my sunshine.
  • Every morning when I see you am reminded of the best decision I ever made in my youth, marrying you. I love you more each morning!
  • I forgot to say it as we were leaving the house, but you my darling, are a gem. The most beautiful women in the face of earth. You make that dress look like a designer; you rock! Have a fabulous day at work.
  • The waiter at work asked what my favorite coffee was and after deep thought, I realized its neither cappuccino or mocha. My favorite coffee is that which I share with you every morning. Good morning love.
  • Arise and shine my lovely wife, you prove to me every day that perfect wives really do exist, and you lead the pack. Good morning sunshine!
  • Since I met you, the sun stopped rising from the east. It’s closer now and rises right besides me. I am blessed to have you as a wife. Have a lovely day ahead.
  • Long before you became my girlfriend, I wanted you to become my wife. I knew I would marry you the moment I set my eyes on you. You are a dream come true. Good morning my beloved wife.
  • Having you by my side makes my mornings beautiful. Good morning love.
  • My beloved wife, thanks for working so hard to make sure the kids and I look smart and are ready for the day. We never take it for granted. Good morning!
  • To the one woman that owns my heart, am wishing you a day just as beautiful as you are.
  • Simply waking up to you fills my life with colors of love, joy and peace. Good morning love.
  • Special good day wishes to my sweetest good morning and hardest goodbye. I love you my wife.
  • Every day that I wake up to your good morning kisses reminds me that I have the best wife ever! What could I be without you my love! Arise and shine.
  • The sight of the sun’s rays bouncing off your dazzling beauty every morning is the most beautiful scenery ever. It brightens up my day. Good morning love.
  • I know yesterday was a tough day at work. But always know I'm right behind you. I got you my wife. Good morning!
  • Am blessed, every morning I unwrap the gift of love from the most amazing soul. I love you my wife!
  • I don’t care where the world takes me, as long as am with you. Your sweet fragrance makes any pain from the prickles tolerable. Good morning my morning rose.
  • I fall in love with you all over again every morning when I realize my life is not ordinary because of you, my extraordinary life. You have given me the warmth of a home and the laughter of our babies. I love you.
  • You are the apple of my eye, the bounce in my stance. Good morning!
  • I don’t want to go another day without letting you know that you are the only person that can replace the sunshine. Good morning beautiful.
  • Nobody ever made me feel better; I will stick with you forever. I love you my wife.
how to express love to wife in words, love quotes for wife in english, love missing message for wife

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All relationships are about communication. It’s the small simple things that count. As much as you do all other things to show your wife the love you have for her, this small gesture of love quotes once in a while when she least expects it really cheers her up. It might not be a big deal to men but to this woman that does her best to make your life and that of your children livable, you should be ready to go all the miles to keep the puppy love spark you had while courting burning. You said ‘I do’ and committed to a forever. Make it as beautiful as possible, by being the man in her wildest dreams. Nothing does this better than ‘romantic words for my wife’ that remind her that you think of her every single moment of your life. Be a helpless romantic with the help of these well expressed passionate love quotes and make your wife fall in love with your again every new day.

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